Full Moon in Leo – February 14, 2014 – Valentine’s Day

transit watch elsa 4The full moon in Leo on Valentine’s Day is dramatically energetic. People who prefer things to be mellow or low key are going to be up a creek with this one.

First, the Moon in Leo is a star and stars like to be seen.
Second, retrograde Mercury in Aquarius is involved here. He loves to shock.
Saturn in Scorpio will square the Sun, the full moon and Mercury.

This makes me think of Al Pacino in “Dog Day Afternoon”.  He plays a charismatic, gay bank robber. The movie was shocking for its time and it still is.

In the movie, Pacino’s character stands in front of the bank he’s robbing, which is surrounded by police. He’s able to get the crowd to cheer for him in this circumstance. His character is believable.

Just because you’ve not seen it before does not mean it won’t happen or it can’t be done. Dog Day Afternoon was based on a true story!  So what we have with this full moon is surprise, drama and creative speech, at the least!

Also note, we’ve got a cardinal grand cross in effect at the same time. Venus, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto are involved. Expect sparks to fly!

Someone asked me if the drama under this full moon was “good”. I said it was, but I have Venus in Leo and a cast-iron stomach!

The full moon takes place at 26 Leo.  That’s a super-sensitive point in my chart, so we’ll see!

Where does the full moon fall in your chart?

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Full Moon in Leo – February 14, 2014 – Valentine’s Day — 54 Comments

    • I am dodging this whole scenario. There has been so much Mars in Libra action at my place, I am getting out of Dodge. i hope my recently widowed father is not too sulky but better than “going to my room” and sitting out the night boiling over!

  1. Full moon conjunct my Uranus in the 7th house. No men in my life. I’ve got my 15 year old daughter on valentines – libra sun, 26 degree Aries moon, 29 degree Leo mars. Maybe a little teen drama.

  2. Sounds like a good day for lover’s quarrels the world over. Probably because Mercury’s Rx and people will not get what they hoped for that day. Not good! 🙁

      • The Leo Moon will add to my natal Saturn-Mars conjunction. All of which squares my Scorpio Sun stellium. LOts of bright light there in my 8th House. Your heads up is good to know for an old drama queen … like you say Elsa, there ought to be other ways for this energy to play out.

    • This full moon will hit my 20 deg Leo Venua, my chart ruller too. somthing I stared to plan on August 6th (Leo new moon) as a start, now planning to take some break from that responsibility. This full moon is exact square of my 26 deg Scorpio Neptune. Not comfortable!!

  3. This will make a nice connection with my Sag Neptune in the 12th??

    I am soooooo gonna be in another world and a little bit a diva?

  4. Hm, direct hit on my Vesta at 26 Leo, and close call on Juno at 27 Leo… but oddly, these two asteroids make *no* aspects to any other notable bodies in my natal chart, and they’re the only two bodies that don’t. (I’m looking at the “Astrodienst with asteroids” chart.) Weird.

  5. hits my natal pluto at 26 degree leo…2nd house…I guess Im ready for something dramatic!..A leo/pluto valentines day for me.

    • I will also have pluto sextile my natal moon that day!…must be something, I dont know what, that the skies want me to notice with double transits! moon conj pluto and pluto sextile moon!

  6. This is exactly conjunct my MC! How will this apply through the houses? (And would i read for the 9th house or the 10th?)

  7. Caught up in my natal t-square with pluto mh, saturn, lilith. But it also sextiles natal neptune so I do have an escape route if necessary. I look at this as a positive fruition point for me. That is where I am focussing my energy anyway. Leo rules the heart so if I need to escape I’ll spend some time doing gratitude.

  8. Exactly conjunct my Sun in the 4th house. I have an interview on the 13th and the last new moon was exactly conjunct my natal Jupiter in the 10th, so possibly something there. And there’s been ongoing renovations in my apartment building. Also according to my current Solar Return chart, Feb/March should be the most active time period. Should be interesting!

    • Yeah i was once at an astrological lecture and sat next to a friendly and extremely chattering lady. She said, Oh Leo Moons always recognize one another.. I was not totally sure how to react 🙂

  9. In my first house conjunct my 24 degree leo ascendant and almost 5 degrees from my Saturn in virgo (0 degree) in the first house.

  10. 6 major aspects triggered on that day for my natal chart, all conjunctions and trines… but 1 opposition.
    Kinda ironic too, because I’m as single as single could be… don’t believe the hype about Libras being co-dependant! lol… I know its more complex that that.. 🙂

  11. The only aspect I get here is a loose sextile to my Gemini venus. I lack leo and I like mellow & low-key. This will be hitting the hubs’ sun/mars and exactly sextile his moon/asc. Guess I’d better search out a good spot ‘up the creek’ ahead of time,

  12. hoi, my ascendant is aquarius, it means it will effect mine 7th house, right?
    another question :
    conjunct means : if my ascendant is leo, than i can say moon conjuncts with my ascendant???

  13. Yikes! Hits my natal Sun and Saturn both at 26° in 10th.
    I don’t want any quarrels! A few nice sparks are enough for me.
    Saturn squaring my Sun & Saturn will probably throw a wet blanket on all this, but that’s OK.
    I hope everyone else will have good surprises!

  14. My sun is on 26 Aquarius. I’m kinda used to being in the shadow (8th house Sun and a bunch of pisces) so i’m not sure how to view this energy. Since it’ll be Solar return, I guess that I’ll have to do something shockingly innovating maybe. Also this T-Square is in my cardinal houses (1st, 7th and 10th) so I guess the shadows won’t work too much for me this year..

    • My birthday 9 18 1970. Buenos aires argentina. His birthday 9 8 1970. Sydney australia. Or when would the best day for marriage be in 2014. Hope that info helps

  15. Awww… Elsa your a Venus in Leo?.. No wonder your so cute and Luvabool!!! hehehe.

    As for the full moon in Leo for Vantentine… I’ve been behaving myself FAR too much for the last few years, couldn’t be happier for a little big bang drama of the playful and fun kind. Bring it on. Bwahahahaah!!! I’ve been studying hard doing the whole crisis new age LeT Love Be Pluto/Sun thing for the last 3 yrs ugghhh. So living life full of JOY is high on the agenda from now on. Bring it on!

  16. My north node is at exactly 26 degrees Leo in my 9th house. That full moon will conjunct it. Which also means mercury and sun in 3rd h will conjunct my south node. Not surprising that I have a apt that day to do some healing work. Should be an interesting outcome. Should I be running for the hills. 🙂

    • My mistake… it’s actually my uranus that the full moon conjuncts at 26 degrees, and not my north node. My North node is at 15-02 degrees Leo.

  17. The full moon will be exactly conjunct my natal Uranus in my second, which is at the apex of a tsquare with my natal Venus(tenth) and Neptune(conjunct moon in the fourth) could this be financial and related to my creativity and career as an artist, I wonder? The full moon will also be conjuncting the natal Mars of the man I love in his seventh house…my Uranus is conjunct his Mars… Wildfire passion! It is complicated with us, so no guarantees this is about him!

  18. Great, I look forward to the dramatic leo moon in some way with my leo rising, something will happen in my love life even though my beloved and I will be apart on that day.

  19. it will sextile my gemini DC exact and sextiles my libra pluto at 24 degrees and moon at 28 degrees in the 10H. trines my AC/neptune at 25 sag and my progressed juno at 25 sag (natal juno/lilith at 1 cap). squares my natal chiron at 25 degrees taurus in my 5H. it falls in my natal 8H and progressed 7H. conjuncts my progressed vertex at 29 degrees leo.
    im a cancer sun and full moons are big for me… i love them though. hopefully that square to my chiron will bring about healing. all of the other aspects seem positive. with it in my 8H, i wouldnt mind getting some either 😉

  20. This full moon will fall on my neptune in my 8th house squared by saturn!, I wonder what neurotic fears will be gripping me? Or maybe my latent creativity will be awakened? Smile

  21. Trines my Venus (ruler of 2nd/9th)/Vesta and squares my Mars (ruler of 8th) so I think it’s pretty sexy and romantic & I am bound to get a gift! (BTW I am used to Moon/Mars energy – it’s all over our composite and synastry charts.) It will be a bit more pinchy for my hubby – inconjuncting his Sun (ruler of intercepted 9th), squaring his Neptune (rules IC). His parents are retired in another country, so this full moon might serve as a touchpoint for future transits activating that inevitable situation (coming back here, either after one dies or something else happens!)

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