Full Moon in Cancer – January 17, 2022 – Power

full moon plutoThe full moon in Cancer will take place in the early evening on January 17th at 27 degrees.  Emotional intensity is a given in this case as the full moon will oppose Pluto at 26 degrees. This is bound to scare people.

You might witness or be part of a family power struggle. There’s definitely two parties faced off here but the other party may not be a another person or persons.  We’re talking about Capricorn here. It could be a corporation or some other type of authority.

For some, this will signify a death in the family. I’m sorry! It doesn’t have to be a physical death, necessarily. But an ending of some type.   And it doesn’t have to be tragic!

I was talking to a gal recently about the family power transferring to her from her parents. This could be a legacy thing. There are plenty of people out there taking care of their aging parent(s).  This could be the point where your responsibility begins or end.

I do think many will be “marked” by this. That’s a word I used when Saturn and Pluto were conjoined in Capricorn. We all recall the end of 2020. This full moon hits near the same spot. Hey, I’d now.  It hits my chart hard.

I don’t know what to say besides this isn’t a “party” full moon.  It’s heavy and emotions run deep. I can add this that the sun, moon and Pluto receive no aspects from other planets. There is nothing to fuzz this over or soften it but there is also nothing to aggravate it. This is more like a crystalline point in time.

If you have planets in Cardinal signs near these degrees or angles (I have both), you will most definitely be engaged. I’m not afraid but I’m aware.  I know this is one to watch.

I mentioned depth and power but emotional fortitude fits beautifully as well. I know a gal who got together with her three sisters for Christmas. The oldest one was not going to come. My friend told her, you will come! This may be the last Christmas we get to spend together.

“Okay, I’ll come.”

How to you feel about this full moon in Cancer?


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  1. Eeek! Sun 26 Cap, Venus 24 Cap…husband’s sun 27 Cancer. Not sure how to feel about this. Guess I’ll find out and let you know.

      • Will absolutely let you know. We also have Pluto involved natally. He’s Pluto conjunct asc 26°Virgo. I’m Pisces rising with Pluto 27° Virgo so 1st and 7th house opposition.

      • I will let you know!

        It is exactly 10 degrees (separating from my Venus/Mars conjunction so I am not sure it will have such a powerful effect on me. However, my Midheaven is exactly square!! Hmmm. What could happen now professionally? I am becoming very public so I hope this will not be a negative situation.

  2. It will oppose my Sun and square Saturn both at 27 degrees and square Neptune at 23 degrees. Transiting Pluto con junta sun etc. yikes!

  3. Well, maybe it could be like death to lice or something? I really can’t worry anymore but definitely will be checking the brakes

  4. My natal Moon in Leo is at 27 degrees, and I suppose it will affect my Asc In Scorpio, also 27 degrees, and Pluto in Libra 29 degrees. This full moon will fall in 8th House and square my Asc and North Node. I’m supposed to see my brother and his family the day before the full moon, I wasn’t hoping it will go well, but now I’m kind of sure it won’t go well. I noticed that the next day, on the 18th Pluto will square my Moon and Sun, so I guess it will be pretty much intense.

    • Actually, if I’m reading you right, the Full Moon in a water sign will TRINE, not square, your water sign Asc.
      One less thing to worry about.

  5. The full moon is conjunct my natal moon, 27deg Cancer, 1st house. Pluto is opposing her in my chart as it is now, getting ready to wildly dance with her, help cut away all unneeded blubber, emotions, hurts, memories anything that’s holding me back is being brought to the surface for me to digest!! And this is very very personal indeed!! Happy full moon xxx

  6. I have a stellium going from 8 cap to 29 cap including 5 planets.. I feel quite stirred emotionally already and have for awhile I expect this to be a peak and I don’t consider it a bad thing

  7. I have an Jupiter aries in the 7th house. There’s been deaths in my family and issues at my workplace. They’ve decided to do alternative weeks for now, but with the rates being so high, they might shut us down. But if that happens, we might be laid off. Everything is up in the air.

    • Thanks. I’ve got Uranus on my mind because my Natal Uranus at 27 Cancer is intimate with this Full Moon.
      So much Uranus going on.

  8. I am scared of this. It will be in my 10 house opposing transiting Pluto in the 4th and squaring both my natal Pluto in Saturn (which are conjunct). Sounds intense and scary… I don’t know what to think and make of it…
    I have only one cardinal planet very close to this moon’s degree and it is Pluto.

  9. Please tell
    Me what i should expect. Am a virgo znd i have pluto @26 virgo and Mercury @ 27 Virgo. Mars @ 28 Leo, Midheaven @29 Taurus and Ascendant is @24 Leo and Venus @ 24 Libra. Can someone help?

  10. Cancer full moon with be in my 10th house with Mars.
    It makes me nervous. My year end review is coming up. Ive managed ok but will try to keep my grace and humility through this considering how many people are in miserable jobs still and barely making enough to meet living expenses. Endings? Death of job? I hope not
    Natal Mercury in Libra, grant me grace.
    Natal Jupiter in Pisces in 6th house, help a girl out!?

  11. Hey Elsa, thanks for the heads up!:) I’m one of the chosen ones with cardinal signs on my angles & 5 fun planets right in range:):) So glad to have the opportunity to start walking briskly down the tracks toward that train(!)…maybe even the first in line to throw myself down in front of it LOL:):)

  12. Since pluto is saturn-ruled, in aquarius, id say detach. May not be entirely possible though. Full Moon will hit me 4H and the degree is actually conj my mother’s sun. I hope nothing comes up regarding her health. She is having a hard time with my sister right now which is a scorpio sun having the pluto/saturn transiting her 12h for a while. A lot of self undoing and childish behaviour. Im also concerned for myself. Still cant have a home of my own and work at a job which pays ok but the more i try the more i detest the people /environment there…

  13. On my 6th house cusp semi-sextile natal Sun and trine natal Jupiter in the 8th but square natal Neptune there. Hmm.

  14. My natal moon and mercury are within 2 degrees of this. My partner’s mother past away at the end of December in 2020; I guess I will be expecting more of the same:(

  15. Elsa!

    Oooh! Could this power be good? Or am I being delusional?

    I write children’s books and have a new one ready for sale. I just realized that I received an email the other day indicating that by the end of this week I will receive a large shipment of them which is going to be given to the tourist/visitor’s center of a large municipal entity where I live. They are going to sell copies of my new book for me. The Full Moon will exactly square my Midheaven.

  16. It will oppose my natal 5th house Jupiter 27CAP, and that is about the time my daughter is due to firm up plans to travel overseas to see me, because she is jabbed and I am not. I do not want her to get a booster, but I didn’t want her to get either of the first two either, and she pooh poohs my concerns. She didn’t believe me either when I told her I had Covid here in Oct 2019, a very long pneumatic case, that triggered Rheumatoid arthritis in me, but of course she wouldn’t know, as she reserves her contact with me for Mother’s day and birthdays. Which is part of why I moved overseas- I didn’t want to be living nearby to be near her and have her ignoring my calls. I recently have been beating the RI with online investigations and experimental treatments, and helping a friend with her similar plight. The rest of my family banded together to accomplish this estrangement between us for their need to push my scapegoat status when I rejected their narcissistic rejection of me. I had even wanted to travel back before the travel bans, but her refusing to answer my calls and emails sort of defeated that idea. OH! Important! My Jupiter I read long ago was on the point of Bernadette’s Hair- a degree of really nice,lush hair, which of all my 5 sisters, I was blessed with. Well, this RI I have found to be associated with a mite that normally lives on the follicles of eyelashes, but when defences are low, they overpopulate and go to the head and arms and literally any follicle they can find, and go under the skin, and their waste create bacteria in the blood that is painful and causes exhaustion, and RI symptoms. I tried the HCQ initially, and it worked for the joint pain, but not the exhaustion and weak looking arm hair. I finally read enough to get Ivermectin and do an intense intermittent therapy to kill parasites and stimulate my own defences, and BAM! Energy back, healthy arm hair! I just realized the Bernadette’s Hair connection!

  17. Bham. This one hits me hard natally (conj AC and North node) and even more so in my solar return chart – involved are sun, venus, mercury and both cusps.
    I see several ways in which this could have effects you describe, Elsa, and will definitely let you know.

  18. This will square my Saturn in the 4th. And, my daughter is a Capricorn and she’s been struggling emotionally. We had to hospitalize her in December for a week. I wish there could be something hopeful to hold on to.

  19. Just finished Pluto opposite Sun at 25 Cancer.Technically it’s still in range but just moved for a fourth pass and won’t be back. There’s nothing I can do about anything right now that I am not already doing and Pluto has already destroyed everything so there’s nothing left. Not too worried. I have Uranus at 23 Libra and that will lighten anything up, IMO. Uranus seems to be a fantastic ally right now, disrupting Pluto’s destruction. I have a Uranus sextile to my 4th house (from Taurus to Cancer) at the same time as I have had the opposition and although it was intense, I came through unscathed in some very tricky circumstances. I have been dealing with family issues during the opposition and I also have moon square Pluto so there’s probably going to be some drama with my BPD mother…but what else is new? Jupiter is also trine Cancer, and a Neptune trine Cancers as well, although it’s wide for me at 5 degrees.

    I think Cancers with planets in that area of the full moon will be OK – lots of benevolent things happening from the outer planets. Sweet and salty would be my guess.

  20. My brother has been slowly heading for the other side for a very long time now…one year ago he was at death’s door, then, with lots of intervention, he rallied…yesterday was the first day he didn’t wake up at all…nurse says another day or two…also, January 17th is the date of our mother’s passing…not related, of course, to this full moon…but, seems like this is what he’s been waiting for. He’s amazed all the doctors and hospice nurses, living far longer than anyone thought he would. He’s 78, had surgery for cancer last fall, and was supposed to have another operation, but he never got strong enough…He became the topic of hospice workers’ meetings, as a warning to not try too hard to predict when death will occur… He’s had no food for weeks and very little to drink. No drugs, no pain killers. A very strong heart. He’s graciously given us all a good, long time to prepare for his leaving…

      • He crossed over yesterday morning…friends and family members had vivid dreams and messages coming in varied forms. Was very gentle and peaceful, and he did his best to connect with as many of us as he could, to say goodbye for now…he is and will be missed, but we’re all happy for him to be with his loved ones on the other side, and to discover so many new aspects of Life! And I’m sure he’ll be watching over us and guiding us, as he did so well as an older brother, father, and friend.

  21. I have TWO friends who had to suddenly fly to Florida in the last day or two to be with a dying parent. Not fun, but right in line with the astrology!

  22. Interesting full moon. Not affecting me yet ( 29 Cap ascendant) apart from my Scorpio sister ringing to say she feels like stabbing somebody! She needs someone at her back. Her three step children are contesting her husband’s will. This drama will run into millions. At the same time she has discovered that for years hubby was secretly siphoning off money to feed his gambling addiction. This is the first time family matters have been brought to my attention, I’ve been an outsider for fifty years.

  23. Natally, I have an unaspected jupiter at 26 capricorn in 5th house of children. Under this Plutonic full moon it appears one of my adult sons has ‘cancelled’ me. It seems that people we love can like Persephone, disappear under Pluto’s influence. So deeply painful.

    • Thankyou for your awesomeness Elsa..
      The Scorp/Cap/ Taurus staying quiet today with emphasis on physical movement, breathwork. Pluto Pluto… strong. whew

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