Full Moon in Gemini – December 6, 2014 – Open Mouths…I Mean Minds!

gemini vintage calandar
The full moon in Gemini looks quite upbeat! Gemini loves anything and everything,  “interesting”. This full moon holds a lot of promise on that front!

The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus will all be in Air or Fire signs.  What a switch from all the delay, sluggishness and fear that has touched us all over the last few weeks.

Uranus and Pluto are tightly squared off but there are no personal planets involved.  If you have Cardinal planets near 12 degrees, you may take a hit, but most people are going to have a really good day, and remember that a rising tide lifts all boats!

As for making the most of this, it’s a great day for a party, or to get out and do anything. Open communication is favored. Small minds are likely to be mocked.

Some may go overboard, with their boasting or pontificating, but so?

Gemini loves variety. A little obnoxiousness in the mix won’t kill ya!

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Full Moon in Gemini – December 6, 2014 – Open Mouths…I Mean Minds! — 14 Comments

  1. For all of you who worked diligently with Saturn throughout his staying in Scorpio, this is the time of reaping his wonderful rewards. This optimistic fire energy can only reinforce Saturn’s blessings as he prepares to leave Scorpio for Sagittarius. He’s the master teacher and can help you achieve lasting success in ANY area of your life. ANY area. Just let go the need to control.

  2. 65 yrs! Birthdate was very enlightening in a subtle way I was seemingly alone in the world but just like my natal chart shows all the planets accept for 2 were below the midline,but Cancer/my spouse, was, above not participating in the hatred of the child born on November 21. My Spouse couldn’t take me country dancing for that was my desire or sit for dinner because he has dementia, pancreatic cancer,G6PDD which makes him allergic to all of his medicine including the morphine. I’m sharing this to encourage others to see what appears negative has a beautiful positive right behind it. Like Scrooge I saw myself and I’m in a cleansing phase of pain &joy. Thanks

  3. This Sun is exactly conjunct my Venus. The same day, Venus is conjunct Jupiter. Jupiter is trine my Jupiter and conjunct Uranus. Uranus is trine Venus and Jupiter. I’m not sure what to make of it but it looks interesting, to say the least. I shall probably buy a lottery ticket. 😀

  4. Well, that was a big nothing day….craft fair yielded nothing. SO wanted to go there with me but went all Virgo moon/Mars on me with all his “helpful” criticisms of everything. I have the same in Cirgo but at least I kniw when to keep it to myself. Blah.

    Ok ok, no accidents, no major blow outs but still.


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