Full Moon in Gemini: November 22-23, 2018 – Black Friday Tweaker

gemini twin babiesThe full moon in Gemini takes place at zero degrees, right around midnight on November 22nd, aka Thanksgiving. It should be something to behold!

Gemini is Mercury-ruled. We’re talking cars, phones, conversation, commuting, computers.  Just think about an emphasis on these things taking place on one of the busiest shopping days of the year!

The moon in Gemini opposes the Sun in Sagittarius.  Sagittarius rules long(er) distance. Airports!

What’s really going to kick this up though, is the fact that the Mars in Pisces will square the Sun and Moon. The word, “tweaker” comes to mind.  Yes… as in methhead!

This is one heck of a hopped up day and there’s this cherry on top called, Mercury retrograde.  I outlined that here: Obfuscate!

Typically, astrologers recommend a person abstain from shopping when Mercury is retrograde.  Yeah, right.  I won’t click, I swear it!  Next thing I know, I’ve got a cart full of widgets and I’m looking for the three-digit code on the back of credit card.

What will you be doing on Thanksgiving evening / Black Friday, under the new moon in Gemini?



Full Moon in Gemini: November 22-23, 2018 – Black Friday Tweaker — 9 Comments

  1. This Moon will trine my Venus and square my ☀. I’m waiting for Mercury rx to be over before I by flat screen ?. it seems like this rx period already started. Yesterday was a crazy day at work. Server died, it took forever to fix, meanwhile we couldn’t do a thing. Site (where I work) was down for ours. ??

  2. Looks like I’m going to have to hold my tongue during Thanksgiving dinner: Tr Mars in the Pisces portion of my 1H will be squaring my natal 4H Gemini Mars AND the Full Moon. No talk of politics at the dinner table, please!! lol

  3. I won’t be shopping. I’ll be probably walking up the mountain not far from our house.
    Another thing to look out for under that sky is internet scams.

  4. This is on my Moon, so my lunar return on this full moon. Also conjunct my solar return MC. Nothing is going on right now leading up to the full moon. I’ll be alone on Thanksgiving as my family will be in another city during that time which is not a big deal. I have to work the next day anyway. I’ve been eyeing this full moon but I just don’t know if anything will happen. Mercury though will be on my 5th house cusp.

  5. Christ, can you believe that I’ll be traveling that day?!? Not just me either – 4 of my sisters, my parents and 2 of my nieces. We’re traveling separately but together, as we’re all going to the same destination… Haha it’s enough to make you worry. Here’s hoping everyone gets there safe and on time, with their bags and sanities intact..

  6. Thanksgiving/this full moon is on my birthday! Natally, my sun squares my ascendant, this full moon is opposite my sun and transiting mars will be conjunct my DC (squaring sun). I’m not American so have never celebrated thanksgiving, but I do now live in America so this is my first one. I’m feeling slightly amused that everything seems closed down on that day. Well ok, I guess I’ll be at home as usual, where I’m happy anyway! I have informed my husband multiple times this day is where he gives thanks for me 😉

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