Full Moon In Libra – April 17, 2011 – Beaten, Stabbed, Punched, Kicked, Pressured And Preached To…

The moon is full @ 27 degrees Libra on Sunday night.

I expect time to be super-sensitized because the Moon becomes full after spending the two days leading up to the event being absolutely battered by Saturn and the stellium in Aries.

The lights go up under a full Moon so you can compare this to an actress walking onto the stage after being beaten, stabbed, punched and kicked and pressured and preached too, three or four times on her way to the theater!

Now think about that.

She may collapse but she may also give the performance of her career and I am betting on the latter.

If this full Moon aspects a planet in your chart, you are going to find yourself holding the bag on Sunday.  It aspects my chart and as always, I am ready to rock!

Also consider the house in your chart where the full moon falls. That house will get hit (Aries) / gifted (Libra) with mega energy so consider what you’re going to do when those lights go up.

Where does the full moon fall in your chart?

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Full Moon In Libra – April 17, 2011 – Beaten, Stabbed, Punched, Kicked, Pressured And Preached To… — 50 Comments

  1. It will fall in my 11th/5th house!
    Should we set intentions/goals related to these 2 houses? Or are intentions and goals more for the new moon timeframe? 🙂

  2. debdeb, intentions are traditionally set under new moons. 🙂

    I just mean, it’s going to be a super energized weekend and worth considering… lots to say on this, in the daily forecasts next week and I am working on the newsletter now.

  3. full Moon in my 9th, and in Aries husband’s 4th exactly square his Moon. We will be starting a family vacation after a stressful phase for my husband with his family, and your description feels apt for how things are for him already as he strives to provide real caring for his aged mother whilst being hit with rocks by those who have,sadly a vested interest for all the wrong reasons. Proud of my Aries. Praying for peace for us all to recharge.

  4. I am working on the newsletter and really, I don’t think I have ever written something like this before. But… maybe it is my imagination and I also forget quite a bit..

  5. i just realised today, that my chart is actually back to front or upside down. my ascendant and house cusps changed. i live at 33 degrees below the equator, in south africa. which means that the full moon happens in my 2nd house. it also will be conjunct my natal moon in libra at 26 degrees. I have a feeling it will be extra sensitive considering that it is my lunar return. Thank you for the inspiring blog by the way!

  6. Opposite the Aries stellium – which is conjuncting the sun and ascendant right now. Yup – I AM that actress that was beaten up but I AM giving the performance of the lifetime! 🙂

  7. Oh dear. This is in my 2nd/3rd (depends on house system) house. The worrisome part for me is that with the transiting Sun, it creates a Grand Cross with my natal Sun/Mars opposite Jupiter. Not to mention aspects to other parts of my natal chart…guess I’m going to have to keep my eyes open.

  8. Well, it will be in my 8th house of course..everything in my chart flocks there. It will be conjunct my Sun, Mars and Uranus..that is currently opposing transiting Sun, Mars and Uranus. I’m cool with it (as it is still a week away and Libra will procrastinate about everything including panic).
    If I’m the beat up chic, you are going to have the show of your dreams because if I go through that and still make it on stage, I’m going to make it worth both our time..plus I’ll be pissed. LOL

  9. Hopefully I would have just survived a week alone at work… I’m sure I’ll rise to the occasion and show my skills before the full moon conjuncts my MC 🙂 It’ll also trine Sun/Mars, Sextile Jupiter/Uranus but will square Cap Moon.

    With the moon favoring some inner & outer planets, natal Cap Moon shouldn’t have too much to complain about… besides I’m sure I could use the rest at that point 😉

  10. Third house trine my moon…..I am trying to accept the Neptune “fog” I am dissolving into…no more icky stuff please.

  11. 1st house.. pfft. I have to keep my cool, I’m the Libra-mask. I’ll be at work, and I can imagine some sort of an open enemy thing.

  12. House 10, conjuncts natal Uranus and trines Venus (H7). Oh dear. I wonder if this would have anything to do with my court case…

  13. Smack Dab on my IC at 28degrees Libra. I have bene racking my brain trying to figure out what this means. Kathryn

    PS = considering a visit home to my parents that weekend

  14. Oh boy. I’m just getting ready (or am already dealing with) an incoming sun sandwich with moon-bread. Mother-issues: goodnight.

    That full moon of which you speak will square both sun (in cancer 12th, 28 degrees) and moon (cap 6th 26 degrees) with shit knows what at that point in aries. (Oh, look, transiting sun at 27 Aries). Card me, baby. Luckily, I’m a trained actor. The show must go on. However, I may invest in a kevlar vest, roll with the punches and wear my heart on my sleeve for kicks.

    I’m feeling a bit insane.

  15. I am seriously going to kick Mercury in the shins. For fun. Tit for tat, you know? Lost my comment.

    SO without my joke about having enough with this upcoming sun sandwich with moon-bread and laying mother-issues to rest finally…

    The full moon of which you speak, Elsa, will, obviously be opposite the sun in Aries. With degrees in the late 20s like my own sun in cancer 12th and moon in cap 6th. I said, in the disapeared comment, that I feel like I’m going nuts. Sun-moon opposition for me has very much felt like my BIG MAJOR issue. Now it will be mirrored in the other cardinal signs.

    If I book a consultation, does “help?” constitute a question?

  16. 2nd/3rd house (depending on system used). In sign conjunction to my Mars, out of sign conjunction to North Node/Uranus/Venus Stellium I have very early Scorpio.

    I’ll warn my SO, the only man I’ll be likely to have around on Sunday. 😉

  17. Shizz it opposes my Venus and falls on my vertex? Which is also the reaction point if my natal Pluto in libra moon in Scorpio Venus in Aries yod? Fullmoon is in my 5th ……

  18. Oh look. Mercury Rx. Dingbat. It’s squaring my mercury in the 12th. An aspect I was still trying to figure out. Re-writing a disapeared post and both showing up answers my question. Sigh.

    @Elsa Is “haha” a “yes” or a “no”? I no speak internet laughter. 🙂

  19. Yes, I would respond to “help” but my advice when working with an astrologer, is you give them as much info as you can because it’s free to do so and you maximize what you get back. 🙂

  20. M’kay… This will be happening in the 7th house. Semisextile jupiter in the 8th (scorp) and semsextlile pluto in the 6th (virgo). Exact.
    The sun side of it (in the 1st) will quincunx both… i think.

  21. Hm, so in my 12th house, quincunxing my Venus.

    I have no idea what that means. It’s probably not good, but since I have no love life I don’t think I need to worry that much about that, right?

  22. Just realized it’s on my daughters sun in libra when it falls in my 5th house… Just not sure what to think may be time for another reading my whole chart feels
    Like it’s still going off

  23. Full moon is conjunct my natal sun in the 9th. Square Cancer saturn in the 6th, square ASC Cap and DSC Cancer. I know what I want to happen… to plan a long distance trip where I’d be riding horses every day. 🙂 Hmm… best wait until the 23rd when Merc goes direct, maybe. Pluto’s rx’ing around that time too! Will wait for Elsa’s heads-up letter before deciding…

  24. Happy birthday to me. *grin* Mind is a few days before this.. scratching, kicking, punching? I coming to the end of a Mars square Mercury/Venus year, that someone told me would be much better than my previous year (due to the Sun/Moon conjunction, Mercury/Venus, etc, and the lack of Venus retro square Uranus). It wasn’t.

  25. oh, 12th house opposed my Ceres/Chiron/Sun, widely conjunct my Uranus/ascendant in Scorpio, inconjunct Moon/Venus/South Node, wiedely trine Mars in Pisces.

    Maybe I should get myself one of those lipstick tazers a friend has been looking at… sheesh. Although I’d probably pick it up instead of my chapstick, and just zap myself.

  26. On the cusp of my 10/11th Houses, conjunct my NN. I will be traveling on a ferry boat.

    I seem to like traveling on the open water during Full Moons; as I write this I realize, how many other times I’ve made note of this on your blog.

  27. Oh I forgot about this! Its totally exactly conjunct my moon! Im getting medication for depression soon so maybe its lights on for my emotional situation! I think the medication will help a lot with my talk therapy since right now I’m not in the right state of mind anyway.. The therapist asks me where I see myself in 5 years and I say I dont like thinking about that! Blahhh. Talk about happening in my 3rd house. I hope good things happen. My moon has some not cute aspects.

  28. Two days after my birthday, exactly conjunct my Jupiter in the 5th, exactly opposite my mercury which is conjunct my sun, square Saturn and more. I already feel like an Egyptian living in Japan, but collapse is not an option. I’m saying the serenity prayer a lot. Thanks much for the heads up Elsa — forewarned is forearmed.

  29. oh man… 11th house/5th house.
    a long-time friend has turned into a romantic interest and it is MESSY. i’m not really looking forward to this.

  30. This full moon is in Libra, which happens to be my North Node, and will be falling my 8th house. Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated.

  31. I’m somewhat new to all this, and I’d really appreciate some feedback, if anyone would care to comment.
    My moon is in Libra … my sun, Aries. What can I expect of this full moon for me, personally?

  32. This conjuncts my Pluto and MC. Today I am going in for a photo shoot that will accompany an article/interview on my local monthly show. Very nervous about what the article will say. This year I’ve really put myself out there in so many ways, I feel so exposed. It trines my Mars, and I need to tap into that strength right now. Take my beatings and take the stage.

  33. Full Moon will also conjunct my natal Sun (9th), square the ASC/DESC axis in Cap/Cancer.

    What would the effect of a full moon conjunct one’s natal sun be, in general terms? If the moon is meeting with the sun, and transiting sun is in opposition to it.. seems like it would have both a NEW and full moon flavour. Any ideas?

  34. the moon will be full @ 27 libra, whic is at midpoint between natal moon @17 libra (12th) and ascendant/conj./Neptune @ 7&8 Scorpio. If the past 48 is just the warm up, this could be a ride. I feel as prepared as I have ever been.

    I’ve been keenly aware of my flaws and wounds lately. also, the problems with partnering as a result.
    What comes up is Judy Garland. If it weren’t for her wounds, she could not have been who she was. She was on my mind all week, and sure fits the bill.

    Things are coming to a head and changing fast, and w/o going into the story, feels like the healing potential is like distilling years of pain and effort down into a sugar cube and watching it dissolve in the hot liquid. Just the right time and circumstances for it to disperse. What was hot, crystalline and bitter turns hot and sweet and a different thing altogether.

  35. Conjunct my Pluto in 12th, opposite my Mars… I think I see how this is playing out. I plan to be the one who “gives the performance of her career.”

  36. been lurking for a very long time and love the site (if I don’t like it I won’t be coming back all of these couple of years).

    anyway, I have a question. this full moon occurs in my 8th house but the moon is trine my ascendant by 3.5 deg and the sun in my 2nd house sextile my ascendant by 3.5 deg. would the interpretation of this full moon include what the moon and sun aspects with my ascendant brings as well?

    I also have a mars trine mars right now with transiting mars in my 2nd house and natal mars in the 10th. would the full moon have any affect on this aspect as well?

    sorry if my question sounds a bit clueless but I am new to astrology. thanks in advance to everyone!

  37. The full moon will conjunct my Venus in the first house and trine Jupiter in the ninth. The Sun and Jupiter are transiting my seventh house. I just broke up with someone I really liked because of his messy divorce. I’m hoping we can pick up again where we left off once he gets things cleaned up and on track…

  38. It’s in my 2nd/8th, so money blah, blah, blah… But something I found interesting about today is that the big Car Show and Chocolate & Coffee Fest were held at the same time in different sections of the Convention Center. Genius timing, if intentional: The men are drooling over engines while their wives and girlfriends were across the hall drooling over truffles. Amazing turnout for both.

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