Full Moon in Leo: February 5, 2023 – Fixed Signs Break Out

the-show-must-go-on-niceThe full moon in Leo will take place midday on February 5th at 16 degrees.  The sun and moon will square Uranus at 15 degrees.  Expect an unexpected spectacle.

Leo is flashy but we’re talking about the moon here, so the scene may be emotional. Uranus strikes like lighting.  Emotions may erupt.

This makes me think of the Britney Spears crying drama from some years ago.  It’s striking. Not that the energy can’t play in a positive ways.  Creative people who experiment can have great results.

Fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, can expect some kind of jolt out of this, especially if your planets in the mid-degrees of these signs.  There’s no fear here. It’s a chance to update your character. Matter of fact, this energy is powerful enough to change your life – fast.  

Note there is nothing to be afraid of here. It’s more like, “Hey!  I want to live differently!” Or, “Hey! My feelings on the have changed!”  Uranus liberates and it happens in a split second.

Do you have planets near the mid-degrees of a Fixed sign? What would you like to see manifest under this full moon?



Full Moon in Leo: February 5, 2023 – Fixed Signs Break Out — 24 Comments

  1. The moon on 16 Leo will complete a grand sextile in my chart, with my natal Chiron conjunct the transiting Sun in Aquarius. It is true that each transit to Leo 14-18 closes the pattern, but I’ve only just become aware of it, and this will be the first time I experience it consciously. So … I’m looking forward to it!

  2. This will trine all my Virgo, and sextile the Cancer… but the moon will be near Pluto! Should be interesting. I am welcoming the jolt!!

  3. Asc/Desc 15 Leo/Aquarius, Moon 15 Scorpio 4th house. Looking forward to whatever change and/or drama is in the cards. Most likely a chance to relocate somewhere new and economically more sustainable or me deciding to retire – whatever comes first. Hopefully both and more 😀.

  4. A recent love-interest also has her natal Mercury at 16 Leo. I know it will have a strong influence, not only upon her, but me as well. My natal Pluto is 12 Leo, Saturn is 15 Leo, and Mars at 20 Leo, so whatever will be affecting her will also have a strong effect on me as well. I’m actually looking forward to this to see what develops!

  5. Leo is my my 11th house, but also covers the cusp of the 12th house. I have Pallas Athene @ 15 degrees Scorpio and Venus in Taurus @ 20. I got some cheap art supplies and plan on just trying to be more creative. This is right before some dental surgery.

    • One of my coworker who’s a Leo has been telling me she feels like I’m setting her up. As in failure or to get in trouble. Leo rules my 12th house. I’m really not.

      There are coworkers that people have been rumored to be back-stabbing and snitches.

      I am around those folks, but can be biased, so I’m just trying to take other folks at face value that have been good to me, that haven’t really done anything wrong from what I can see.

      I think I’m being thrown into the “untrustworthy pile” but I just feel like it’s unwarranted.

      • I went to the dentist and had a bone graft. Despite the numbing, when I got injections to help with the rest of the pain, I was in a lot of pain. My mind was able to dissociate for the most part but my body started shaking a lot. I was really surprised by how much pain I was in.

  6. Sun & Pluto in mid-Leo (12 degrees and 10 degrees respectively).
    Asc / Desc at 26 Scorpio / Taurus.
    True Lilith, Ceres and TWO name asteroids in Scorpio.
    Will I FINALLY break free of this relationship that has dominated my whole life for more than 50 years???

  7. Uranus at 16 degrees 4th house and Mercury retro 16 degrees 4th house. I guess break up, sudden developments in family and family karma.

  8. Natal Saturn 15* in 12 and mars 17* in 6th.

    Leo/Aqua 3rd/9th so forming a grand cross in my chart.

    I’m burnt out from teaching elementary school. I only want to be with the severe & profound kids in special ed. I have no desire to be in gen ed classes, but I have this principal who constantly changes my assignments.

    She’s a Gemini with no special ed background and it’s her first time as a principal. I’m getting as far away from her as possible but it breaks my heart to be leaving the special kids I have a long term relationship with for over a year because she’s too stupid to figure out how to best use her staff.

    Changing to a smaller district closer to home that pays the same.


  9. My 4th House Saturn in Scorpio has been taking a beating from Uranus. This Recent Uranus station was within 1° of exact opposition, which means the opposition has dragged on for 6 months…
    SO tired of the drama and the pressure.
    I’m eager to celebrate a release, but also nervous to get my hopes up!

  10. 16 degrees full moon conjuncts my 14 degree natal Leo Pluto.
    I’d love to breakthrough the self defeating relationships dramas and live differently!

  11. Love your comment about “updating your character” as an possibile result of this full moon in Leo February 05. Well from the looks of my chart that could be an interesting description of the event for me.I have my Leo Sun at 12, my Leo Mars at 20 both in the fourth house. Then onto the 6th house is my NN at 12 libra. In addition in my 12th house I have Jupiter and Saturn in an exact conjunction at 14 in Taurus plus my ASC is 19 Taurus. Feel the excitement as I type this note. I am open and ready for some change. Have been held down with all the Saturn energy for so long in my 10th house. Which feels nearly like forever. Plus the Trans NN in Taurus squaring and opposing some of my Leo and Taurus planets . So for now just “bring it on”

  12. Sun at 15 degrees Aquarius. Natal Pluto at 17 degrees Leo. Asc at 13 degrees Scorpio.

    So this is on my T-square.

    I am very resistant to change but with Pluto involved, I guess I don’t have a choice.

  13. This will land on my Vertex in my 8th house, and will square my Mars/Uranus conjunction in Scorpio in my 11th. Along with the Sun and Uranus, this will form a brief fixed grand cross. Interesting!

  14. Uranus in Leo, and 3 x Aqua planets. The sh.. has already hit the fan. I declared war (Aries rising) on the passive aggressive married man next door. Sick and tired of taking the high road, as I knew when I erupted, I would not stop. Told him amongst other things, that there are Legal, Professional Services, available to him, and to cease and desist any ideas about me. It’s so offensive.

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