Full Moon in Libra: March 20 2019 – Love, Sex & Aggression

libra postcardI expect some drama under the full moon in Libra that takes place on March 20th at zero degrees of the sign.  Full moons are inherently affecting but this one is hotted up and may very well come off the chain.

There are a few things that catch my attention here. First, the full moon occurs as soon as the moon hits Libra. Zero degrees!

Second, Zero Aries (the sun’s position), begins the zodiac.  It’s like being born. You burst on the scene.

Third, Venus (Libra) and Mars (Aries) are a natural pair.

Most notably, Aries-ruler, Mars and Libra-ruler, Venus will form a tight square when the moon is full. That’s

It’s hard to say how this is going to manifest for each individual.  You may fight with your partner. You might find a partner.  You might have sex and yes, an attack is possible.

If you’re a cautious type person, you may want to sit this one out.  But if you like to mix it up and enjoy tension and things unexpected, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed under this full moon.

The hot degrees are at or near zero Cardinal – (Sun and Moon) or 23 Fixed (Venus and Mars).

This is another reason I think this full moon will pack a punch.  It’s going to hit two places at once…



Full Moon in Libra: March 20 2019 – Love, Sex & Aggression — 21 Comments

  1. I confess to being excited.

    Jupiter at 23 degrees, Venus at 23 degrees, Mars at 23 degrees. Pluto within minutes of 23 degrees on the south node.

  2. Whoa, going to travel to the mainland to begin a new course
    The travel alone will jive me up
    In the dark over and back long trips
    Glad a moon will light things up
    Waves can be scary in the dark
    Hoping it lites up my learning,as
    I am hungry with this topic , feels auspicious;thanx
    I am the cautious type so thinking I’ll
    Brown bag lunch it.Will be in unfamiliar territory

    • I see storms comming may way:-) I have Moon in 6 degre Taurus and the last 7 years with Uranus i my seventh house has NOT been good. So here we are, on i new turn of our karma;-)

  3. I say WOW! I am just leaving a man after 7 years! I hope there is light in the end of tunnel! I have MC in 0 degre Aries and my South node at 29 degre Pirces and I am Libra born.. I feel the the winds are changing, it fels horribel, but in the end I will at last be free?

    • A 7-year gap CAN indicate the 7-year-itch during which relationships break. Is Saturn square to its position when your relationship started?
      Saturn is sometimes not exactly easy, but perhaps you can think of him offering security after the hard times are behind you, for a while at least.

  4. A long time in my life and if you catch me at a random moment, I named Pisces as the opposite of Aries. idk why, but I think Libran energy is not “kind.” I feel like Pisces dissolves where Aries charges ahead. Don’t know why.

  5. Hi, all my planets (except my natal Venus squaring Saturn/ North Node, which Iam thankful) will make transits (Conjunction, Opposition, trine and sextil) to those 4. My Asc is at 2 Aries, My IC at 1 Cancer, and myVertex is at 1 Libra. Iam single for about 7 years now.

    • In about 3 months (at 19/06) is my birthday and so begins a new Solar Return chart for me. We can start feeling those energies 3 months before it starts. In that new chart my SR Venus at 7th house conjuncts my Natal Venus. Wish me luck 😛

  6. Whoa. I have sun 0 degrees Aries in the 3rd opposing mars 0 libra in the 10th square uranus 1 degree cancer in the 7th. Watch this space…………

  7. Oh, um… that would be my sun-Merc-Saturn conjuction, my moon, and my Mars-Venus-Pluto conjunction. *snorts* No wonder I’ve already been vibrating out of my skin for the past two days.

    At least it feels productive! I feel supercharged, attuned, and powerful.

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