Full Moon In Libra: April 16, 2022 – Pluto T-Square Packs A Punch

libra bronze scalesThe full moon in Libra on April 16th will pack a punch. The astrology is striking. I’m not sure it’s good.

First, the sun and moon at 26 degrees are tightly square Pluto in Capricorn at 28 degrees.  That’s right. The battered late Cardinals are going to take another hit here. This includes me. I can already feel it.

Mercury and Uranus will also be tightly conjunct in Taurus. No telling what news is on the way.  Something you don’t expect!

Last, Jupiter and Neptune will be exactly conjunct at 24 Pisces. I hope this provides some protection because frankly, this sounds like blunt trauma. Like getting a cracked jaw out of the blue sky!

Now I’m sorry. But most feel set up at this point. I don’t think this day is going to pass, unnoticed. I do think it’s would be to consider this because Pluto is concerned with planning.  Plan what?

Libra is concerned with relating to others. I take this as a command; as fair warning, to shore up relations with others.  There is not a lot of “random” kindness out there are the moment. Make an effort (Aries) to solidify (Capricorn) your ties to others (Libra).

You can see the chart here. It’s the aspects that grab my attention.

What do you see?

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Full Moon In Libra: April 16, 2022 – Pluto T-Square Packs A Punch — 28 Comments

  1. Sh*t! This could be a problem for me and my husband. We have our suns at 26° Cap and 27° Cancer. T-Square fully engaged into a grand cross. My natal Mars is also involved at 24° Pisces, on the transiting Neptune/Jupiter conjunction opposite natal Pluto 27° Virgo. This is on the 1st/7th house axis for both of us. I’m Pisces rising, Husband is Virgo rising Pluto conjunct his asc 26°. We are all about oppositions, obviously! This is definitely about my relationship. So sick of struggling with this part of my life. What am I even learning at this point? How to continue the struggle? I guess just brace for the bomb. Ugh!

  2. How wide an orb are we you talking about with this Elsa? I don’t know if it is past some personal planets (usually this is the case!) and the orb will tell me. I guess this doesn’t mean, regardless, we won’t run into this just because it doesn’t aspect our charts, right?

  3. I do have mars/saturn opposition being aspected exactly and favorably by tr pluto (mars being in taurus 1H). I also do feel apprehensive since the full moon conjuncts my ac/DC from the 12h/6h and i have no idea what to expect from this at this point. uranus/merc and NN are all with 5-6deg of my natal NN at 18taurus. I hope have a breakthrough but all sorts of things seem to go wrong for me with tr sun in 12h… :/ I can’t even understand what I’m doing right now until I can’t take it back…

  4. Just so long as tears are not involved
    Just can’t take another flood
    I’ve been knocked down before
    Surprise to me , mostly, I get up

  5. I’m not sure of what is to come. This doesn’t look good for me. My Saturn/Neptune is 23/24 Libra with 27 Asc, all squaring my 28 Cap Venus. This has been challenging already with Pluto, and I also have a 4th house Mars/NN 13/14 Aquarius square to 7th house Jupiter 12 Taurus, so the transits with the outer planets are all hitting at once. My only saving grace has been Jupiter in my 5th house opposing my 11th house Moon. I’ve been trying to lay low for a long time now and not get too down which has been quite the challenge since my husband has been diagnosed with dementia and the frustration of dealing with his confusion is almost overwhelming at times. The stress of all this has all made my blood pressure go sky high and even my meditations, which I do daily at least 3 times are not helping that much. Not placing any blame on him, I am here for him. I guess I can thank Uranus for the unexpected change in my relationship status, then there’s also Pluto. Trying to make friends with these strong energies and going with the flow is definitely bringing the challenges, and certainly not what I had expected or planned for. My life is now living day by day in prayer and meditation using a lot of gratitude and affirmations to get me through. If I make it through all this without too much decline, I will be so grateful. All we can really do is the best we can and so that is what I am doing. Life is definitely changing in so many ways. I am calling on angelic presence now.

    • Your story touches my heart. It sounds like you are coping with all the right strategies. Gratitude, calling in angels, going with the flow.
      Sometimes life decides to test our mettle. You are an inspiration.

  6. Ahhhh.
    The catalyst returns.
    First of all being a Taurus with copious n significant Aq I can tell you ‘it has begun’ regarding the original post which linked us here.
    But while quite tumultuous I see and smell liberation like no other time. I’ve gripped it. It is mine and I refuse to let it go.
    That’s all I’m gonna say bout dat but suffice to say this full moon will his upon my ASC , Neptune and Uranus. ASC = Lib.
    It just puts a lil color to things that are already boiling over.
    Thank God the squares from Aq are all fading from Uranus conj my Sun.
    This Uranus transit has been muted all along by that square. No more.
    And the freedom has jumped up and grabbed me. And I’ve embraced it with ALL MY HEART!!!!!
    I’m Freeeeeee Elsa!!!!!

  7. The chart is a bucket with a moon handle, so whatever issue or emergency is happening, i would say it will spark public emotional reaction or security concerns. Luckily the moon moves out quickly so its like a problem and then it’s over for the moment. What happens next is the moon opposes uranus/mercury. Uranus in taurus is about our money, the new monetary system called qfs or quantum financial system. This involves going back to the gold standard and digital currency (russia and a couple other countries are already doing it) So maybe some info about all that comes up. All the while that jupiter/neptune thing seems to be adding a boat load of faith into the mix, but could be mixed with a good dose of “hopium”. I believe this year will turn up a lot of truths that were hidden or suppressed (some so shocking that many will not believe them) and the major systems will shift right before our eyes, mainly financial, govt, medical and education. We shall see

  8. I see that this full moon is conjunct my natal jupiter in the first house libra, semisextile my mars and sextile my sun.
    I don’t mind the Pluto square from the 4th house, i’ve survived Pluto conjunct all my natal planets except venus in Aquarius.

    I’ve just released my first book, it’s got a first release chart to my liking and the astrology of the rest of April will help, including the full moon.
    Thank you Elsa, for your sterling advice in your articles and throughout this blog.

  9. I seem to be the good example of coming transits:
    Uranus and Mercury are conjunct my Moon, Jupiter, SN in 3rd house. This is an apex of Pluto- Neptune Yod.
    We have war close to border.
    What I have now: 3rd house- my brothers little kid was in the hospital for 3 days unexpectedly. Big construction works starts suddenly in my house where I have apartment.
    Moon-Uranus:-my mom got biopsy yesterday and she has cancer. My kid is gives me and himself extremely hard, chaotic emotional time
    Jupiter – massive flood of news about cancers in my extended fiends network (3).
    Healthy, but I don’t feel lucky.

  10. I have Jupiter in Aries in the 7th house @ 21 degrees. Libra rules my 2nd house. We’re getting our annual work performance evaluations soon. Perhaps it’ll be this week? We were already told we would not be getting raises a while ago.

  11. Oh boy… my ascendant is at 25 deg 29 minutes Libra so this will hit me on the angles!!! On the 15th I have an appt with the dr to see about skin removal after a large weight loss. Not sure if this is a good thing or not!

    Oh well, roll with the punches. What will be will be on this one.

  12. Full moon @ 26°45′ Libra, Natal Sun 26°52′.. By now, and after Pluto’s hammerings all those past years, I have lost the will to BE.. (Currently also Pluto square Sun transit, and when Pluto hits 29, it will square my Mars.)

  13. Transiting Saturn has been opposing my natal Saturn (which is in the 12th house conjunct Pluto). Transiting Saturn is in the 6th house. I had a stress fracture (Saturn) in my foot a few months ago and I keep reinjuring it so have to go back to the foot doctor. Trying to focus on 12th house stuff but keep getting pulled back to dealing with 6th house (health, daily routine).

  14. Saturn is sitting exactly conjunct my natal Mars.
    Jupiter and Neptune conjunct my natal Mercury.
    Uranus conjunct my natal Venus.
    Sun conjunct my natal Chiron.
    I haven’t even looked at other aspects. I do feel very pressured at this time, may have to move out of my apartment by the end of the month, hoping landlord will give me through May. Feel behind on work but am plodding through it trying to get caught up.
    I keep hoping the Uranus-Venus conjunction is going to change me from a single person to a person in a relationship.
    I feel like life is never easy, just a series of shit we have to go through, punctuated by less shitty times. Trying to change that belief system.
    Good luck, everyone.

  15. My life is calmer now I’m 43. This is a good thing as I’ve dealt with, and later caused, a lot of life trauma. Nowadays I feel these planetary upheavals on an inner mental or emotional level.

    Case in point- this morning’s meditation was a life review from others’ perspectives, and I realised what a complete, selfish cow my grandmother was. I was trying to be compassionate and I got a dose of realism! She led a family campaign that resulted in my abandonment at a time (age 13) when I really needed support and reassurance. This is raw and tests my last few years of learning to navigate my deeper reality.

    Anyway, interesting to discover that the punch doesn’t necessarily need to come from current events, in my case it was waiting in the wings for me to receive it!

    • To add the astrology, Pluto is transiting my 4th house (dirty family fynamics) and the moon has emerged from my 12th house (unrexognised) to illuminate (full moon) a new realisation about myself (asc). Also, Venus is almost conjunct my Moon in Pisces, and I’m definitely embracing (finally!) loving rather than blaming myself. Mars semi sextile my Moon helps I think with a bit of self assertion…

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