Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn: July 4, 2020: Intense & Dangerous

The full moon in Capricorn will take place around midnight on the 4th of July aka Independence Day. It’s on a Saturday night and there are a lot of protests planned. I don’t mean to scare anyone but these are facts.

Unfortunately, I can’t use astrology to reassure you.  As you can see in cut out below, Jupiter and Pluto (big bang) are tightly conjunct at 23 degrees. These planets, along with Pluto are all retrograde. This means they are backing into the moon.

Mars at 4 degrees Aries will square the moon. The aspect is not tight but it’s pulled in by Mercury in Cancer at 7 degrees. You can see a visual representation here. Most of the planets will be caught up in this – the tension cannot be denied.

full moon in capricorn 2020It’s interesting that there’ll be no surprise here.  This is because Uranus is not involved!  This fact gives a clue as to how you might deal with this…

Capricorn always favors planning. The moon in Capricorn defends the family… or the (home) country for that matter.  It’s going to be dangerous time, but we already know that, don’t we?  So consider your personal lines, rules, boundaries.

Also, take note of the house in your chart where the stellium in Capricorn falls. You might remember I stated this conjunction would “mark” people. Turns out it’s also marked cities and monuments in ways that are devastating. It’s not possible to overestimate the impact of this full moon.

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Got plans for the 4th of July?



Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn: July 4, 2020: Intense & Dangerous — 28 Comments

  1. Fencing (boundaries) have already been assembled around some political statues in Washington D.C. In addition, military forces will be surrounding our prominent monumental structures next weekend at our nation’s capital.

  2. That’s right on my capricorn descendant. No plans for anything any time soon. Just burning up in the Arizona heat. Hopefully all fireworks will be cancelled because of fire danger and people gathering danger.

    • Yeah. Because nothing like taking away everyone’s civil liberties so you don’t catch a fake illness that hasn’t hurt even one person you know.

      Carry on giving up your rights till you have zero.

  3. Full moon will conjunct my ascendant @ 14 degrees. I can see that how people perceive me is changing. I am thinking it will also affect my 1st house. Many changes are afoot 🙂

  4. 4th of July is my birthday. Cheers! This opposes my 11 Cancer sun. Uranus will sit right on my 10 Taurus Ascendant, which makes a trine to this moon and a sextile to the sun. I had plans to celebrate at the beach, but due to the uptake in coronavirus here in NC and the volatility of the national holiday, this crab is pulling into her shell and staying home 🙂 Hoping all the fireworks are just that and not gunshots.

    • Forgot to mention that my Midheaven is 23 Cap opposing my 25Mars conjunct 26 Uranus in Cancer in the 4th. Not only will Pluto and Jupiter be there but Pallas Athena will be transiting with them at 23 Cap. So tired of all the Cap tension.

  5. GULP! On my 12th house SUN…….23 degrees. I wonder if I should stay in bed. Or go to the family gathering where my eldest and his children snubb me. Oh so painful.. That was last 2 years at 4th of july picnic. It could just be a replay OR worse?

  6. Right on my SR SUN @ 13*52′ Cancer 8H…. The last Solar Eclipse was on my Gemini Moon in 8th House. Im ordering a solar return reading LOL

  7. I’ve been looking at this Lunar Eclipse for awhile now, wondering how it will effect me. It’ll be moving over my Capricorn stellium, Jupiter 3°, Ascendant 17°,Saturn 18°, Moon 24°. 12th house to the 1st house. Pluto/Jupiter conjunction not far from my natal Moon. I feel heavy, angry and depressed, powerless to do anything but go to work, where I feel incompetent. I’m fighting with my husband too. Planning for the future, yes, but that comes with money issues and obstacles, like COVID-19.

    • It does seem like it is near to impossible to continue to do what is no longer right for me to do. But but but I am not done yet. Close, but not quite. Eclipse on 3rd house cusp. Natal Jupiter 10th house. Natal Pluto MH. Yikes, this is going to be hard. Will I be forced to end this responsibility NOW? Or will I be permitted ease?

  8. 4th July will be the day when all pubs re-open in the UK, after a few months of being shut. It’s going to get ugly.

  9. My birthday is on 4th of July. Sigh! Last year’s July 2nd’s solar eclipse was really difficult for me, I am still reeling in the aftermath:( The Capricorn stellium during this eclipse, falls in my seventh house (natal) and in my 12th house (solar return). I am bracing myself for anything that’s gonna come.

  10. I just wanted to mention that Mars @ 4 degrees Aries will be exactly squaring that solar eclipse from December 25th/26th 2019 @ 4 degrees Capricorn. This is so much energy happening!

  11. I’m another with the natal sun / full moon at 11 Cancer. I’ve always thought the July 3 fireworks were celebrating my birthday. Let’s hope it’s a good one, without any fear.

  12. So amazing how each of us are downright human,yes Elsa knows
    I’m a Capricorn she also knows
    We are suffering she carries a
    Huge responsibility upon her
    Shoulders choosing her career
    knowing pain she clearly must
    Be careful through these times
    As all eyes are watching their
    Mentor. Not one single life should
    Be rejected not now. Every single
    Person is transparent. We must reach
    Out & help one another not use sites
    As a secret society of I like your
    Chart better than the others chart.
    Donna Cunningham never judged a person by their natal chart she saw
    The gifts & the blessings of God
    Meaning we are special holy things
    She never looked at a person without
    Giving that person Dignity.
    Dignity to life is why the world
    Is sad and standing up to be seen.
    Yes we pay for a service to be
    Rendered through these sites.
    They choose who needs help over the
    Other because our exchange for help is all about paying their bills
    through the exchange of money.
    As the song says God is watching.
    Self-discovery is never easy,
    But you can’t count on other’s for
    Insight, many of us are hurting
    By rejection we are not treated
    With dignity. You are God’s gift
    To you be kind to yourself & others.
    Do not take advantage or cause pain.
    May God’s blessings be with you in everyway. Make a difference and
    Smile. Remember the song I would like to teach the world to sing in perfect Harmony.

  13. My Ascendant is Cancer 9 degrees, Uranus at 14 degrees Cancer and I have Jupiter Retrograde in Aries at 6 degrees. Obviously I have the stellum on the 7th house cusp. Our kids and grandson are in quarantine until July 10 so I’m thinking staying home (as usual) is good but there might be fireworks with my husband or a severe migraine??? Any thoughts on that?

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