Full Moon in Pisces: August 30th – Mentor Or Oppressor

PiscesThe full moon in Pisces will take place in the evening on August 30th at 7 degrees. The moon will conjoin Saturn to oppose the sun in Virgo.  Chances are the effects of this will be variable.

Moon Saturn in Pisces can feels what the wise and right thing to do is. It can help the Virgoan “other”.  But it can also oppress the other. Typically, Pisces achieves this by denigrating Virgo’s focus on the mental.

On the flipside, Virgo can support Pisces by discerning. Negative Virgo with Saturn added, it a critical, controlling parent or partner in this circumstance. If you want a positive experience under this full moon, choose your company, carefully.

Ideally, you and “the other” can enjoy a mutually supportive interaction. This full moon is clean in that there are no other planets involved. An simple way to get a good result? Set a goal to be fair and composite with your “partner” in the moment.

Yes, this means the service person you’re dealing with.  Anything one on one!

Got plans for the full moon in Pisces? How do you feel about it?



Full Moon in Pisces: August 30th – Mentor Or Oppressor — 7 Comments

  1. I hadn’t thought about Pisces undermining Virgo by denigrating the mental importance or focus from Virgo. That’s very interesting, but makes total sense to me.

    BF has Mars and Saturn in Virgo, connected to his 12th house Neptune in Sagittarius, and Saturn is now in Pisces. I can recognize the above dynamic is an aspect in our relationship.
    Not like a serious issue (even though Neptune-effects can be deadly serious too, if not taken seriously… Erhm, well. Yeah, pun not intended or something 😉 )

    – BUT!
    This aspect of our relationship is important nevertheless:
    We are either struggling with the everyday huzzle and buzzle of Virgo-ey tasks, or completely zoning out, getting “lost” for a few hours in each of our hobbies during a weekend.

    We also miscommunicate often, and have several conflicts. It might be due to his Retrograde Venus in Gemini, in connection to the other two constellations mentioned above….

  2. I wonder if it relates to the rather strange dream I had last night?

    I saw that there was a baby girl, and everyone was queuing up to see her as she was special – kind of like how you would get with royalty (but in the dream, the parents were unknown, not belonging to monarchs or celebrities. And no, she wasn’t the Second Coming either!😂 Only that the baby was famous for being hugely significant)

    The baby’s name? She was called “Saturn”!

  3. 😄That’s funny, Mermaid.

    This full moon will be in my first house, together with transiting Saturn. I feel like this has been a learning period. Saturn is my teacher and I am his student. The full moon could maybe mean further enlightenment/illumination.

  4. Since I have Pisces in the 7th, with Saturn and the full moon transiting, it could represent my husband, who was yesterday diagnosed with operable adenoids blocking his nasal passages, so he should be dealing with getting the operation planned out to work with his schedule, and pulling the cash together to get it going. Since I had my hip replaced 3 months ago, and the cat was neutered a month ago, I suppose it is his turn to be operated on and be taken care of.

  5. Bang on my Jupiter Chiron midpoint in the eighth house, opposition Pluto at 7 Virgo in the 2nd..should be interesting… Can be hard to pick apart multiple oppositions between stelliums until afterwards, is my feeling… Not to mention the stuff going on between Venus and Uranus (for me 2nd to 10th, natal Uranus at 27 Leo, natal Venus at 21 Taurus)… Possibly this is all subterranean, only to be reflected in the world outside unexpectedly….?

  6. It will conjunct my ASC. 5 Pisces setting off a Grand Sextile (earth/water) and a Mystic Retangle that whizzes around a Grand fixed Squ. 21-28 Fixed (No, I am NOT The Chosen one–private joke).

    For those who love exoteric science, l have just read that Neptune’s clouds have disappeared…(love that symbolism).

    I am about to symbolically disappear too–so others can’t rely on me for resources. I have said how l can help and what l cant do. When l promise l keep my word.

    I am going to force change by ‘not helping’.

    Good luck everyone with what comes next.

  7. I have Saturn transiting Pisces in the 6th house. I have grand water trine with Juno Pisces at 6 degrees, Pluto Scorpio in the 2nd, Mars/Mercury in Cancer 10th. Kassandra sits right on top of my Mercury.

    I have tried to tell my coworker that her plans aren’t practical especially in the coming weeks with so many resignations from staff. She refuses to ask for help.

    I’m also a Virgo Moon in the 12 @ 1 degree and Virgo Ascendant @ 27. I have analyzed my work situation to ad nauseum and discussed it with our management team, our supervisor, other staff to get various opinions and perspectives and yep I still end up at the same conclusion.

    She’s a Leo and that’s in my 12 house and just told me “I guess I don’t know you.” Whether or not she’s trying to be a mentor or the oppressor or if I am in that situation, I can only just keep on moving. I’ve commissioned (Juno) just moving on (mars) the best way I can.

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