Full Moon In Aries: September 29, 2023 – Love & Money

Aries ram beautiful

The full moon in Aries will take place early in the morning on Friday, September 29th. If you want to howl under this thing, make plans for Thursday!  You can see the chart here.

It’s remarkable how Venus and Mars are emphasized.  The Venus-ruled Libra sun opposes the Moon in Mars-ruled Aries.  This creates tension but it really gets interesting when you observe Venus and Mars in this chart.

Venus is almost exactly square Uranus in Venus-ruled Taurus and the aspect is closing, so it’s freakishly strong. The first thing that comes to mind is the financial markets but you can also expect changes in your relationships, including sudden attractions and/or break-ups.

This is enough for me to be on the look out, but I also note Mars is supporting Venus, while gripped by Pluto. Pluto is not necessarily negative energy. It’s the harsh aspect that raises an eyebrow.

Putting this together, I don’t think it’s likely for this full moon to come to nothing. With Mars and Uranus involved, change can come quickly but again, the unexpected thing is just as likely to be positive as otherwise… and thrilling.

If the sun, moon, Venus or Mars in this chart aspect your natal chart, you’re likely to experience an event. I’m on the periphery with this one. I wish I were in the center of it.

Granted, I’m a thrill seeker but it also tells you I don’t think this is UNSAFE.  We’ve still got the Grand Trine in Earth, see?  And Neptune assisting. But I’m talking about the Grand Trine here. It doesn’t wobble at all.

How do you feel about this full moon?


Full Moon In Aries: September 29, 2023 – Love & Money — 15 Comments

  1. I’ve been getting messages that this equinox (Saturday 23rd Sept UTC) is opening the door on a (brighter) new chapter, at least the potential is there despite the continue Pluto/Cap grind. A dynamic full moon straight of the bat seems appropriate, to shake the dust off and get us moving in the right direction.

    My Aries Venus is at 12*, wide, but it’s the lights so…!

    I note, Mars is starting to talk to the South Node.

  2. The Sun sextiles and Moon trines my Jupiter in my 8th, Venus squares my Venus in 11th and Mars conjuncts my Sun in 10th. Love and Money, indeed!

  3. Right on my Moon so I had a look at lunar return, moon in third, ruling the seventh. No idea, no plans but let’s see. Maybe a short trip, why not.

  4. Sun on my North Node Libra, the Full Moon on my South Node Aries, and Mars will square natal Mars in 7th house.

    Additionally, the Full Moon will trine my natal Moon.

    Keeping my mind open as to what event it could be that takes place!

  5. This will be right on my natal Pluto, and Mars directly opposing my natal Jupiter. M sure good things can come if it, but might as well accept this could be a tough one!

  6. This full moon is conjunct my AC/DC axis, Leo Venue trine my Sag Sun and Libra Mars crouching up to meet my Jupiter in the 1st. Sounds great to me! Looking forward to this full moon.

    Actually looking forward to the rest of the year after all the retrograde delays, waiting, mopping up leaks and feeling stuck in a rut.
    May the initiative I initiated together with friends and colleagues that began in late March move forward now, and succeed!

  7. I’m guessing I’ll be in the action (I’m not a trill seeker by nature, lol! makes my tender cancer stomach a bit upset just thinking about it). The full moon will be squaring my 5 degree cancer sun/ 1 degree cappy moon. I’ll be glad the grand trine and saturn in early pisces are all supporting my sun/moon, especially with Pluto transiting my 7th house and opposing my asc/merc/mars conjunction.

  8. Aries Full Moon conjunct Natal Saturn in 2H. As Donna Summer sang – “She works hard for the money, So hard for it honey…” 😛

  9. Eris, Chiron and the North Node is involved here to, so it’s about our collective destiny, as Pluto in the last degrees of Cap is also in a tense elemental and modality aspect to these three players.

    I’d say something about the “angry feminine” buy I’ll hold my tongue.

    I’m fact, I think holding my tongue (or at least try to think before speaking) will be to my benefit, as Aries is in my 3rd house….

    On the personal plan, I have a Libra Moon and Saturn/Pluto in Libra as well, so depending on the degrees this will be dredging up subconscious stuff, for me to take take notice of.

    I just pray to God I can help my gut reaction (anger). Venus and Mars will definitely be a helping hand, depending on the degrees… If Venus squares my Scorpio stellium, this will be tougher than expected.

    *booking a single room hotel room to hide*

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