Full Moon in Cancer: December 28, 2012 – Home Invasion

The full moon in Cancer takes place on Friday, December 28th at 7 degrees. This is one to watch!

The Moon in Cancer opposes the Sun and Pluto in Capricorn. The three bodies square Uranus in Aries and emotional upset is almost a given. This energy can be productive, but let’s face it.  Mars (Aries) and Saturn (Capricorn) in combination have a bad reputation. Factor in Pluto and the sensitive Moon in Cancer and this is volatile and potentially violent situation.

The phrase, “home invasion” comes to mind. To understand this energy,  apply that concept broadly. Yes, someone can break in your house (Moon), but things and people can also invade your emotions and upset your family. As an example, a person may learn that a member of their family has a terminal illness.  Clearly this would cause violent upset.

Look at the elements we’re dealing with here.  Surprise (Uranus), raw male energy (Aries), intensity / death (Pluto), oppression and control (Capricorn), ego and the life force (Sun) and feelings and family (Moon). Mash all that together. Does this sound good to you?

It’s possible this manifests for some in a positive way. A family might be unexpectedly healed and liberated. Unfortunately, the aspects are harsh so I think it makes sense to exercise caution in the days that follow Christmas.

Also note the house in your chart where the full moon will fall.  For me that’s the 6th (work, service). I expect I will be working with people who are upset…

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Full Moon in Cancer: December 28, 2012 – Home Invasion — 67 Comments

  1. 5th house, on my POF. Sun in 11th. All will square my Mars/Pluto midpoint in Libra. Plus, I’ll be at work with 3 zero degree Cancer Suns who will all be experiencing personal new moons that day.

  2. Right on top of my natal Mercury/Moon! In the 12th, so I don’t expect effects to be obvious, but almost certainly present. Will be cautious.

  3. my birthday is on the next day. The moon will be at 13 degrees on my solar return chart. The moon falls in the first house and the Sun in the 7th which is my natal position. Both of these luminaries are involved in a kite formation with Saturn,chiron, neptune. So I’m hoping this will stabilizing the shake ups and 2013 will be about healing for me on so many levels. As a matter of fact, this is what I am aiming for with all my being.

  4. Occurs in my 11th but is trine my sun exactly in natal 7th. I was excited about this becasue it triggers natal grand trine with neptune, mars and sun in 3, 11, 7 houses and transit pluto is sextile my sun (waning) This moon is sextile my natal pluto/north node conjunction…now I am alittle freaked out

  5. Eeek, I am so scared of this. It’ll be very close to my natal Chiron (6 degrees) in the 4th house, squaring my 1st house Mars and opposing my 10th house Neptune.
    I have family visiting around the full moon…
    How should I deal with this energy?

  6. @Elsa All right, I wonder if deep self-examination involving my emotional foundation, my roots…could be the way to go.
    And then, I’ll probably be able to play with my niece and nephew.

    I can perfectly imagine the typically tumultuous end-of-year dinner table talks, especially with my adventurous older sister around! She always has interesting stories to tell.

    December 27th is also my last day of work at my part-time gig, so I definitely see how the run-up to the full moon is marking an ending.

    And then, I’ll make an effort to exercise like crazy.

  7. My Moms having surgery on the 26th, knee replacement. She has sun, Venus and Mercury in early cancer natally. Mercury rules her Chart as a Virgo ASC with Virgo mars in the 1st. This Fullmoon sits in her 11th House.

    In her Solar Return chart the Full moon opposes her Capricorn ASC and Pluto.

    Im Hoping the surgery will end her inactivity(Bad Knee) and help her be mobile and get back to life again. She is having other knee done in the spring.

    but I confess it worries me. It lights up my Venus/pluto/moon Yod and opposes my 8th house Jupiter in Cap

  8. It’s going to be in my 9th square my Uranus in Libra 12th. I really do not know how to parse this, but it does sound like possibly a VERY unexpected surprise.

    I AM having an annoying struggle with my school regarding old college credits, but that is ongoing and would not be shocking or violent. They would be closed for the holidays in the surrounding days anyhow. I’m not traveling to a foreign country or involved in legal proceedings. I’ll have to meditate on this one.

  9. It’s in my 8th house opposite natal Saturn and Pluto is close to Saturn( not sure what that is?) I have been really sick with an infection, I might have to go tp the hodpital tpday or tomorrow…so I don’t need more bad news:(

  10. Yikes! I have this on all my personal areas…the point of the Yod Jupiter/Lilith @ my Gem Venus/Moon, plus Cap Sun conjunct my Vertex squaring Uranus in the 2 day lead-up to the full moon. While the Pluto/Sun conjunction & Uranus t-square will be wide-opposing & squaring my Cancer Sun in the first decan. Snap! This is ALL sitting on 5th/11th house axis… Yeeps… Sounds pretty fateful. Not sure what to make of this. Will be holing up somewhere until the new year! It’s already been a very eventful year with people of all sorts from my past and friends who think they are more than friends and making passes at me… *sigh* 😛

  11. Oh wait the 28th….doh!! I misread that, then it will bein my 10th house. That is good can’t get much worse there! Maybe it will pick up!
    Sorry such a dork, as said don’t feel well:(

  12. Did I mention I’m married? Like I need some stalker popping up, which is what this sounds like –the angling to BOTH the vertex/anti-vertex makes me very nervous! #smh

  13. Oh wheee.

    Right on my T squares: Mars, Venus, Uranus, Jupiter involved. Chiron and Pluto widely aspected as well.

    2nd house Cancer for me, where the personal planets are.

  14. That full moon will be in my 4th house – visiting my family for the holidays, which is always a very trying time for me. So far, so good, but this is great reminder to keep calm and take it all in stride!

  15. My sister just went to the doctor today and got her biopsy. She has to get another because she found out that she may just have an infection or that the cancer is back, spreading to her lymph nodes which means it’s in her bloodstream. If it’s the latter, she has to get chemotherapy. The worst possible scenario for the latter is that she can die.

    She has to go back to the specialist next week. I sure it’s a time for healing for the family. This is hard on everyone. She’s stronger than she was the first time she had cancer. But if she… It’s just hard. During these times, I wish I had partner :/

  16. I hope things turn out well. Nothing is worse than watching some one you love go through such things. I love hearing she is stronger this time. That does count! Keep me posted on how it all goes….I will be thinking of you all!

  17. Natal Uranus is 5+ degrees Cancer for me & my 4th house cusp is 8+ degrees Cancer. So, seems like there should be an impact.

    Here’s the thing: I’ve already got a blizzard of work for the 27th – 28th that came in at the last minute. (and I’m self-employed, work out of my home.) I wonder if that’s the impact. Hectic, but I can use the money. Or, maybe the projects will be a bit more stressful.

  18. =( well wishes, Elsa. This time of year, last year, I lost my ‘second mom’, gmom. Earlier the same year we lost gmom’s bosom buddy, her sister, my g-aunt. Both were close to me. Both in 2011. Have strength.

  19. My mother dies last Christmas so…ugh.
    But this is happening now and it was not expected so this forecast is occurring, I can’t believe it’s like this two years in a row.

  20. Truly cannot imagine two years in a row. {hugs}

    I posted here a few days ago about my bro and his fiance. I went through horrors of ‘transformations and epiphanies’ from 2011 to Jan of this year, and all then was calm. Last week, my beloved younger bro and his fiance had to call the police – his fiance’s ex-husband literally said to HER/THEIR SON “I will kill your mom”. Bro txt’d me w/ this a few days ago. I flipped out. With all the instability and gunning going on, I couldn’t believe it. It’s like global catastrophies on top of personal ones, all at once. I keep trying to make meaning of it. Anyway, stay with us. And I hope Peace grabs the hand of your loved one.

  21. Elsa, so very, very sorry. Prayers to you and your family. I lost a close family member at Thanksgiving. The spouse’s birthday was Thanksgiving Day and they spent it waiting for their loved one to pass on. Same situation w/life support. Lord, have mercy. Christ have mercy.

  22. (((Elsa)))

    <3 I'm really sorry to hear that.

    I thought this time of year was supposed to be about cheer, it happens to be the quite opposite :(.

  23. For me: Full Moon exact on Natal Mercury Cancer in 8th house. Transiting Mars opp natal Uranus (late degree Cancer) and natal Mars (early Leo). Transiting Uranus in Aries in my fifth squares natal Mercury and transiting Pluto opps my natal Mercury as well.I have a natal stellium in Cancer in the 8th…this just looks like train wreck to me. Of course, I could be wrong; since I just lost a close family member three weeks ago, I am feeling a little sensitive right now.

  24. Earlier my mom came in. I was in a very bad mood, but she didn’t care to just leave me be so she started talking to let me know what’s really going on because my sister may not really know.

    She said that this may be it. She has to go back next week to see what’s really happening. If it’s an infection, she has to get a big surgery removing your her intestines and pretty much everything inside her and she’ll have to wear a pee bag and a colostomy bag.

    If it’s spread through her lymph nodes, its everywhere in her bloodstream. She can get chemotherapy but chances are that she has to keep getting treatment forever or she will not make it even if she does chemotherapy.

    My mom is leaving her to make her own decision this time. Last time she made the decision because my sister was very sick in the last stages and a decision needed to be made quick. My sister wants to take the herbal route, and leaving it to God. My mom is going along with it because she wants her to live her life the best way she can and be happy.

    All the while water is in my eyes, I’m trying not to cry, and I’m screaming fuckkkkkkkk! In my head. Fucking hard. The first question that comes to me is why? Crazy events and death is nothing new to the family, but I’ve never had a sibling pass before. It’s going to take awhile to recover from that one.

  25. in my 6th house too square my moon @ 5 libra in the 9th.

    my thoughts are with you and your family at this time. sending love>>>>>>

  26. @TheShaman: Jesus! What stage is your sister? Has it been found in her lymphs yet? Losing a sibling is like losing a limb…been there. You lose a a piece of yourself that will never be known again in this lifetime. It’s like a whole language dies.

    I am so, so sorry. I wish I had more to offer. But truth is this sucks and sucks hugely and all the perky shit people offer when something like this happens is just that.. bullshit. The only thing I can say with any certainty is that until you hear next week, stay in the moment. So sorry for you and your family, sweetie.

  27. Thank you deeply for your words CancerAGoGo. You’re doing all that you can and I appreciate that because you really didn’t have to do anything at all, thank you.

    It fucking sucks ALOT. I don’t know what to do if it happens. I don’t know if I can be able to bounce back like I used to when I was younger. Part me feels like If its so I rather her…so she doesn’t have to suffer anymore and I hope that’s not bad to feel that way. I just don’t want her to have to suffer all her life because of this. But I have a feeling she’s going to make it and make a complete 180. Her life before wasn’t very admirable, I’m not judging but this will be a lesson for her and a complete wake up call that she needs to turn her life around completely.

    My mom is such a strong woman for having to bear witness to this and still remain strong. She has not cried once, she didn’t cry when my granny passed either until later. I cried for her. All of her emotions ran through me and I collapsed in tears. I know what purpose I serve in this family, and it’s to be the emotional parent. I bring the loving intimacy part of the family embracing everyone when times are down or when I see you to let you know that you’re not alone. I just have to keep playing my part.

    Btw, I’m a 9H cancer stellium so we’re really close :p

  28. Cancer stages are also described as,
    T N M,
    T for tumour, that is the first stage.
    N for nodes ( lymph nodes ) if it has spread to lymph nodes, that is stage 2.
    M for Metastatis, that means it has spread beyond the tumour and nodes and to other parts of the body as well, that is stage 3.

    There is also a way of describing it as stage 1-2-3-4 as well.

  29. Yeah, I guess she’s in stage 2 or stage 3. She’s had cancer before so I didn’t think it was a stage anymore. That’s very ignorant of me.

  30. 8th house s cancer for me.
    @shaman, hang in there, I feel for you. I have been going through tough times with my mother’s health and facing death squarely. She had a massive adomenal surgery last year, and has cancer — different types. But she just lives her life and ultimately it’s all you can do. Its a full time job for her going to the hospital 3x/week for iv fluids. It’s really hard to go through the ups and downs and realities and the unexpected with a loved one’s illness. I have shed many tears about my mom. I’ve cried for everyone in the family, everyone is so stoic it’s really hard to be real in my family. Sometimes, there are unexpected nice things in the process. For example, my mom likes to gossip with her nurse and really has a long time relationship with her doctor, those things are nice. It’s also nice to see my mom light up about some things, she likes to talk about her grandmother when she was a kid. All you can do it spend time with them and let yourself feel it. Its really hard. I wish you love and strength.

  31. thank you moon Neptune. Im really sorry to hear about your mom @moon Neptune stay strong, you hang in there as well. I’m sending love and prayer to you and your family <3

    I'm glad you can relate. It is really hard and no one really knows what's going to happen. My family internalizes things and it comes out in other ways, humor being one of them. I'm really the only one who opens up emotionally most times besides my sister.

    You're right about living in the moment and just being there. I'm starting to do this. Usually it would be a challenge because of my worries, moods and scorpio asc contemplating trying to figure out what's really going on underneath the surface. But if it really is almost time, I need to just let myself go.

    My sister had to get her vagina removed the first time so she can't have kids. She's childless and feels less of a woman because of this. If she's going to get this surgery this go round, everything on the inside will pretty much be gone. She'll be hollow. She'll have a story to tell though. It's hard struggling all the damn time, but I know somehow everything is going to work out in the end.

    We have to keep our head up and just pray that everything will be fine. (((moon neptune))) we have to stay in there, the fight is not over. Love and prayers heading you and your families way. <3 your mother is a very strong woman.

  32. Thanks theshaman, I will! I am so sad to hear about your sister:( I hope for the best<3 Your family is amazing for sticking together. It probably means a lot to your sister:)

  33. This moon falls in my 8H. I better pull back on the spending now. I’m warned or I’ll be in over my head with bills come the beginning of the year.

  34. 8th/9th house for me. With my moon on the top of my chart if could be so many things. But my feeling is it will be my mom having trouble or worse. My Ceres will be conjuncting, Mom’s moon is in Scorpio in the 12th and that’s alot of Cancer/Pluto energy. Uranus is in 5th. I don’t think I am unexpectedly going to have a child…but maybe I will be the child to receive unsettling news. I sure hope not.
    Prayers to all who are experiencing loss of loved ones and those who have lost loved ones due to illness. (((everyone)))

  35. Here comes the welcome wagon for my Pluto/Sun opposition. Looking at my chart, this day gives me a feeling of “Judgement Day” that I’m honestly not sure if I should dread or be excited for. There are four conjunctions happening — Moon on my Sun 7th house, Saturn on my 11th house moon, Jupiter on 6th house Mars, and Venus on my Neptune/Asc. First and 7th houses and lots of other contacts going on, so it should be, ahem, interesting.

  36. Hello, everyone. New here, although I’ve been lurking and reading for a while. My vertex is 7 Capricorn, and has always seemed very mysterious to me. It seems associated with those who have obscure but haunting places in my life.

    Sorry to read of the losses and serious illnesses, my best wishes to you all. Namaste.

  37. Niiiice. Me, my sister and her boyfriend are going to see our biological mom on 28th. I see her about once a year and our relationship is… well, we’re on friendly terms but I don’t really even think of her as my proper mother because she’s never properly taken care of us. My sister can be a real pain in the arse and really bitchy to me, her boyfriend and our mother… I predict really annoying bitchiness from my sister to all of us and with these transits, some (or all) of us might for once stand up to her.

    Also, our biological mother has hinted that she has cancer. If she has, I feel sorry for her but my sister has already stated that she does not give a flying f**k and that she thinks our mother deserves it. I’m totally not looking forward to this trip now that I know about this full moon (which is in my 3rd/9th).

  38. falls in my 12th. Ex sent email said he wants to be friends, but don´t think it pretty to walk around this town with a corpse. So i happily grabbed the shovel buried that zombie with a cease and desist one-liner. And feel mighty good for it.

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