Full Moon In Gemini Conjunct Mars: December 7, 2022 – Ninja Mouth

ninja boyThe full moon in Gemini will take place in the evening on December 7th at 16 degrees.  The moon will be tightly conjunct retrograde Mars in the sign.

I’m talking a mere 0 degrees 5 minutes apart with the conjunction closing. By that I mean, the moon is heading to hook up with Mars as Mars reverses to meet the moon.  There’s a knife’s edge here.

It’s well known, police stay busy as emergency rooms fill up when the moon is full. Mars in Gemini tends to fight with the mouth. Cutting words intended to harm.

Now and then a person assaults someone with a car… or they assault a car.  There’s a song about this…

You get the mood here.  You may be inclined to take a dare and do something reckless?  This potential for this kind of problem will be exacerbated by as aspect to Neptune in Pisces which will be enhanced by Jupiter in the sign.

If I could sum it up in one sentence: “What the f where you thinking?”  The f needs to be there because…  Mars.

So you’ll want to be careful but in this case, nimble is a better word.  Ninja mouth activates, you react quickly to dodge the knives.

Of course it will be interesting and I’m hoping Neptune is far enough out, we might get some swell factoids out of this.

If you have planets near 16 degrees Mutable, you can expect to juggle while distracted. It’s cool with me – I like a challenge. If you not drawn this way, prepare to be annoyed.

How do you feel about the full moon in Gemini?


Full Moon In Gemini Conjunct Mars: December 7, 2022 – Ninja Mouth — 25 Comments

  1. Wow that video gives me chills! Love the song though!

    This transit will be just one degree before Juno Rx in my 7th house. This could be the end or the beginning of a period of reckoning.

  2. The moon conjuncts my IC and is 10’from my Gemini Sun in the 4th. Being opposite the MC in Sagittarius of Course. I wonder what is up!

  3. Got no hint of who has a louey ville coming
    Could predict ;just happy, my only thoughts, “ do my hi heels qualify for this winter?”Cause I hope to be singing Christmas songs under
    Full moon !Nice time to be single

  4. I have Gemini sun at 12 degrees and Saturn in Sag at 18 (9 and 3 houses). We have a meeting at work that is expected to raise hell the next day. Just wondering if those degrees are close enough to be considered conjunction and opposition??

    • Well today, I got bitten and scratched on the hand by a child. The child bit another teacher and then punched a fellow student in the face. Please be aware of where you sent your children for care. Caregivers are doing their best, but management spends so much time passing the buck so they can’t get the blame.

      A coworker mentioned that the child may have bit a nerve in my hand and that’s why it hurts.

      Tomorrow, we have the meeting. I’ll see if I can update what happens then.

      • Our meeting was canceled until further notice, but on the full moon, learned startling information (Plutonian type issues regarding death and abuse)

  5. My natal Mars is 15 gemini in my 10th house – should be interesting.
    Thanks Elsa for all the good info you provide on a daily basis!

  6. A few males from my past have resurfaced unexpectedly – mars retrograde on my natal mars – LOL! One was from 7 years

  7. This full Moon will fall in my 6th house directly opposite my natal Neptune and squares my Moon. I have been having some strange symptoms lately and just feeling ‘off’ in myself. I’m not expecting clarity!

    • Huh, I’ve just realised Mars will exactly trine my Pluto – this is getting more interesting! I have definitely noticed myself snapping a bit more than I would normally, and I normally know when to keep my mouth shut!

  8. My natal Sun at 16 Gemini and Mercury at 18 Gemini. I am planing to make a business offer to someone and I am thinking I have nothing to lose. It sounds like we will not be bored this December.

  9. Thank you Elsa!! Very helpful insight ✨

    I have
    Sun 17 Gem 2nd h
    Jupiter 14 Gem 2nd h
    Neptune 14 Sag 8th h
    Moon 13 Pisces 12 h cusp

    Right after the last Scorpio eclipse my husband told me he didn’t think he wanted to be in our marriage anymore so I’ve been in an emotional roller coaster since then, trying to figure out if our marriage is over or if we can salvage it.

    He doesn’t have anything in Gem, Virgo or Pisces, but he does have natal Venus at 18 Sag (in his 3rd) so it’s also his Venus return. We have a therapy session the day of the full moon so I’m very interested in how that will go.

    I’m told I am somewhat sharp in my speech toward him, which isn’t intentional, but it’s a part of the reason he is rethinking our relationship. He tells me that he feels insecure sometimes because I use big/intellectual words/ideas, and I generally just like to figure things out and want to understand everything and he’s more of a go with the flow kind of person.

    He has almost no idea how to communicate (natal Libra Mercury/Saturn/Jupiter all in 1st house) so that’s a lot of what we’re trying to work on, but I feel like he’s already given up and just doesn’t want or know how to deal with the logistics of disassembling our marriage (with respect to our kids and living situation), although he says he’s willing to work on it.

    Because the Sun and Venus will be in his 3rd (communication) for this event, I’m also super curious as to how this may effect his ability to communicate and I found this re the Venus return:

    “The quality of your relationships will change: this change is usually for the better. The Venus return is a time of letting go of old, stagnant relationships and embracing new ones. However, it can also be a time when your current relationships blossom if they’re on the right track.”

    So I guess I will be confronted with wether ours is the old, stagnant one or the blossoming one. My, and I hope OUR intentions, are to be guiding this relationship to the right track. I assume I will need to be very aware and intentional in how and what I communicate to him surrounding this full moon.

  10. Sorry Samantha, I hope you feel ok
    One of my sisters told me early on” your words are your gold, stop giving your gold away“ I must’ve been thinking out loud trying to figure stuff out . I guess I’m trying to say “listen “in the therapy it wasn’t you who broke this news.
    It took me a really long time after my divorce to understand I protected this man somehow and he really was never nice to me ; this was a great disservice to me .I wish you well ❤️
    The Skies are loaded with stars and there’s an infinite amount of possibilities for you I hope you are taking care of you

  11. well, my Sag/Gem AC/DC at 15 degrees are pretty close… there is a work situation that might escalate… maybe I will just quit without getting into a fight and without having the next job… 😀

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