Full Moon in Libra: March 28, 2021 – Something Festering

libra jewel broachThe full moon in Libra takes place on Sunday, March 28th at eight degrees. It’s particularly notable because it will oppose not only the sun in Aries but Venus and Chiron are also at 8 eight degrees.  You can see a picture of this, further down. It’s pretty unusual.

I’m super bullish on relationships but this does look tense.  I wrote this last week but as we close in on it, things are already crackin’ big time! I thought I should update. Libra is Venus-ruled.  Venus is in Aries where is likes to challenge “the other”, if not flat our spar with them.

These are also Cardinal (controlling) signs.  That’s for good or ill. If you control yourself – good. If you attempt to control others… well, all hell can break loose. Many don’t seem to realize this.

Chiron is sensitive. Someone’s wound may be triggered by this… yours or theirs? It may not be that easy to tell.

sun venus chiron in ariesIf you have planets in Cardinal signs near eight degrees… well I do and I’m wary of this in spite of their being some helpful aspects.

Specifically, Mars in Gemini will trine the moon and also support the Aries stellium.
Saturn in Aquarius offers the same deal.

The Moon, Mars and Saturn for a Grand Trine. This may be an optimum time to “clear the air” if there’s something festering between you and your partner or anyone else you’re faced off with.  This would be a great result for something like this.

It will be interesting to watch this. Venus is involved so it may be “kiss and make up”. But “fight and make up” may be more likely.

Update – there is definitely a lot of tension out there. Libra prefers to be nice, but when they blow, the really blow.  If you like to challenge, you’re probably really happy right now~

Do you have planets near eight degrees of a Cardinal sign?  What do you think of this?


Full Moon in Libra: March 28, 2021 – Something Festering — 39 Comments

  1. Mars at 8 degrees, Saturn at 12 degrees of Libra in the 2nd House. I have one last financial tether to my ex-husband. We divorced in February 2020. He has Sun at 7 degrees of Libra (and like me, a stellium of later degree Libra planets). The best I can hope for is to “fight and make up” and move on with my life. But God I hate to fight.

    • Yes, but not to the extent other astrologers do. This is because of the time I spent studying Vedic astrology. I feel they have a better grip on the nodes… and it’s vastly different than Western ideas.

      Due to this disconnect, I only squint at them. 🙂

  2. My venus is at 8 Aries opposing my Pluto at 4 Libra and both square Mars in cancer in a tsquare. I just thru out my abusive boyfriend 3 weeks ago during the last full moon. I don’t have good luck with relationships (not with that t-square in my chart) he was very abusive and it’s hard for me to leave because I’m Taurus sun, I’m fixed and ruled by Venus I want Love. But I did it I got out I feel like I could breath again. He was horrible to us. So a full moon on my venus maybe it’s the end of not having good relations. Self worth and what I value lessons have been hitting me hard lately. Especially with a daughter watching.

    • Hi there, your chart echoes mine (Taurus Sun 24*, Aries Venus 12*, Cancer Mars 15*, Libra Pluto 4*) I was born 15 May 1974. Keep an eye on Chiron as he is currently at 8* Aries thus conjunct your Venus. He hasn’t reached my Venus yet but I am already experiencing themes relating to self worth and what I value as you mention. Could be positive time for healing and better, more informed choices. Venus return coming soon too, new cycle. As a Taurus, I believe we have hard time with Venus issues due to the polarity with Scorpio, which means all relationships are Plutonian/transformational for us. Uranus in Taurus is bringing much change in this area. Good luck!

      • Omg yes may 11 1974. Wow I know I forgot to mention the Chiron conjunct my Venus. So much coming up for me with the shitty relations I have had not just partners but family and everyone but I feel strong like I’m putting my foot down and not tolerating any more !

        • That’s great to hear. Taureans are starting to come into their own at the moment! Nice to connect with someone born the same time. I am keeping an eye on that Chiron transit as it seems to be a watershed transit, especially with Venus rulership.

          • Funny. I sit here and read you two, and I have a Taurus Sun at 24 degrees Taurus, and Venus in Aries at 16 degrees. My Sun is in the 10th house – and it is career things coming up.

  3. Hi. I’m very green learning astrology. Are we referring to a natal birth chart for 8 degrees, or do I need to access a daily chart? Is there a full moon chart? My mother and brothers are fighting against me. She has dementia and believes them. I have detoxed the relationship by going no contact, blocked them, and she has not attempted to contact me~except thru a message from the neighbor. I have things of hers that I took that I want to return to be done with the dreaded reality of the death of a mother/daughter relationship. She is narcissistic and I’ve fought for her love too long. Thank you

    • I’m sorry u had to go thru that ..the relationship I was talking about in the above comment was also narcissistic. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, it is a really hard thing to go through! But maybe this is a turn around in our lives …no more pain from the abuse and we could begin to heal ((Hugs))

  4. I have ascendant in Leo at 8 degrees
    And Neptune in Scorpio at 8 degrees
    I have Mars in Capricorn at 0 degrees
    I have Saturn in Capricorn at 11 degrees

    I recognize Saturn in Capricorn as cardinal sign. Any ideas, comments appreciated.

    • Aries, cancer, Libra, and Capricorn are cardinal signs. Leo and Scorpio are fixed signs. Maybe look at the Capricorn(Leo and Scorpio) houses for clues to what might get activated?

    • So that Saturn is in my 11th house, and I’ve been feeling like disassociating from some of my friends. I don’t have many (Saturn unaspected) but today I just want to cut them all off. They don’t light my fire any more. Their views are different. I’m soooo happy on my own right now. I’ve dropped out of groups too. Will hang fire till after the weekend, perhaps they’ll feel it too, as I’ve already withdrawn my energy from the relationships. Clear out the old, make way for the new.

  5. Jupiter at 8 degrees Aries; looks good to me !

    But then, I’m an opportunist and tend to leverage everything to an advantage. (Mars at 8 Gemini conjunct my 11 degree Sun too !)

  6. Cardinal: Cap-moon10/Cancer-Mercury6/Libra-Neptune8.
    others: Taurus-Mars-almost12/Leo-Saturn5/Leo-pluto,almost12
    Any thoughts appreciated. Moved 3 times in 4 years, have seen no family in over a year(2500 miles & 1 border away; strained marriage).

  7. My ascendant is 09″03’in Cancer square my natal Mars at 09″59’in Libra and Neptune at 07″ 01′. Heads up this full moon.

  8. 4 degree Cancer Sun, 1 & degree Cappy Moon & Jupiter, I’ve felt it coming in already. Just today, I’ve been irritated by relationships (even those that bring me much joy). It may just be better for me to take a weekend long retreat into my own shell. My other option would be to focus solely on the relationships that NEED change. Not deny the energy, but control it by focusing, in a gentle(or loving) manner (as possible) on that which needs change.

  9. natal merc at 8 aries and venus rx at 6 (12th), natal moon and chiron at 6 gemini (2nd). oulala. glad that transit mars and saturn will be in gentle angles because natally they oppose in tau/sco 1st/7th. i feel like i need to do something but i have no idea where to start as finances are major block/pain (chiron)… not in the mood for fight thats for sure, but no one that i feel like making up with really. more like ive been suspended in time for some purpose that i cant quite put my finger on (tr merc in pisces?)

  10. Crap. I have my Mars in gemini nataly, but my moon is 9 degrees Cancer and pluto at 16 Libra. How much longer is this Plutonian transformation gonna take? It’s hit my 9 moon, my 19 Venus and my 28 sun in Cancer. Pluto going all over the top while all my planets are bottom bowlers. Thankfully my daughter is young and a super Cap despite her Leo sun. But my boy has 0 Asc Cancer despite being a super Scorp. Who knows with my husbands Aqua Moon. We need a break! When is recess?

  11. Hi there

    I love astrology but do get confused as not sure what my chart is fully. I wondered if I could possibly get some very important help. Read about the full moon and fight mode which I am sure this relates to me and my situation. I am in Family Court on Wednesday 31st March (funny enough it would have been our 21st anniversary on that date) for I am hoping the final hearing with my ex abusive narcissistic partner. My son is 14 and wants nothing to do with his father. His father wants full custody (although son has refused to see/speak to him for 2 years). Also had to sell our home last June but he still refuses to agree to split the joint equity. He cheated and there was emotional and financial abuse too. My birthday is 19/05/1970 High Wycombe. Taurus sun and I know Libra rising. Ex 19/04/80 Watford. Aries. I hate fighting and very sensitive. He loves it. Just want to move on but he wont let us. I just want to feel safe again and my son happy and Wednesday to go in our favour and not his. Any positive responses would be greatly appreciated as terrified I will lose my son x

  12. Is this good or not good? I need help frm someone here please. My natal sun in virgo is 8:15 degrees and Uranus @ 7:14 Libra. The new moon will semisextile my sun exact and conjuct my Uranus apart from the injuction in Aries. My natal Chiron is @ 9 Aries….Sun and Venus in Aries are conjucting my chiron. Please help!!

  13. Natal Saturn 6 deg 2H Aries… minding the money – as usual. 😉
    My husband has been on a slow burn about purchasing a pontoon boat; that’s how he operates, he’s a grinder, just slowly keeps at it until he gets what he wants. I’m holding my ground, goals first then we’ll THINK about it… the Saturian way.

  14. I feel like life f***ing sucks right now. My moon is at 8 degrees Capricorn. My natal Pluto is at 7 degrees Libra. My sun is 12 degrees Aries and my Saturn is 12 degrees Cancer. So I live with a Cardinal Grand Cross in my chart all the time.

    I am having huge lack in relationships and money/career! Fun! Not. Even though Pluto is now at 26 degrees Capricorn which makes me feel like maybe I’ll catch a break at some point, my Chiron is at 23 Aries. The lack of steady, decently paying, meaningful work is a constant drain on me, and has been especially since Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008. I have not had a relationship in years. At this point half of why I even want one isn’t for love or sex or even companionship, it’s the thought of having someone split half the living expenses, the financial support.

    I guess this Libra 8 degree moon in my 10th house of career, conjunct my natal Pluto, square my natal Moon in the 2nd, is screwing me over hard. I have not had any new consulting work come in since the new year. I’ve had to ask my Dad for money twice this week to pay to keep my internet on and for a car repair. I have had nothing but bad luck in the work-career department pretty much my whole adult life. If it was a decent job, the boss and coworkers sucked and made my life miserable even though I was great at what I did and was a good co-worker, I thought. Other jobs were short-lived even when they were supposed to be 2-3 year contract, or were low-paying.

    I’m feeling very bitter right now which makes it hard to raise my vibration and try to make things better. I also hate the next door neighbor of my duplex. If I explode on someone, it could be him.

    Hoping when this moon passes things chill a bit. Also hoping the moon’s moved off by the time of my Solar return next week so it’s not screwing my chart for the next year.

    Best of luck to everyone having similar issues. I’m sick of it.

  15. When I use astrodienst and put in the 28th, the moon still shows in virgo. Can anyone explain why this is please?
    Thank you

  16. Something festering alright…………

    ….its called WAY OUT OF BALANCE (libra)…people are upside down and blind
    ….they say opinions are like Assh@les and everybody’s got one, so keep it to yourselves (speaking to the world inhabited by nut crackers)!

  17. My Chiron is 8* Aries opposing my Uranus at 8* and I am in the middle of a huge crisis. Last December, that eclipse hit my sister in law’s Sag AC dead on and she was dead at the end of Jan 21.

    Her bf was the only dad her 8 year old knew and she never had any paperwork filed or anything done in case of her death. She had been in bad health already, but last month, the child’s dad got him and he has a little brother that is two months younger than him by another mother. The two children are so much alike it is weird. They are good to him and we are thankful for this.

    But my husband’s and sister in law’s dad’s sisters are trying to kick her bf off of the land and trying to sell heir ship land out from under my husband and his cousins. They have given the bf two weeks to get his stuff and get out and like wise told us to get our stuff and leave.

    We moved half a state away and my Capricorn husband is furious with his aunt’s and wants to sue them.

    The Astrology of the past few months have really hit hard.

    I am going thru the Pluto in the 12th transit and feel like my very soul is being destroyed. Nightmares and omens of disaster keep happening as well.

    Everything is crumbling and I have a terrible fear of what happens when all is lost. Pluto on my Sun since birth does not help this transit, it is like a wrecking ball taking out everything and everyone that I was ever used to.

    Also Uranus has definitely set things in motion for all of us and freed us from things that held us down.

    I don’t even have an idea what this latest aspect will do. *Panicking badly!*

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