Full Moon In Pisces: Sept 13, 2019 – Particularly Interesting & Marvelous

pisces plateThe full moon in Pisces takes place around midnight on Friday the 13th.  I expect this is be particularly interesting. Particular and interesting are not words generally associated with Pisces, but I use them deliberately and I’ll explain.

The moon will be enhanced by her conjunction to Neptune. People will be highly sensitive and possibly overcome with emotion.

This is not a negative thing. It’s more like watching a movie and being moved to tears – a lot of tears!  It’s nice sometimes, to cry it out.

pisces full moon 2019You can see the moon kissing Neptune in the graphic. You can also see how these bodies oppose a stellium in Virgo.

This is what makes this interesting.  “Interesting” is a Mercury word. All that Virgo will be looking at that moon and probably marveling.

It’s possible this chart describes an attack and surely we’ll see some of that. But this opposition is so prominent, I’m thinking the two sides might work together to serve and to save.  Virgo would be motivated due to Mars in the sign. Pisces would be moved by compassion.

One side can feel. The other side can think.

This reminds me of a time in my life when I would go shopping with my sister, a Pisces with her Sun trine Neptune.  We’d be hunting (Mars) something, say a certain type of boot to complete a look. She’d stand in the center of the mall and use her psychic ability to hone in on which store had the boots.  This worked marvelously.

I chose the word, “particularly” because Mars in Virgo, with Mercury can really discern, sharply. Think of  a difficult equation and the person who solves it. That moment is crisp and exciting.

I hope you can see the potential here. Yes, gaslighting will occur under this full moon. Trickery!  But you can steer away from “confusion” by volunteering to be good. To help out. To sacrifice (Pisces) your time (Mercury).

Last, if you have planets in Mutable signs between 15-29 degrees, you will most definitely be featured in this drama.

Who can’t wait?  Got plans for Friday the 13th?




Full Moon In Pisces: Sept 13, 2019 – Particularly Interesting & Marvelous — 44 Comments

  1. Going to Germany with my BF that day.
    I hope everything will go great – and that the only thing noticable will be him or I being so lovey-dovey that we can’t keep our hands off each other LOL.

    (He has Mars in Virgo, 8th house)

  2. ohhh, My sun is 21 degrees Pisces. Full moon conjunct exact degree! Maybe this will illuminate and I can see again, lol, I’m having cataract surgery the Wednesday before Fridays full moon. I hate not being able to see clearly !!

  3. My secnod house is Pisces. I am gracefully letting go a place where I lived so long and thought was my home.

    But I am going to make a ton of money out of it. For what I have to do now.

  4. Due to the square from jupiter in sag, conjunction to neptune and all the virgo that’s been going this month leading up to this full moon, I wonder how all the geminis will be effected by this. Are we targeted or a balancing force to the scale?

  5. The sun/moon opposition conjuncts my natal moon in Pisces at 21 degrees in the 7th house of marriage and hidden enemies. I am in the midst of divorce and our mediation meeting will have taken place on Monday, September 9.

    This could go in so many directions. I’m hoping for compassion.

  6. I’m excited to see how this full moon turns out. The full moon in aquarius was deliscious. My tropical sun is in pisces so I’ll see. Thanks for sharing ❤✌

  7. How do I learn all these things about myself – my ‘house’ is in what ‘sign’ at so many ‘degrees’ … I’ve always wanted to know. I’m not a Pisces, but instead a Cancer.

  8. Should be interesting to see how this “works out” for Me…I am a Virgo Stellium (7th) with a Pisces ASC. That Mars, is conjunct my Sun., My Jup is 20Virgo and Moon is 23Virgo. My Saturn is 28Virgo and my Mercury is 29Virgo. Natally, Neptune Squares these in Sag(19) which is conjunct my MC (18Sag). I’d say this is pin-pointing my Natal Chart quite strongly, No?! LOL. OY…Any words of wisdom Elsa? 😉 😉
    Love your blog and your mobile link looks awesome! ? ? ☺️

  9. Lol really how crazy it should be fireworks then huh,so Germany will be amazing??? Yeeeeeeee thanks you and I love you with all my heart,without you,there is no me,I am forever in debt to you. Your absolutely amazing ???♥️♥️♈♋♒?✝️✝️??

  10. I’m a 24 degree Pisces and I’m particularly intrigued by a lot of talk going on about a 12 year portal ending and starting with this full moon. Elsa do you have anything to say about it? Or anyone? ?

  11. Please advise me on how I learn where my”House” is, and how to understand the meaning of your information like Pisses being____. on the 13th. I am a Pieces born on March 19th. @ 12:59am…
    San Diego Time !!! I’m actually a Navy kid who’s dad retired after 31 years of service,, in 1984…. I think!!
    I’ve traveled all my life but I’m an Easy Coast and a Mediterranean Girl !!
    Thank you much and sorry sooo much info … I thought the more the better !! Lol
    ? Peace & Love ?

  12. Hi I am a Piscean Lady and my competitor in office (as in we both have same nature of job as sales head in the office)is a Virgo woman. Needless to say we are Frienenemies. Lord help our boss,on this day! or whoever is caught in the crossfire. ?

  13. Hello Elsa, thus Full Moon in Pisces will hit exactly my nodal axis: Pisces NN, H11 and Virgo SN conjunct 25* Pluto, H5. NN ruler Neptune in Scorpio H6 + SN ruler Mercury RX conjunct Jupiter in Libra, H5. Mercury RX and Jupiter are both rulers of my relationship axis asc-Desc, also at 21*). Stop sacrificing myself any longer in a toxic relationship and taking my power back. Focus on my NN Path!

  14. So exciting to think about
    Friday the 13th, my mother was born on the 13th of August,she climbed her stairway to heaven 2 years ago
    Miss her madly, she loved when her birthday landed on a Friday!
    My plan is to be on a beach howling at the moon and catching the biggest fish who swims, sounds like a perfect night to see into the spirit world, you know like
    Look mom no hands!!bringing my pole holder!!gonna pee at the beach all week put my scent out
    Been told biggest of the breed are males and gonna bait ‘em with my pheromones as I consider myself part fish(cappy)woohoo doing my happy dance

  15. Your site came up as one of the few readings that has any fact on a smart phone while by degree that falls on my Mercury at 21 degrees Gemini…

  16. Tomorrow 9/13 is my birthday, I’ll be 42, my guy is Pisces we’re trying to rebuild.We will be traveling to celebrate. Any advice?

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