Full Moon in Cancer: January 15, 2014 – Maximize The Positive Impact

Things are illuminated when the moon is full. As above, so below.  Consequently, I never see a full moon in a negative light.

Having worked as a bartender, I know that people howl under the full moon. I just don’t see this in negative way. Consider what happens when energy is pent up!

It may be that people who don’t like the full moon, prefer to operate in the dark. I enjoy the full moon, because I like to know things.  She’s also so beautiful, it’s hard to deny her.

The Cancer Moon will be involved in the Cardinal Grand Cross on her way to becoming full. This creates an exceptional situation. Most notably she gets a big fat kiss from Jupiter (exalted) in Cancer just before she reaches the peak of her brightness.

Jupiter is visionary. He’s a seeker who rules the truth and offers protection.  The moon is comfortable in it’s home sign of Cancer so I really like this set up.

It’s especially beneficial to mothers and the home and family. Cooking is favored. People will tend toward to be generous and nurturing, and receive of a gift of this type as well.

But Elsa?  What about Mars in (detriment) Libra? Uranus, Pluto, all those planets in Capricorn?

I see them. But Mars in Libra wants love and peace and harmony.  Capricorn is well aware, it’s got to do the right thing, or suffer consequences. Uranus in Aries describes sudden violence, but he also describes a hero who arrives when you least expect it.

Overall, I expect good things from this full moon. To maximize her positive impact on your life, be open to all possibilities and ready to make real (Capricorn) the opportunities (Jupiter) that are personal (Moon) to you.

Are you looking forward to the full moon in Cancer?

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Full Moon in Cancer: January 15, 2014 – Maximize The Positive Impact — 48 Comments

  1. I don’t know how I feel about this upcoming full moon. It’s going to be in my 11th House, and leading up to my birthday, I expect to find out who my friends are and aren’t. The information I’ve been getting leading up to this hasn’t been promising, but who knows? With the Grand Cross in effect, I may get a surprise. I love surprises! 🙂

  2. wonderful! this is the second full moon in my sun sign and in my 7H in a row. the last was at 25 degrees gemini conj my DC exact, and this one is at 26 degrees cancer, still in my natal 7H, and conj my progressed DC exact. jupiter is nearing a conj with my NN at 13 degrees cancer too, while opposing rx venus in my 1H. i feel positive about this full moon too 🙂

    • Acquagal, when were you born? YOur chart sounds just like mine. I have my 7th house in Cancer and my NN is 13 degrees Cancer. POF is 13 Cancer too! The only planet I have close to the full moon degree is Venus 25 Scorpio in my 10th house. Is that the planet to look at for happenings with this full moon?

  3. With new venus and the full moon kissing natal venus. It’s a whole new ball game. I look forward to my kickoff even though it never ends up being about what I think it’s about when I start off. Funny how that works.

  4. On january 16th, with the exception of pluto, EVERY single transiting planet is in some way negatively aspecting a natal planet in my chart – so I’m not very enthusiastic about this full moon.

  5. I’m excited and this full moon will be right before I start vacation and go to see my 90 yrd old dad and celebrate his birthday with all family members. really looking forward to this,even though it will be cold..my desert dwelling children,when I told them to dress warmly said they will pack sweatshirts. ha! they are gonna freeze their butts off.

    • Wishing your Dad a happy birthday! I hope all of you will have a splendid celebration. Full Moon in Cancer=happy family time !

  6. I’m looking forward this because my Venus is at 23’55 cancer and I’m so due for something positive it’s not even funny.

  7. This is my Daughter’s Lunar Return, her Moon is at 26’03 Cancer. I think this is a good one for her, since she will have her father around too most of the time – my Husband will take his paternity leave starting from January 21st for the next 19 days.

  8. I’m am looking forward to this and working on some serious housecleaning and rearranging furniture, etc.. My Jupiter is in Cancer 10H. Stocked up on groceries before the storm and want to to bring a few boxes of food to our village food pantry. I’m feeding the birds and squirrels. I been serving food to people as my job since 1977 so I guess it must be the Cancer influence? Also have Uranus Cancer 10H. It’s my thing. Let’s feed everybody!

  9. It falls right on my progressed Sun. But this Moon is conjunct Lilith, I am surprised you don’t mention that. And I am not so sure it will be generous and nurturing, being conjunct with Lilith. Let’s hope you are right.

  10. Hi everyone. I was scrolling through the comments trying to get a better understanding of all these new terms and I’m even more confused. How does one find out about their houses you all mention in your comments? Thanks so much for the teachings.

  11. You know, most of my personal planets are in capricorn, and it always bothers me when people peg planets in cap as inherently damming/having an air of doom and gloom… or just plain heavy and restrictive (typical flat reading of Saturn). On some levels, I understand why (the push to manifest karma in the here and now- not exactly light fare), but it’s also incredibly liberating to just be real and dig in to whatever life brings. Why can’t we focus more on the positive side of this cap season?! Every cappy-influenced person I know is so darn kind and spiritually keyed in to the point where they are some of the most genuinely uplifting, resilient, perceptive people I know. Sorry to unload this here, elsa, because I know you’re usually not the type who paints cap this way:-).

    • It is nice that you have that experience..

      I am a 17 deg Aries with moon at 14 deg Cancer. I have several friends in the earth modality. Early Caps from my perspective are sweet. I call them “Pan de Dios”, God’s bread. Older Caps, I have trimmed them one by one from my life. The shadow side of Cap ain’t pretty!

  12. The full moon is the day after the 5th anniversary of my father’s death, and the Moon is in my 12th house then. My chart has been hammered over the past few years, via the transitiing Cardinal planets along with Saturn in my 4th which is going over planets there.
    I received a letter yesterday from a lumber company owner who is wanting to make a contract with me, to harvest timber from my father’s land. He was given my name and address by the sister of the woman who ended up with more than half of my father’s estate, because she owns the land next to it (which was left to her and her sister by my uncle, her stepfather). Anyway, the man is estimating that I will receive a minimum of fifteen thousand dollars for the lumber, money that I badly need… in order to pursue my legal case regarding the estate.
    Down, but not out.

  13. I’m sensing sth will happen around this full moon coz my natal sun’s at 26’15 Capricorn(yes my birthday’s coming) and my natal moon’ s at 7′ Cancer. I just hope it’s sth good.

  14. I’m Scorpio/Pluto I just started a huge snowball I had to call ADP & CPS to help my granddaughter and her Mom who has a brain tumor and now 4 yrs to live to be rescued friends from her controlling brother and her mom, both are hoarders and anti-social. They took over her duplex, they sleep in the living room the controller has master bedroom it’s trashed my granddaughter sleeps with her mom on sofa bed the hoarding grandma sleeps on the floor the controller hasn’t worked in 15 yrs please pray, dance to the Feminine moon for us

  15. Good morning and THANK YOU FOR THIS POST! I know that Cancerian energy is helpful for conceiving a human life. If I am trying to get pregnant with my partner during the next few days (she is ovulating), are the energies favorable for such conception? Thank you so much for your input to Elsa and anyone else! Love, Natalie in Philly

  16. Not really. I WAS scheduled to go with ST to get some info about his options if we get married and he loses his benefits (which is highly likely). Tonight, I get a phone call from my boss–we’re all being trained to pass meds and my day-long training……falls on that date. So ST and I will have to reschedule.
    It does seem like we keep running into roadblocks as far as getting married. (Why am I not surprised? The Grand Cross falls in my cardinal houses, and this full moon falls in my 7th.)

  17. Nice to hear Uranus in Aries as an “unexpected hero, Elsa ! I needed that. Uranus in Aries has been on my natal Mars for quite some time. That gives me another way to understand this influence.

    The full moon is in my natal 12th (which is ruled by the moon)….and this full moon is conjunct my progressed mercury (10th house progressed, p-mercury is in my natal 12th). I’m hoping this full moon means good luck in my job search – trying to start a second career here in late mid-life. Yet – hard to know how natal vs. progressed plays out.

    Best to all with this one….looking forward to hearing how this goes for us.

  18. Falling in my 5th House and making opposition to Venus in 11th (Rules 2nd)… Hoping to illuminate a nice wolf like guy for me 🙂 This moon is called the Wolf moon, I read it somewhere!

  19. This 26 Cancer full moon will sextile my 10th house 25 Taurus Jupiter and square my 27 Aries MC. Also, although it will have transited past it it will be in a 7 degree separating orb from my Venus/Mars.

    I expect career stuff…and a certain man to be lurking in the shadows and maybe come out.

  20. Even though I am a Libra sun and I don’t like transits through Capricorn, I feel the need to tell ainsling31 that some of the most positive and nicest people I have met in my life were capricorns. And yes, they were genuinely uplifting, resilient and perceptive people!

  21. Hell yeah!
    My natal moon is in Saggo in the 12th House and I have Jupiter rising in Saggo too so I big fat tell the truth and having Sun, Mars AND Mercury (plus Pluto and about a grillion asteroids ) in Virgo in the 10th House, I tell it IN DETAIL. It helps that I’m a writer :-).
    However my moon just recently progressed into Cancer in the 8th House which happens to be bang on my South Node! Boom! Boy o boy do I feel THIS SHIFT. Its perceptible. So this full moon is feeling intense for me but mostly in a good way. I’m dead set on evolving and not staying stuck so whatever comes to light I’m paying attention to and grateful for! X

  22. Ugh. Not so great. Mars in Libra, Venus in Cancer, Midheaven in Cap. My hubby and I are fighting about finances – an all time first in thirty years of marriage. I find myself plotting revenge based on perceived slights, which isn’t my style. I’m secretly devising power plays against outsider interlopers who want to assess our budget for their own personal knowledge. Then they would use this to manipulate. I want to covertly detour anyone who attempts crossing that personal boundary. I do this with thoughtfully creative schemes that show instead of tell. I’ve done this before, because it often works better than trying to have an open discussion explaining my boundaries, which should be obvious. I’m not unreasonable.

    • The evening turned out very nice. You were right, Elsa. The contrast was a welcome relief. The crowd at the club seemed jovial. . . lots of laughter everywhere – very refreshing.

  23. As I sat for a while at Ocean Beach in San Francisco yesterday, I had a moment where an defined thought blossomed. That I want to work for myself. And help people. And do it intuitively.
    Basically….. be an Intuitive consultant. And I watched the sun go down and the moonrise… and all these gold amd white flecks of light spiral. So, the Universe says yes and now I just have to figure how to start.

  24. Fascinating. My moon is 25 Aries and my Lilith moon is 25 Capricorn!! Wondering how this will affect me. The lunation will fall On my 10th house ruled by cancer. I am libra rising at 4 degrees sun in Gemini at 6 degrees. Thank you!!

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