Full Moon In Cancer – Grand Cross: January 12, 2017 – Unpredictable

The full moon at 22 degrees Cancer takes place, early in the morning on, Thursday, January 12th. This is a big one! You can expect to to be affected on Wednesday as we head into this thing.

This “thing”, the full moon, will fill in a tight grand cross involving Pluto at 17 degrees, Uranus at 20 degrees, and the Sun, Moon and Jupiter all at 22 degrees.  I don’t know what to make of this this.

While I don’t like Uranus and Pluto, sensitized (moon) and impacting the ego (sun), I’m encouraged by Jupiter’s involvement and by the fact, the moon is in her own sign.  Considering this, I can’t exactly call this a Cardinal Rack!

However, Jupiter can inflate the ego. Jupiter can expand anything. So what if there is a surprise (Uranus) deadly explosion (Pluto)? Something like that is not out of the question.  So while this is not a benign configuration, I wouldn’t consider it bad either. It could go either way.

I have Cardinal planets near these degrees so this is quite personal to me.  Here’s the advice, I would give myself – If you’re going to judge (Capricorn),do so fairly (Libra).  There are a lot of players involved here. Consider all the angles.  Watch for unexpected consequences and be aware if you cause someone pain, it’s very likely to come back around…

Do you have planets at mid-late degrees of the Cardinal signs? How does this THING sound to you?

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Full Moon In Cancer – Grand Cross: January 12, 2017 – Unpredictable — 58 Comments

      • It’s activating my grand trine. Even the unpleasant squares to my natal are separating. I guess this kind of thing is what having Jupiter transiting the 12th is about, huh?

        My read of the chart is that the Sun/Moon/Jupiter are headed steadily away from Pluto, leaving that out of the picture. It’s all down to Uranus, but Sun/Moon/Jupiter are separating from that. Meantime, the Venus conjunction to Neptune in Pisces is perfecting (nice!), and Mars in Pisces being pretty helpful.

        I’d think shocks and surprises would be fairly wet fire crackerish, unless Uranus is hitting your personal planets hard. This seems to be the pleasant leadin to the new moon on the 27th which doesn’t seem pleasant at all.


  1. My husband,daughter and I all leave very next day-Friday the 13th to fly to Midwest for my Dad’s 93rd birthday.living in the desert, I’m hoping to see snow there..or hope it snows while I’m there. But not so much as to cause problems traveling.Cancer moon and I’ll be visitng all my family members!!

  2. Elsa, I have my Moon (23.20 Cancer), Jupiter (20.23 Cancer) and Uranus (25.40 Cancer)in house 11, square Venus (17.17 Libra) and Neptune (23.57 Libra) in house 2. Chiron is in
    Capricorn, in house four, on 23.52.
    While I write this to you: I take a deep breath. I really don’t know what to expect. The only thing I can do is : have faith and be calm and alert.

    Is it possible I will lose a friend? Or will I see an old friend again? This is just
    speculate. I don’t know. But something is happening: that is clear!

  3. This is my birthday!! ? I have Sun and Jupiter conjunct in Cap at the later degrees with Mercury Neptune conjunct in Capricorn at early degrees. Cancer ASC at 29deg and Libra moon at 3. I was aware there was a full moon but wasn’t aware of the entire configuration. Any words of wisdom, sage friends? Thank you for this! ?

  4. As Cardinal as my chart is, the only thing I have close is Uranus at 16 Libra. I’m more interested in how this will affect my daughter, whose chart is also mostly Cardinal, with a stellium in Cancer. It definitely sounds explosive, doesn’t it? The question is whether it causes harm or causes someone or something to break free.

  5. Opposite my Jupiter square my Uranus and Chiron. I’ll be careful. Love the picture. Reminds me of my Greyhound trek across the Southwest last September. Love me some American desert. ☆♡☆

  6. Sheesh–Uranus is on my sun and stellium of personal plantes, and Pluto is smack on my descendant ( it’s very last pass, thank God). Guess I’ll just keep laying low. Insights welcome, and thanks as always Elsa.

  7. It’s my birthday, too! And it’s going to wallop my stellium in Capricorn–Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, Juno and Mercury–all between 16 and 26 degrees. Some happy birthday! So okay, the advice is to judge fairly, expect the unexpected, and don’t cause anyone pain. Got it, I think. Anything else?

  8. Will be hitting my natal mercury and Chiron both at 18° aries and my natal Uranus 20° libra. The full moon itself will be in my first house. This should be a learning experience.

  9. This makes me nervous as falls exact on my 12th house Mercury in Cancer and it’s already transpired in shocking ways. Some extremely liberately. Some profoundly unnerving. I haven’t been able to sleep in days either. Ugh.

  10. Tr Jupiter will conjunct my 8H Libra NN and Tr Uranus will conjunct my 2H Aries SN during this time. The Full Moon will activate my 6H Cancer Vesta/8H Virgo Ceres sextile. I could be in “helping hands” overdrive with some “fated” event next week.

  11. 22 degrees Cancer is my 3rd house cusp (the moon will fall on the 2nd house side just barely, in similar pattern to the last few full moons).

    I really don’t know what to make of it. That’s going to be a significant morning either way because Saturn is also entering my 8th house for the first time.

    • Is your car running? Are you in a feud with one of your siblings or your neighbors?

      [‘Are they driving you crazy (tUranus/12th I think)?’]

  12. uranus is approaching conjunction with my sun. i guess i should be prepared for these things by now. we’ll see. these aspect degrees have generally been a maturating influence for me. better the older i get…

  13. Bearin down on my natal cancer venus. With pluto moving into oppo with natal venus I am going to pay attention for future reference.

    The thing that floats in and out of my nut brain through this whole Uranus pluto thing is how are the cancer sun people doing with all this? I think about cancer and security, and with the opp to Pluto I dunno. While reading about aspects this week on my venture into learning more about mercury and the moon, I ran across a comment about insecurity having a negative impact on the personality. That’s what I am chewing on at the moment.

  14. My 50th birthday falls on Jan. 12. I am thinking of hiding in a cave until the Sun enters Aquarius. My birthdays generally suck, because people always forget, and school/college was always out, and as a kid I always got the “combined” gift, and my mom always goes into freak-out mode because she can’t stand to not be the center of attention even for one day, so I have honestly always tried to escape on my birthday, literally get out of town. I mean the last time my mom tried to hit me was my 33rd birthday. Just to give an idea of what my birthdays are like. But this year I have run out of places to go and I’m just tired of running. My college flame, a Cancer, aka my once and future ex, has offered to come and try to help mitigate my mom’s attempts to hijack my birthday. Which seems childish on my part because you could say who cares? But basically every day for me is putting others first. My birthday is the one day that is MY day. One out of 365 doesn’t seem like a lot to ask. And you only turn 50 once. But since having a presentable male around just triggers my mom’s competitive urges, it just seems to me like having my ex show up would be a very bad idea, even though it’s unbelievably nice of him because it would involve literally a cross-country trip from a mountain somewhere out west to my farm in Ohio. And on the other hand I almost feel like saying F it, let’s have this thing out. Sigh. Or I could buy a one way ticket to like Madagascar or someplace like that.

    • Why is your mom even a problem? Because you let her be. Tell her what you told us: You only turn 50 once. It’s your day, and you’re going out to dinner with a friend, and she doesn’t even have to know who, what, where or when. Maybe you still live at home? That would be the only reason I can think of as to why she would be in your life to the extent that you let her. WOW! She sounds really controlling and absolutely toxic.
      Well, here’s wishing you a stress free and absolutely fabulous 50th!!!!!

  15. Question..

    I understand progressed to natal is very important. But what about transits hitting our progressed planets. Just realized this full moon is exactly conjunct my progressed venus. Any significance?

  16. Moon Cancer 19/8th, Mercury Libra 28/12th, Venus Libra 17/11th, Mars Cap 26/3rd, and Jupiter Libra 21/12th. Trying to stay positive, but I know I’ll be dealing with permit people/costs for my business. Not looking forward to it, but if things get tough, maybe there’ll be some valuable illumination for me at this time.

  17. 6H cancer
    Jupiter transits 8H
    Pluto transits 12H
    Uranus 2H

    Hm… what to make of this?

    22 degrees moon trines my Sun/Venus/Jupiter stellium in scorpio. But that stellium is also opposite natal Chiron.

    So… pain. Scars opening, cutting, bleeding… healing in the end perhaps? I hope so. Healing through giving and nurturing others maybe.
    Pluto-Uranus awakening the hidden scars and how this affects my self worth – goes hand in hand with Taurus Chiron. Insecurity around intimacy issues or legacies (8H). That could also be emotional legacies from my parents. Pluto-Saturn conjunct in 8th house and an afflicted moon certainly add some “Oomph” factor here.

  18. Yay! Hits my Libra/Aries ASC/DSC in 20 degrees, Venus in Capricorn in 24 degrees and Moon in Aries in 22 degrees. Exciting. However full moons come and go, and Jupiter + Uranus transits probably make more of a lasting impression. Maybe. What do I know?

  19. In order to be a Cardinal Cross, doesn’t SOMETHING have to be in Libra? You don ‘t mention any Libra planets in the article.

  20. I can’t figure this one out either, the Uranus square pluto might be explosion of some kind, but then Cardinal signs hold things pretty well in place.

    This is personally interesting as my venus and pluto are exactly conjunct at 22 degrees.

  21. Natal Venus at 0 deg Cancer in 7th house – could this be fistycuffs?? I’ve an employment tribunal to attend on 11th (GMT) as a representative for a friend (my first time using the process) and the last hearing was brutal; scare tactics from a dodgy judge and 5 people for the opposing side in the room against me. I complained to the court and the judge was not happy I called out his scare tactic (albeit in a polite way).

    I’m a little anxious how this will go this time – I’m hoping, as Elsa says, something “breaks good”.

    • Ignore the Moon bit, I’ve just read the post properly! The ephemeris I’m looking at has Moon at 0 deg Cancer on 11th.

      • Laura: The ephemeris I’m looking at has Moon at 0 deg Cancer on 11th.

        I think your TZ conversion is off – the GMT/UT time is Jan 12th, 11:34 AM. If you’re going to get skunked it’s transit Merc conjunct transit Saturn in your first, which isn’t necessarily bad. Plus there’s Neptune/Venus at 9 Pisces sending friendly vibes to your Venus, albeit distant ones.


  22. Oh gee… my node is at 22 Cancer in third house, so right on this full moon. Any idea what I can expect or how to prepare?

  23. My ASC is 25 Aries – Uranus is getting close, as is Jupiter to my DC. The Full Moon itself is conjunct my natal Jupiter in the 4th.

    The most recent new moon was exactly conjunct my natal Moon. Also, within 2 days of the full moon, transiting Saturn will finally(!) be leaving my 8th house.

    I have a feeling this is the kickoff to the start of a very big year for me.

  24. It is conjunct my Ascendant. Opposes my saturn/jupiter. I just had a CT scan and am terrified of the results. Poor prognosis and all. Cancer checkup. 3 times in 5 years. I cannot do this again.I won’t.
    WhenI think how hard my life is I always meet someone worse. 2 young woman in the chemo roon where I waited for an IV start. Friends laughing. We shared diagnosis etc. Even had the same rare blood type and rare cancer. One woman had 3 kids at home, 2 teenage girls and a boy. Her faith glowed with promise of life.she prayed. Seems I was her messenger-not to fear her recurrence. Me looking healthy and fit after all was done. The other had 3 kids under8yrs. In the middle of a 4 year treatment the douchebag husband left. Found a girlfriend with real breasts. Told her he was tired of paying for her.

    My husband walked in .smiled at us and jumped right in. Never been so grateful Ever.
    I will say, they were the nicest young moms and their attitude was contagious. Will be joining them. soon. So this is one side of the full moon…waiting for the other. *gulp*

  25. I’ve got Mars at 24 Cancer, 2nd house, and nothing else in the late degrees of any sign. I opened up a sole proprietorship last summer, working from home (Cancer), and I’m delivering a very lucrative assignment this week. I’ve put a lot of energy (Mars) into doing my best work on it. Between that and other assignments, I’m set to make more money (2nd house) in one month than I made in the last six. I’m feeling quite emotional (Moon) about it in a good way. 🙂

  26. if you cause someone pain, it’s very likely to come back around…

    This is the day for the pain to come around, I assume. Lots of pain have been caused all over the globe and on personal level too.

    I have a Sun nearly at 17 cap. Then a Jupiter in 20 Aries.

  27. I’m hoping this will culminate a month of corpse alerts, signalling freedom to love again?
    My Venus is 17 degrees Cancer, and for the first time in almost 9.5 years of being divorced, I’m dreaming of my ex again.
    In the early months of trauma dreams, he never talked-just controlled with silence. Now he’s resurfaced in my dreams, and pushing me around; and I’m fighting back!
    Combined with the cardinal cross, maybe this is signalling full freedom from codependent bullshit.❤️

    • I had a dream about an Aries ex the other night. I fell so hard and so fast for him. It broke my heart for a while. In my dream I stabbed him in the chest with my car keys because he was going out with my friend. I think I’m finally dealing with the anger. Lol! Dreams can be so healing.

      And I hope you’re right about the freedom to love again. I have a strong feeling this might be the case for me. Maybe not romantic love but just all around unconditional love for myself and others. Romantic love might be nice too though:)

      • I did dream about my Libra ex too! But I can’t remember the details. I must have had ignored him in the dream lol

  28. I have a natal cardinal cross at the main points in my chart:): asc @ 22 libra, with mars conjunct in the first, neptune applying in the 12th, 26 capricorn on the 4th house cusp, 22 aries on the descendant with 24 degree aries moon conjunct & opposing mars…so a good time has been had by all in my world for quite some time, as !@#$% saturn crawls away from the square to my virgo sun and everything else that makes me tick, and these heavy planets just keep going back & forth, back & forth, like being run over by the steamroller of opportunity that keeps backing up & doing it again:):)

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