Full Moon in Gemini + Cardinal T-Square – Uranus Direct – December 17, 2013

transit watch elsa 4Lately I’ve gone out of my way to be positive when writing about various aspects.  The reason is because so many are struggling.  It’s just not productive to dread a day or a week or a month ahead, because of astrology.

I had this in mind when I looked at the chart of this full moon. All I could see was disharmony.

It’s trendy these days to use or combine flavors in new ways. Pumpkin ice cream. Olives and white chocolate. That’s fine. But there are some things that just don’t mix well. Things like oil and water + egg, tomato, a pomegranate and a jump rope.

A master chef might be able to do something with that.  Most of us are going to be at a loss.

The Full Moon at 25 degrees Gemini opposes the Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius.   People will be chatty for sure. Matter of fact, this blog was born because of a study by British Telephone in late 2000, that proved that people talked more when the moon was full.  When the Moon is full in Gemini and Mercury is in Sagittarius, the effect is bound to be multiplied.

So far, so good. Information will be spread far and wide, but what about the rest of the planets? They look like they’re hurting to me!

For one thing, Mars will be in Libra, getting tweaked by Uranus and Pluto.

  • Mars in Libra often wants something from “the other” and will try to extract it.
  • Uranus in Aries has a hair temper, if he does decide to get involved.
  • Pluto takes things to extremes.

This means there will people out there, cutting and being cut to the bone.

It could be a job loss.
It could be a random attack.
It could be a random attacker who attacks the wrong person and sees the tables turned.
It could be a person is served with divorce papers or a lawsuit they do not expect.
You get the idea.

Now with things like this going on, you can probably see how a blathering big mouth might not be appreciated. There is a clash there.

Even if the Gemini/Sadge energy is used to tell jokes in an attempt to cheer people, chances are people will feel the behavior is out of sync.

If you view this from Gemini / Sadge perspective, it’s also unforgiving. “If I can stay UP, then you should be able to as well.”


This Full Moon will be followed by three solid weeks of tension. If things go swimmingly for you, that’s great. But I think it would be prudent to keep your expectations low as we head into this full moon.

If you do feel the urge to pontificate, at least take the time to make sure the person you’re preaching to is not mortally wounded and bleeding profusely.

This seems a no-brainer but mouths like my own have to make an effort to take care, because every time we open our mouth, words fly out and we can’t take them back.

One more thing.

Uranus in Aries turns direct on the 17th as well.  Don’t be surprised if you see fury unleashed.

Don’t panic. Do be ready to deal.

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Full Moon in Gemini + Cardinal T-Square – Uranus Direct – December 17, 2013 — 49 Comments

  1. I’m going to see a Broadway show with my Gem moon dad on the 17th. It sounds like I’m in for some oratory torture. He talks too much already. Is this going to make all the Libras in my house even more social than usual??

  2. oh gosh Elsa, I read this whole thing without first noting the date, and found it to be true ALREADY in my life! now i’m nervous things will get worse instead of improve! but, as you say, better to be prepared!

  3. “25 degrees Gemini” that is also opposite the GC therefore, correct? I’m blurry today so someone correct me if I’m wrong!

    …this blog post made the phrase “lock and load” pop into my head LOL.

  4. my daughters fiance has just lost his job. Christmas plans must now all be reworked..it will change the christmas celebration in my house (mars trans my 4th house)..maybe just dinner and no gift exchange to conserve money. my husband and i cant shop till the the 21st becausde of paydays anyway. I’m hoping when uranus goes direct there will be no fury unleashed on me or close to me. I’m a pisces and I cant handle confrontations, bad situations or fury of any kind. I just melt into a puddle on the floor. But I am fluid, so I can change our plans in an instant and create a different kind of magic..whatever the situation calls for.

  5. Good heads up. Thanks. Time to get my creative juices going. I am usually very good in crises. As long as they are somebody elses. Of course natal uranus sextiles mercury so I guess my head could explode. Limiting my exposure is therefore probably a good thing at this time. Polynesian xmas is right around the corner. I can almost taste those kebabs.

  6. My Sun is at 23’56 Gemini and Neptune at 25’43 Sagittarius and Mars at 6’52 Libra, so I should be hit by this strongly. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

  7. I was born under a full moon in Gemini and over in Sadge, Mercury together with the sun, (who are conjunct) sit in direct opposition to my Gemini Moon. Elsa your summary of the current skies made me laugh with recognition of myself.
    Lord only knows what the skies will bring for me!

  8. Dec. 17 is our 30th wedding anniversary! I think it’s a good thing we’re not taking a trip to celebrate now, waiting for warmer weather to do that. Can’t believe how fast 30 years can go.

  9. Elsa, thank you for this! I, an Aries (April 7th) went through a very unexpected and almost childish break up with a Sagittarius yesterday (his birthday is Dec. 19th) This gives me some perspective as well as some hints as what to watch out for in the coming weeks. Thanks!

  10. Whoa…
    Natal Mercury is at 28 degrees in my 11th house, natal venus is at 0 degrees in my 12th house.

    I don’t know what my schedule is like yet, but there’s a holiday Xmas party happening for my job. I’ve been debating as to whether or not I should go if I happen to not have to work that evening. I don’t necessarily like large groups of social gatherings, especially for holiday things. I’m more of a solitary person.

    I think I feel more inclined to sit this one out if I don’t have to work…

  11. The full moon is on my anti vertex 11th house. Vertex opposite in 5th. My lunar return nearly the same as my natal chart, only off by about 3 degrees, so I’m hoping for a double whammy thing in a good way. Lol. But who knows.

  12. Hi Elsa, I am noticing how much simpler and easier it is to respond to all the dramatic changes happening by relying on my North Node traits. My South Node/stellium in Scorpio usually pulls me in with a lot more habitual energy, but the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square seems to be helping me transcend that and establish Taurean means of coping (rest, eat, relax, work less, be satisfied with who I am, avoid delving into other peoples’ business). I wonder if that would be true for other people.

    • Interesting. My nodal axis progressed into scorpio/taurus. Scorpio NN, hmmmm, I really am not comfortable getting sucked into pain. It happens when I listen to other’s troubles. At least it sounds like troubles to me, but come to think of it, these people always have troubles. More hmmm. Am I more permeable with neptune progressed into scorpio. I don’t like where it takes me. I don’t want to go there. It doesn’t feel good. I have been shaking it off, after meeting up with it. It’s just the person’s life, right? It’s the way it is.

  13. Dec. 17 is my birthday.. and probably the day my husband will come to the attorney’s office to sign the divorce papers he so desperately wants. I feel like George Jetson lately….”Jane…Get me off the CRAZY THING!”

  14. hopefully uranus direct in my sun sign trine my jupiter/midheaven will convince those people at my interview that i’m a genius they want to hire…
    as long as i don’t blather on too much…

  15. My plan is to work hard and stay focused on getting thru the Holidays. So many people I know are going thru hard times. Two couples are getting divorced and others are struggling financially.
    I’ve seen happier holiday seasons. No one in my world seems very happy about the holiday season. 🙁 Instead of buying people things they don’t need, I will be donating winter clothing for kids. Chicago get really freakin cold ass.

  16. Well, we had quite a surprise in our neighborhood: some construction workers had found an non- exploded air bomb while digging. It was there from 1941., from the German bombing of Belgrade. It was huge: 1100 kg, with 620 kg of explosive! People from the vicinity of the site were evacuated, and the contra-diversion units had dug it out manually. It was moved during the night, in 11 pm.
    I absolutely had to look to the chart: it was found on 10:05 AM, yesterday 07th December, in Belgrade, Serbia. There were two squares: Aquarius Moon square Saturn in Scorpio, and of course, Uranus Aries square Pluto Capricorn. So, old stuff (the bomb was there for 60 years!!!) has been excavated by modern equipment… Luckily, it didn’t went off for all these years, but it is actually not as uncommon to find the inactivated bombs in Serbia, because we were bombarded quite a few times in the 20th century, but this one was really close to the downtown of Belgrade.

  17. Actually l’m starting to be afraid of it .. This coincides with me going away for the holidays without really wanting it. l really hope l will be able to control myself and navigate this energies in a constructive way. l doubt it and that’s what scares me. l really hope l can pull it off, keep my cool, be positive and let it pass by me.
    The newsletter kind of summed it up for me 🙂

  18. My birthday is on the 18th but my solar return on the 17th….I think I should have someone looking at my chart, for a second opinion…that Mars in Libra will be in my 1st house for months on end. And the Pluto/ Uranus square plays around my IC/DC. My solar return chart has Gemini on the AC. I am exeedingly restless and prone to provoke others these days. I’m also back to grieving the loss of my partner five years ago – not my ususal self. Who can give a personal – not computerized – opinion on my Solar Return ?

  19. Curious how this will manifest for me, my natal Jupiter is conjunct my MC 24 degrees Gemini,..and my Venus, opposite natal Neptune. I’m a stay at home mom so nothing ever seems to really happen to me. Maybe something will be going on with my husband that will indirectly effect me. To be honest I’ve never handled the moon in Gemini very well anyways. I tent to over think everything to the point of exhaustion. But I do have to say I’ve been in contact with my twin brother more than usual and have had dreams of him.

  20. What a riot!!!! I was terminated from the insurance company I work with..(I am an independent contracted agent) and the owner told me I treated him like crap and I was rude to him …I think it was because I turned down the Christmas party invitation( which is a 70 mile round trip for me). I was planning on leaving anyhow at the first of the year and going into business myself. He is a controlling alcoholic and treated me rudely!!!..He told me I was stupid!!! I am an Aquarian with Aries rising and Aries in my moon…He is a Virgo a very anal retentive Virgo!!!!! Yeah I am free!!!!!!

  21. I’m Scorpio I have invited my 19 yr old granddaughter to come stay with me until the spring I had to kick her out of my home no respect etc she’s been living in a trailer with 20 people. We need a second chance together and I pray that Uranus recognize that I am Love and a generous person that a good change is coming for my household and others forgot to mention that she’s Scorpio also.

  22. Dad has an doctor appointment on Dec 18th. Worried … Saturn is crossing my DSC in Scorpio.
    Sun will be on my Natal Mars. Transiting Mars is in close conjunct to my Uranus. Transiting Uranus is going direct. … Uranus is standing at the border line of 11th and 12th house.

    I was asking many days why my all friends are 5 to 10 years younger then I’m, my husband was keep asking the smae thing why we get togather with yougner generation … I know the answer … ha ha ah … Uranus was passing in my 11th house.

    Does it mean Uranus in 12th will make me loose/less interested for my younger friends??

  23. Hi Elsa,
    Love your new newsletter format and followed the link to here – which is a great blog post. I would rather be prepared than not-as even if I may not be affected the other guy might be which could affect me. The older I get – the more I appreciate Saturn – which for me seems to help stabilize things. Volatile energy is volatile energy – and that is what this sounds like. With volatile energy – it is unpredictable – so best to know if it is in the air and plan for that….
    Wishing you the best -Kat

  24. This time seems a perfect hit on my natal mars 1 Libra, Uranus 2 Cancer, and 9 Cap Sun…I have been through a horrendous series of losses and general hell for the last three years; usually I am able to rise from anything life throws at me, but recovery has been thwarted by more loss or no effect at all…I wonder if the coming planetary lineup’s effect on me could be something good (uranian change, since things have been so difficult) , or is it some major (plutonian) disaster? !!! I have no expectations for the holidays and birthday, so no disappointments there. Meanwhile, I wish you all the best, and thanks again, Elsa, your commentary is always great!

  25. I became a lst time Great-grandmtr, to a baby girl, Monday, December 9th at 9:50pm, in Ft Worth, Tx. (cst)
    I’m wondering what those who are born at this particular time, might be looking fwd to, or be up against;
    or, if there’s anything in general, which might be applicable, to those born, now?

    • Congrats on becoming a Great Grandma! Wonderful news and I think a lil sag grandkid has got to be very cool. You could post the baby girl’s chart on the boards and I’m sure someone will have some insight. I’m still struggling with aspects and degrees, etc..:(

      • Thanks, Denise!…
        I already did her chart and her numbers too…
        but, tho it looks super for her, in a big picture sorta way;
        there’s a couple of things that stood out that don’t look so great, early on.
        Just kind of wondering if anything in particular stood out, at lst “glance”,
        to anyone else….can’t scan on my Kodak all in one…seems I need an update,
        and they went out of biz, no fwdg addy for doing it.
        Appreciate the kudos, for sure! 😉
        Merry Christmas!

  26. Oh my,every evening after the full moon hit Gemini I have felt like a bomb has exploded in my head.I think of 10 different things at the time trying to read up on another 10 things on the internet and at the same time talking about another 10 different things with my partner.Thoughts are rushing through my head and I feel anxious.I wonder if this could be because my own natal moon is in Gemini? I mean is this a thing?

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