Full Moon in Capricorn: July 13, 2022 – Rock & A Hard Place

goat in precarious situationThe full moon in Capricorn will takes place at 21 degrees, mid-day on July 13th. The moon will conjunct Pluto with the sun and Mercury in Cancer opposing.

The sun and moon @ 21 degrees.
Mercury @ 17 degrees.
Pluto (retrograde) @ 27 degrees.

This creates a wide “hot zone” in regard to people with planets in Cardinal signs.  17-27 degrees. May as well figure 15-29 degrees, activated. The closer you are to 21 degrees, the more tension you’ll experience with this.  As for what to expect; it’s a lot.

Cancer and Capricorn are concerned with security and who can blame them?
Don’t you want your family to be safe?
How about your job and your status in life?

You may think about this at this time. Mercury!
You may plan, or get serious about these issues. You may feel (moon) afraid (Capricorn).
Pluto in Capricorn has people afraid they are going to die.

Now just because I wrote that doesn’t mean something bad is going to happen. It means – don’t be surprised when you find yourself thinking about these things.  You know you can avoid things?  You can until a day like this comes along and creates so much pressure you have to look at your situation.

No doubt there will be other events that lead us into this.  Just know it’s coming. And as for how to deal with it, when Saturn and Capricorn are on deck, you simply have to face your fear and take responsibility and make an effort to do the right thing.

Is it a big mountain to climb?  Well, yeah. So you better get started and here’s why: the odds someone is going to carry you up your mountain right now are very low!

And why is that? It’s because they’ll be trying to deal with  their own personal (moon) burdens (Capricorn).  This leaves you to grapple with whatever it is you’re facing. If you do this, you will make progress.  It’s often slow but it’s a lot faster than waiting for someone to airlift you out of your predicament.

Got planets in Cardinal sign hot zone (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn)?


Full Moon in Capricorn: July 13, 2022 – Rock & A Hard Place — 25 Comments

    • My Mercury is also at 22 Aries! I really hafta stop and think before saying anything. My mouth used to get me in a lot of trouble. I always got something to say, but whether people want to hear it is another thing.

  1. I am going to grow my wings now and or prepare to close my eyes when I jump through any hoops of fire.hotchachacha!!
    Cappy here

  2. I feel this. I’ve been feeling an anxious type of pull and am trying to turn it into power instead. Deep steady power not unpredictable. I have NN at 22° libra. Mars, Mercury, Neptune, Uranus all between 23° and 29° cap. I don’t feel worried just alert. Lots happening with work right now. Grateful my people are happy and healthy at the moment.

  3. hmmm should be interesting. these Cancer-Capricorn themes have been deeply highlighted for me for the past year or so. ive got my ascendant at 25 degrees aries, plus my NN/SN at 22 degrees Capricorn/Cancer, respectively. im currently living at home to save money while i slowly build a new career for myself that involves me doing only things i love—im done working for anyone else. that’s been a goal of mine since i was 18, but i put it off until my saturn return and Pluto thru capricorn essentially made it clear i couldnt keep ignoring my true will. interested to see if the tension ratchets up for me 🤨

  4. Yee-ess! The Moon will precisely conjunct my Venus-Mars conjunction in intercepted Cancer 10th House.

    For what it’s worth: I have YET to figure out what I’m supposed to do to leverage that particular conjunction and placement… 🙄

    • Loving reading all these…big transformations for so many…we are here for this …step right in!
      Hokey Pokey anyone?

      • Ooh I suppose I meant to say the Moon will OPPOSE that conjunction of mine, and itself will be in intercepted Capricorn 4th House 😄

  5. …I love this year, it f**** me hard, but I’m lovin my “not-so-easy” journey, and confident of the outcome will turns good, real good.

  6. Hits my Saturn and squares my Sun and Pluto is on my Jupiter now in my 5th house. Major issues with my back bones and pain, and restrictions thereof. Worried I will forever be stuck overseas with no remedy.

  7. Yup sure do…Jupiter in Libra 18* 1st house ASC…just found my birthtime! Im 64 years old and have been diving into astrology the last 5 years and was so close in figuring my chart out without a time! Came so close…within minutes! Oh girl!Now I can really get to work! Elsa you have been such a sister in my discoveries..Thank you!

  8. I have black moon Lilith in Cancer in the 10th house exactly at 21 degrees and Jupiter in the 7th at 21 degrees in Aries.

    I have an old coworker that got recently re-hired and even though she’s been gone 5-6 years and many things have changed, people come and gone, she’s still throwing her shadow onto others, envious of what their positions and shifts have been.

    Someone told me maybe being a mother has changed her and I replied, no, I don’t think it has. No matter who it is, she’ll find someone to be envious of or mad as though they took something from her.

    I understand lacking security and wanting safety. I struggle with it too, but she and a former best friend who used to work there too but resigned later, have always intentionally undermined others to “get ahead” of others. Scheming, tattling, spreading rumors, just contributing to a toxic work environment.

    I recently thought this. We don’t get paid enough to routinely do those kinds of horrible things to one another. As in, there’s no money worth intentional injuring someone’s livelihood, money, and stability for self purposes.

    The Aries Jupiter I have a good idea about, open enemies and with Black Moon Lilith opposition, I’ve always had a reputation for being hard to work with. Maybe I’ll living out Liliths story again.

  9. Natal 11 Cancer Sun, 0 Cap Moon.
    23 Cap MC opposite 25 Cancer Mars conjunct 26 Cancer Uranus.
    25 Libra Neptune squaring both.
    So Pluto’s been on my MC for a while…..
    This ought to make things a bit spicy! Family drama anyone?

  10. This will be in my 1st house, squaring my Libra sun. I have been noticing a lot of ‘dirty secrets’ coming to the surface, and people being challenged over their misdeeds.

  11. This lunation process has been brutal to me. The other day with the Moon in Scorpio opposite to Uranus was really difficult. I can’t blame the planets, I know I need to grow, and resistance to growth is futile. Not until the Moon shifted into Sag was I able to be my usual self.
    Except for semi-sextiles, I don’t have any aspects with the Full Moon. But that day, my natal Venus in Gemini was recently stimulated, and on the day of the Full Moon Venus will be conjunct my natal Uranus, also in Gemini. Natal Venus – Uranus are separated by 7 degrees. Plus I see that Venus will be squaring Neptune that day.
    Recently I’ve fallen head over heels for a younger woman, and I know she feels the same about me. I really want this relationship to work out, and I don’t want the planets messing up my love life.

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