Full Moon in Pisces: September 1, 2020 – Oh So Good, Luscious & Delicious!

dq butterfingers blizzardThe full moon in Pisces takes place right around midnight on September 1st. Pisces moon is dreamy but this will be a bit different, courtesy of the exact aspect from Uranus in Taurus.

This make me thing of the moment someone decided to put smashed-up candy bar in a milkshake. It was a really good idea!

Yeah, I would look for an unexpected, satisfying treat under this full moon. I’m not saying we don’t have a stellium in Capricorn out there, squared by Mars and opposed by Venus in Cancer. We do! We do!  But that doesn’t mean you can’t rebel (Uranus) by eating something decadent (Taurus) that makes you feel good and happy!

I will be very curious to see what transpires on this Tuesday evening.

Do you have planets near 10 degrees Virgo/Pisces?



Full Moon in Pisces: September 1, 2020 – Oh So Good, Luscious & Delicious! — 29 Comments

  1. Pisces sun at 10 degrees and Virgo MC at 12 degrees. Ceres is transiting close by my sun. Currently I’m going through a miscarriage. I’m so sad I’m having a hard time getting outside to water my garden. My husband had testicular cancer(one removed) and heavy duty chemo a year and half ago. He was so happy we were pregnant he told everyone right away. So this miscarriage isn’t a private matter(full moon)

    • I’m sorry for your loss 🙁

      My sun is 10 Pisces too. I don’t have anything of note happening right now though.

      Do you have any other prominent transits or progressions happening right now? Where is your moon?

      • Progressed moon is at 12 degrees Aquarius moving towards progressed Ceres at 14 degree Aquarius, which is my husbands natal mc. Mine and my husbands progressed composite moon entered my fifth house while our progressed composite ascendant is opposite my natal moon at 5 degrees libra. I have natal mars at 3 degrees aries(ruler of my fifth) and natal Venus at 7 degrees aries. My progressed ascendant is conjunct my progressed Neptune and south node. Progressed Venus conjunct progressed Chiron. Transiting Chiron is a culprit in this as well. Neptune is transiting my husbands Venus Ceres conjunction at 20 degrees Pisces. Both our lunar returns this month had Leo sun in twelfth house, loss of child.

        • Sun jupiter conjunct. Yikes. With Uranus trining, it could be electrifying. Maybe I’ll buy a lottery ticket. 😀 Sextiling natal moon in cancer, but no yodding, yaaaay!!!

          • New, sorry I tagged you, instead of doing an independent post. It was a slip. I was so caught up in your story. All I could think is that Uranus transits can be very trying sometimes.

            • No problem Notch. I get caught up reading these threads. I agree about Uranus. My 2020 solar return had moon conjunct Uranus in Taurus….Uranus is a bugger sometimes. I think my Jupiter Uranus natal conjunction makes Uranus extra surprising for me sometimes. If Uranus is involved in a transit or configuration I don’t even like guessing.

        • Your progresses ascendant is about to change signs so? That usually signals a major change of orientation in life. I find converse progressions can be very revealing. March 2021 looks like a prominent time for you. Transit Jupiter will be passing over Progressed Ceres and moon. And in the converse, progressed moon will be squaring natal Ceres and progressed sun. And transit node will be opposite prog Ceres. Then 9 months from that you have transit node opposite prog sun and natal Ceres. I know Ceres often signifies loss, but it can never often show the opposite and is always very prominent in conception and birth. Hang in there, and best of luck 🙂

          • Thanks, Ellie M! I have to check out converse progressions. It will be something new for me to study. Thanks for looking at that😊.

  2. The Pisces FM will be 1* separating from my 9* Pisces Moon in my 1H. Emotionally-based new beginnings. Plus Cancerian, 4H related themes: maternal instincts, home security, nostalgia, withdrawal from strange environments. Strong intuitive and spiritual powers.

  3. FM in my 2nd house, opposing jupiter virgo by 5 degrees. Decadent food it is. I am exercising right now, so guess I can treat myself lavishly on that day with zero regrets.

  4. I have a full moon birthchart with Pisces in 10th and Virgo in 4th and the FM is near my 10/4 house cusps. It is the Mars square that brings danger for everyone. My town is surrounded by thousands of acres of wildfire. Tens of thousands have been evacuated. There are only two roads out and, if fire jumps one of those, that leaves one road out for many thousands of people. I am less fearful than sad.

  5. Whew! While the FM is 7 deg away from opposing my Pluto at 3 Virgo, the North Node is smack on my Midheaven and my Progressed Sun is smack on my natal Vertex.

    “Could it be, yes it could/
    Somethin’s comin’, somethin’ good/
    If I can wait …”

  6. Iam afraid with this full as long as it occur opposit my sun @ exact my moon degree in my first house.Will Uranus help me somehow?

  7. WOW. My natal Sun, Mars (both 12th house) and Pluto (11th) are all within that 10 degrees Virgo, and ….

    Sept 1 is my birthday, like Kaya’s! Happy birthday in advance, Kaya! ✨🌿
    So any hope for something nice that day for a little change? Fingers crossed! It’s been an absolute heck of year personally, too, since July 2019….

  8. Hi Elsa, is it bad to have surgery during a Mars retrograde? I have had surgery in 2018 and this 2nd surgery in september will be kind of a ‘redo’. Hope that it being a ‘redo’ makes it somehow okay to do during a mars retrograde. Aslo this full moon in pisces fits the full moon we had during my first surgery (on my natal north node).

    All the best wishes for your surgery and your recovery afterwards!

    • Adding: uranus currently sits right on my natal moon (11 taurus) and close to my ascendant (6 taurus). Mars retrograde will also be nearing my ascendant degree. Hope this doesn’t mean I will need a redo again haha 😉

  9. This moon will be sitting In my 8th house across from My Saturn (8°) and True Node (11°) Virgo in 2nd. Which means the sun will be sitting right there. I guess I will have to show my worth!

  10. This full moon is conjunct my lunar nodal axis with less than a half degree orb. (It’s the north node that’s conjunct the moon; south node’s conjunct the sun.) Something karmic my way comes?

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