Full Moon in Pisces: August 26, 2018 – Gorgeous

The full moon in Pisces takes place, Sunday morning on August 26th. It’s widely known, people tend to “howl” under full moons. Look for the effects of the full moon on Saturday night.

In this case, when I say, “howl”, I’d not expect anything negative with this. This full moon is very well aspected. It’s part of a Kite, in tight aspect to the Sun in Virgo, Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus.  I’m talking about a one-degree orb!

People howl because they’re hopped up. They’ll be hopped up under this full moon as well but I would at it in terms of being enhanced and maybe amplified.

The image I’ve chosen seems perfect (Virgo).
We’ve got the moon and the woman and the water (Moon in Pisces).
She’s beautiful (Taurus).
The picture is old (Saturn).
She could be seen as curious (Virgo).

I often remind people that things are illuminated under full moons. This is how I would approach this full moon: you’re looking for wisdom, that may come in a flash from an ethereal source.  Gorgeous.

Got plans for the full moon in Pisces?


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Full Moon in Pisces: August 26, 2018 – Gorgeous — 12 Comments

  1. Nope no plans yet but plan something as it does seem to be a perfect offering after loooong
    Hot summer the heat is like an iron here

  2. On my Pisces Asc! Even if it opposes a natal Pluto other aspects are great. I hope this brings a very confusing and less than healthy summer to a swift close! Worst summer ever in fact.

    • Amen to that, Elsa! This summer has been one non-stop heat wave.

      And sorry to hear of your fruit non-harvest. How strange and disappointing.

      The August 26-27 Full Moon comes smack on top of my natal Moon (3d31 Pisces). I’m with you — some real happiness and cool weather will be MOST welcome.

  3. Everyone around here in Eastern Kentucky have had weird things happen to their gardens too. From mysteriously turning cucumbers black overnight to a new kind of worm eating their tomato plants and corn. What started out as doing okay, ended up withering and dying.

  4. I am taking my family camping! I am a virgo sun, my partner is a pisces sun.. its interesting. We’ve been at each others throats lately and I pray this trip doesn’t follow the same path we have been on.
    I love the taurus aspect in all of this as I have a taurus moon and my daughter is a taurus sun!

  5. Um…no ? to pollinate…no fruit on earth, human hand pollination by going flower to flower ?.
    Hope your health is much better Elsa❤️??
    Here lots of heat and health nuisance, must be Chiron into Aries…April 15. My BD.

  6. Well, this has been an interesting full moon.

    Tonight I went to my folks’ house. They decided to have us all watch “Yellow Submarine” (the Beatles movie from 1968). Within 5 minutes we were all weirded out by it except Dad—he’s an Aquarius moon. We all agreed that the movie only masked sense if you’re on drugs so the movie was panned. We switched to Star Trek—NOPE. Finally settled on “Night at the Museum” with Ben Stiller and thoroughly enjoyed it.

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