Full Moon in Leo: February 16, 2022 – Culture of Fun

We have full moon in Leo to look forward to. It will take place midday on February 16th just shy of 28 degrees.

I’m looking forward to this because I’m aware of a lot of negative effects of the planets being bunched up. Many people are trying reach out some way, to get to the people or the things or the parts of life that have become nearly inaccessible. I think this full moon might help with this.

Recently, I had a client who’s been told her Leo moon was awful. Leo is sunny and heart-ruled. I was shocked, there are astrologers out there saying this is a bad thing? I disagree.

This particular full moon will be unafflicted and opposing the sun in the center of the cluster of planets that has us all living like shut-ins, even if we’re not shut in!

I’m posting this now so you can think about it.  If you find yourself living life like a balled up fist, here’s your chance to stretch to reach something warm, loving, creative and life-giving.

We hear about the culture of death. How about the culture of life and more specifically, fun in life?

This full moon offers a terrific change to rebel about the coldness in the world, the cut and paste “creative” product and the machined human being.

When is the last time you dared to roar?

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Full Moon in Leo: February 16, 2022 – Culture of Fun — 13 Comments

  1. I just signed up for a Korean language class for absolute beginners! it’s online with a native teacher that lives and teaches in brazil, therefore she also speaks portuguese 🙂 for a very nice price, and i have full access to all of the material, personal support and online community of her other students for a whole 3yrs!!!
    this is my new moon in aqua 10H progress, courtesy tr uranus 1H/ venus/mars tr 9H. Also, natally Jupiter 11H cusp aquarius – YAY!
    Hopefully the full moon leo and direct merc will help with the home and job fronts… im sick of being the slave to others agendas…

  2. I am so looking forward to this. Its trine my sag moon. I am heading toward Florida on the 17th for a few days of warmth and sunshine. I so need this.

  3. I have a Leo moon, so you think I’d look forward to a joyful time. But alas, this full moon squares my 8th house Saturn. No joy for me.

  4. I can’t complain about all my Leo. I’m a very fun person when not logistically bogged down by stuff to do. Even then, even when stressed, I am never despondent; I usually have to point out in questionnaires about mental health that this is how I am, not that there’s anything wrong with me.

    Anyway, this full moon illuminates my P Sun Conjunct N Saturn. I have N Saturn at 28 Leo, which rules my 3rd and 4th. P Sun is 1/2 degree away.

  5. This is an interesting topic. My mother had a Leo Moon. I found her to be rigid and self centered, while being very extroverted and charming. Because her past was traumatic (childhood) I think the Leo Moon did help with her stability, but I also think it made her rigid. Her mottos was “never give in.” My brother also has a Leo Moon. He is very controlling and doesn’t give a whip about people who are less fortunate. Obviously there are two types of Leos. My mother and brother were/are the less developed, less open-hearted type of Leo energy.

  6. The only bad thing about my Leo NN, part of fortune, Lilith and Uranus is that they are in the 12th house! All my deep psychological contacts with dead spirits are quite irrefutable, shocking, and heatwarming, but they don’t exactly get me a date to the ball! All of my supernatural contacts tend to entail me going through the stroke, heart attack, hanging, death that any aquaintence of mine might be going through for real-until I realize that I am just going through the motions and thoughts they have- in real time. My brother in law, my ex, my exchange host mother, my friend’s husband, a teenage friend of the family, etc. It got to where I went on facebook to see who suffered the heart attack I felt a few years ago. It turned out to be the father of a neighborhood boy I had hired to help sand down the floor in my apartment. His wife was really pissed off at me for getting supernatural contact from him, and not her.

  7. Happening two days after so called Valentine’s Day, the Full?Moon hits the 28° of ?Leo♌️ right over the ?Star Regulus of mighty ✨??Powerful⚔️✨ ?Kings and ?Queens? while simultaneously ☄️Mars and ?Venus conjoin exactly to the minute, the whole thing of the opposition between ?Moon in ?Leo♌️ and ☀️Sun☀️ in ♒️Aquarius alongside ☄️Mars conjunct ?Venus in ☠️Capricorn? quite aptly describing the drama of legendary ?King Arthur, his wife Guinevere, best friend Lancelot and the Knights of the Round Table and their quest to find the Holy Grail to save Arthur and his kingdom from the doom they were cast into by Guinevere and Lancelot’s betrayal.

    It’s an excellent time to revisit the remarkable, dare I say perfect, 1981 film Excalibur and its, also good, 2001 counterpart The Mists Of Avalon.

    May all our ?Hearts? and Souls be Healed back into full Integrity and ✨?Sovereignty??✨!

    • Love your colorful take on this. The Arthur legends are such a powerful prevailing mythos!
      May the Leo moon warm our collective heart

  8. I just received news of my friend and coworker being taken from work to a hospital. I’m waiting on news now. I have a Virgo moon at 1 degree in the 12th house. It’s pretty close to this full moon.

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