Full Moon In Gemini: December 18, 2021 – Unfailingly Interesting

gemini twin vintage dollsThe full moon in Gemini will take place in the late evening on December 18th at twenty-seven degrees. Jupiter in Aquarius will trine the moon which should enhance it’s effects in a positive way. Neptune will square the moon, but the aspect is seven degrees apart.

I take this to be akin to a 80/20 deal to the extent something like this can be quantified. Most people will like what’s revealed at this time.

Of all the zodiac pairs or oppositions, Gemini/Sadge is unfailingly interesting.  You always learn something from people with planets in these signs, opposed.  Something BIG or a tiny factoid. It doesn’t matter. This combination makes you think which is something that seems underrated in this day and age when we let others chew our mental food for us.

Really, I expect to catch a break under this full moon.  There is so much going on this month – this will be a period where we ought not take ourselves so seriously.  Also, holiday spirit anyone?

If you’re going to have a party – this is the time. The full moon is on a Saturday night. How convenient!

Got plans for the 2021, fortunate full moon in Gemini?



Full Moon In Gemini: December 18, 2021 – Unfailingly Interesting — 17 Comments

  1. Uhhh… planning covert ops as a zombie myself…ew! But not to revenge, haunt or torment. After the floodlights in the basement…me too revelations I feel the need to recognize and acknowledge the true hearted souls who did not- molest, attack or prey upon my innocence and integrity. Very unsure of how to approach without dragging around all that crap in someone else’s life. Yes, perplexing and compelling….

  2. On my Gemini MC 27* and square my Asc(Vir)/Dsc(Psc) 27*. I wish for a surge of enlightenment in the world! 27* Sag is the Galactic Centre.

  3. It’s my birthday!
    Well, not exactly – my birth day is the 18th but my sun sits at 25:45 degrees. But it’s great to have a full moon birthday present supported by Saturn !

  4. This moon is smack on my natal sun at 27 Gemini. I hope with many other good aspects it should be great! I could use a holiday lift.

  5. Wow! The Solar Eclipse totally got by me I was so deep in muck from the eclipse 2 weeks ago.

    So I had a major breakthrough when the Solar Eclipse formed a Yod with Apex Moon/Sun, inconjunct my Natal Uranus in the 10th and transiting Uranus in the 8th. The Full Moon will conjoin my natal moon on the 18th so things have finally shifted. A lot of junk has been building up and clearing away.

    I have found the crappy childhood fairy and patrick teahan, both on YouTube to be very beneficial for Childhood/Complex PTSD. It has answered so many questions. Having felt stupid and like a failure for so many years, I knew/know I’m not stupid, but it felt like that for a long time until I had specific tools to deal with the brain injury that is CPTSD. I had a blog about narcissistic relationships. I left it up because it seems to help others, though I no longer really post things.

    I feel blessed to have astrology, my faith and real brain tools to deal with this thing called life. It’s so fortunate to be able to see movement in astrology charts. Sometimes it’s hideous and sometimes it’s a breakthrough.

    Now if the Tennessee Valley can just stop having major storms (delusional thinking!) all will be well – for now LOL.

    • Thanks Starcrest, for the resources you posted for Complex PTSD – it’s helpful as I am beginning to understand what/who has wrecked me. I think this will be my inner work for 2022 and beyond. (12H and natal moon transits… whew.)

      • You’re welcome. I think the daily practice is something simple that people can start with in retraining the brain to have healthier responses. Last night I was watching the latest video of the CCF and I went really deep into her image and voice. It felt really cosmic, like Elsa and the other contributors’ writing on here.

  6. My natal MC is 26” Gemini which will be opposed Uranus @ 25 and loosely Saturn @ 18. I’m not sure what to expect but as a Gemini, I always love to learn.

    • Came back here to post anything that happened. On Friday, I was super shocked that I was given a gift from my fellow coworkers as thanks for my hard work. Then later, complaints a abound among the staff with our supervisor. Her Higher Ups will be having a meeting with her on Monday, holding her accountable for certain things. She contacted me on Dec 11, the past Pluto-Venus conjunction too.

  7. I’m supposed to get together with a group of women for a potluck dinner – prayer/sharing circle kind of thing. It’s a regular event but I only attended 1 out of the past 4 months. I had to drag myself there but it ended up being a really positive experience. I’m warming up to come out of my shell again…

    This full moon will light up my 12th house and my Mars in Gemini, which tightly opposes my Uranus in Sadge. This has been an area of interest for me, for quite some time. I feel like I might be turning a corner with being able to integrate Pluto’s transit through my 6th house? That wrapped up a few years ago. For me it seems to fit in a framework of “mind-body connection.”

    Elsa, you’ve helped me tremendously by sharing your experience/perspective, a la “Maybe my father kicked me in the head, just right.”

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