Full Moon In Gemini: December 13, 2016 – Avoiding The Miserable Abyss

gemini-switchplateThe full moon in Gemini takes place in the middle of the day on Tuesday, the 13th. This is not going to be a light and airy situation. This is because the Moon will oppose the Sun and Saturn in Sagittarius, while squaring Neptune in Pisces.

Don’t be surprised if you’re given information and pressured to accept a hard truth about something “unhealable” in your life. I know this is right, because it’s already happened to me.

Here’s the trick in this – if you can accept the hard truth, doors will open. You’ll be rewarded with broader horizons and an increase in your ability to feel compassion.  People will probably be more compassionate with you as well. This just seems to be how it works.

If you don’t take the high (and potentially hard) road here, you’re probably find yourself feeling (Moon) depressed (Saturn) and confused (Neptune).  You can avoid this potential pitfall, by not avoiding or denying the truth when it’s revealed.

Keep in mind, when you’re dealing with Neptune, the veil drops, but it doesn’t necessarily stay that way. It’s up to you to stay sober, stay on your diet, stay with your spiritual discipline (Saturn in Sagittarius) or whatever it is, you’re trying to manage at this time.

Make no mistake, this is a hard day coming up. But if you do manage to nail something down, the reward will be enormous and you’ll avoid spending more time in the miserable abyss.

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Full Moon In Gemini: December 13, 2016 – Avoiding The Miserable Abyss — 33 Comments

  1. This will be yet another mutable cross to my natal Tsquare. It’s true my whole life has felt this extreme, take the high view or shoot yourself. Now at my second saturn return I feel much more capable to avoid the abyss. Maybe my lesson in this life.
    Gratitude as always Elsa!

  2. I cannot imagine any new revelations as I have endured many a long dark night of the soul these past few years. I’m feeling rather raw. But I’m certainly preapared.

  3. I’m cleaning a new friends house that day. I’ve cleaned her house several times now. She likes to talk and smoke cigarettes with me when I take breaks. I’ve noticed a pattern of her revealing secrets to me. (It’s really a one way relationship. She’s not usually interested in what I have to say, except on one occasion. And it’s cool. I’ve had a few relationships like this. I think it’s just part of my role on this earth. To be a keeper of secrets.).

    Anyway, I do plan on staying sober and I do plan on continuing my spiritual quest. This is happening in my 12th (sun/Saturn), sixth (moon) and third houses (Neptune). I really don’t want to sink into the miserable abyss. I feel like I’ve explored enough of it to know what it’s about. I’m enjoying living in the light and the truth is part of that right?

  4. This falls in my 11th a few degrees from my sun. I have Moon in Gemini already and have been through Saturn’s opposition to both my Moon and Venus and already have a natal Saturn square them both. I’ve been fighting an uphill battle against depression for what feels like eons but it feels especially bad lately with the holidays. I’ve kind of wished that I’d disappear into the wall and be invisible. I don’t feel chatty or when I am, I offend *somebody* from being too blunt. Moon vs. Saturn forces you to be mature when everybody else is having a party without consequences. It sucks

  5. This full moon is conjunct my anti-vertex 11th house. Also, of all days, my progressed Moon will be exactly square my Sun/Moon midpoint.
    But I’ve had several years of disappointment’s and setbacks so
    I don’t know what else could be revealed that’s bad.

  6. Woah this one falls on my sun opp. neptune/IC axis, activating my 1st and 7th house angles…. Oh what fun I am in for… Any thoughts? Big reveal? Mega relationship illusion/crush/haze?

  7. Probably going to continue my quest to fit better to be ready to lead others. I’m realizing deep seated flaws about myself and reminding myself that you can have dreams, but without actions, it’s for naught. Need to and want to get things done. Practice practice practice. Thanks for the wisdom, Elsa 🙂

  8. It’s squaring my Sun and Moon. I’m so happy these bloody illusions/idealisations are being broken up- bit by bit, the veil is disintegrating and while it’s not exactly been a pleasant process, but it’s time. I’ve got plans… Big plans I should have started a long time ago. Onward and upward.

  9. This full moon (in my 5th house) occurs on my birthday (21 6′ in the 11th). I’ve spent the last 8 years experiencing Pluto transiting my 12th house so this should be interesting….

  10. This falls in my 7th house not too far from natal Saturn at 14 degrees, and my sun, venus and mercury in the 4th house lying in/ close to 22 degrees Pisces.

    Now what could happen??

  11. Yes, I received a hard truth, one that is unchangeable, last week. At first I thought, so – I’ve know this to be true. But then over the next few days it soaked in…deeply. Knowing, believing and accepting are similar but different. The moon and sun will sextile natal pluto and trine natal neptune exactly. Which means natally Neptune sextiles Pluto. I can be transformed by my illusions or obsess over them. Here I’ve done both. But the hard truth is this is still an illusion.

  12. Thank you for this advice! It is helping me handle some hard truths that are gradually being revealed to me, and some I finally have no choice but to face and accept.

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