Full Moon in Cancer: December 22, 2018 – The Matriarch

The full moon in Cancer takes place mid-day on December 22nd. The sun’s opposition to the moon dominates the whole of the sky on this day.

I see this as light (sun) being thrown on the family (moon in Cancer).

If read me for awhile, you probably know I feel things are illuminated under a full moon. In this case, we’re talking about the Sun in Capricorn. Here are some themes to look for…

  • Family structure
  • Family support
  • Family burden
  • Family responsibility
  • Family traditions / rules
  • Lack of family
  • Family rejection, etc.

Also, mom and dad, grandparents, matriarch and patriarch and your ancestors.

Some people love this stuff.  Others do not.

I am parental and mutable so I try to discern who is who and support as needed, however I can.

How do you feel about the full moon in Cancer as we head towards Christmas?



Full Moon in Cancer: December 22, 2018 – The Matriarch — 21 Comments

  1. Well that can’t be good for all. I fall under “lack of family” and horribly from “family rejection,” but for me it’s a matter of being safe from them. The holidays always highlight either the “good” or the “bad” in people and family members, some just take a deep breath once Halloween hits, and don’t exhale til Jan 2. I’m in that category, I always seem to pull through somehow, it’s not easy, but I do. I’m hopeful the sun shines bright this year

  2. I’m never really sure what to do with transits taking place on the capricorn/cancer axis. Those two signs are intercepted in my chart, placed in my 10th/4th house. At the very least the theme around the new moon fits though!

    But yeah I understand my interception and what it means for me, I just don’t know how to manage a transit once it has passed my actual mc/ic axis. Saturn conjunct my IC feels different than Saturn in Capricorn, even though it’s all taking place in my 4th house. So I don’t know! 0 degrees cancer/cap is within orb of 26 degrees Gemini/Sag, so maybe I am an intended target of this full moon. All I know is that I’m not going to celebrate Christmas with my family this year: spectacular news for a woman like me who has Uranus and Neptune in my 4th, with zero interest in traditions anyway ?

  3. This FM certainly is appropriate for the Christmas season as families gather and observe religious, secular, and family traditions. With this emphasis on family gatherings and Mercury direct, there may be an increase in mass travel.

  4. This is beyond my power to resist. For me, this excerpt from a poem says it all:

    “Your husband’s family hate you,
    They stew in their teacups and berate you.
    When tongues wag and surge like spring tide,
    You are their favorite pastime.”

    “When the moon swells and engorges the tide,
    Their tongues get to work, their lips are snide.
    They love to cling to the past;
    The Devil’s pact binds and holds fast.”

    How I chuckled! What a universal theme.

  5. Capricorn sun and Cancer moon here. I will be flying to Canada to see my extended family on the 20th. My 86 year old father needs to find a dementia facility. I live in Colorado and can’t visit him more than 1 time a year.
    I didn’t have any children but I have ‘parented’ an inordinate number of men…

    It should be quite a trip.
    My family is predominately matriarchs, myself included.
    We get things done whether others like it or not!

    Sigh. I’m looking forward to January.

  6. I’m still climbing the wall with much difficulty. Don’t see much support looking ahead at all the reports. Soon as I get a calm day I slip the next. Don’t know how long I can hang on. But happy holidays to all!!!

  7. The FM will be right on my Moon/Venus conjunction, though my Moon is at 29 Gemini and Venus is at 0 Cancer.
    But this all takes place in the 8th house…
    Transiting Venus is on my name asteroid, but in the 12th house.
    So who knows. I could do with some good news, but couldn’t we all?
    I wish everyone good luck with this FM. Hang in there…

  8. This falls on the day I will meet with an estranged member of my immediate family to try to work it out. We haven’t had a relationship in 6 years. Hopefully this full moon bodes well. It will be conjunct my Cancer moon in my 4th house.

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