Full Moon in Aries: September 24, 2018 – TENSION

The tense full moon in Aries takes place on the evening of September 24th at two degrees of the sign.  Some will experience this full moon like a punch to the gut.

I say that because the sun, moon, Mercury and Saturn will form a tight Cardinal t-square.  The Cardinal signs prefer to be in control. There are three actors here; they’re likely to all think they’re right.  Mars (Aries) + Saturn is also potentially cruel.  “Martial law” comes to mind.

When I say that, it doesn’t have to be literal. I’m talking about lines being drawn and order being enforced. This can occur in a society but also in a family or ever with a individual who decides to control themselves.

To further complicate things, Aries-ruler Mars is involved in a second T-square that includes Venus in Scorpio and Uranus in Taurus.  This makes the whole situation impossible to predict other than to say you should expect to meet up with boulders in your path, to block attacks or perhaps negotiate a compromise. If it’s the latter, it should and probably will be, iron-clad.

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Full Moon in Aries: September 24, 2018 – TENSION — 18 Comments

  1. I’ve posted on another thread about pluto going direct but this is relevant too. Mine and my husbands composite sun is 2 degrees aries and our mars’ are there too…and it’s on our progressed composite ascendant. My husband will be having both testicles removed because the cancer has spread to both and hopefully no further. He is 39 and I’m 35 and we have a 12 year old, girl, 9 year old boy, and a 5 month old baby girl. We are completely horrified but stuck like a deer in headlights. This full moon is all over us! Any advice or encouragement is needed.

  2. Moon con my Eris (discord)
    Moon opp my Neptune
    Moon squ my Moon and Venus
    Moon con my partner’s Eris
    Moon squ my partner’s Mars and Part of Fortune
    Transiting Venus con my partner’s Moon
    Transiting Jupiter con my partner’s Jupiter
    When I first saw this blog entry, I thought – oh NO! But hopefully the squares won’t be too tense.
    Tr Chiron is con the Full Moon too. I’m hoping for healing rather than hurt.
    Tr Mercury is con the Sun.

    • Thanks, Irmi, for the earlier shoutout of love! And I too hope for healing during his full moon. My moon is 5 degrees libra and our composite Jupiter saturn conjunction is right there too. I just want this to be a part of our story and not the end of our story. My baby girl is a 5 degrees aries sun. In fact, this spot in the aries/libra axis is huge for my whole family. I feel like I live in the Carolinas and I’m bracing for a storm.

  3. Probably all you can do is put one foot in front of the other and get through each day. I’ll be thinking of you…
    Love each other and be there for each other – but I have a feeling that’s one piece of advice you don’t need.
    Another thing you don’t need anyone else to tell you, is how positive your husband’s prognosis is. But no doubt it’s good to hear that again!

  4. Interesting full moon. Not sure if anyone noticed but Chiron @ 0 Degree Aries is also tightly conjunct the full moon.

    My natal aspects are:
    Trine/Sextile to my natal Sun @ 6 Gemini
    Sextile/Trine to my natal Saturn @ 5 Sagi and Moon @ 29 Cap

    Square natal venus @ 7 degree (5 degree orb) personally think its wide to have an impact.
    Square Natal Neptune @ 5 degree Capricorn.

  5. Saturn’s position is already sitting on my natal Mercury/Saturn conjunction (I’m in my 2nd Saturn return), so that square with the Full Moon is active in my chart, but the Full Moon is also trine my Venus/Moon conjunction in Aquarius. Mars in Aries is sextile that Aquarius conjunction, too. There will be support and flow with that impetus to control.

  6. this whole year feels like a punch to the gut and it just keeps coming, just when you think you’ve weathered the worst of it, BAM, sucker punch in the dark.

  7. There is tension alright for me. But only affecting me sleep! Outwardly I do not dispaly or feel tension, not with people anyway. Fullmoons can affect ones sleep, I keep track of it and my sleep is often not affected by fullmoons. But this one, 1-I can’t drift of to sleep, it takes 2 hours to drift of 2- I wake up in the middle of the night, only 2 hours after I have been fallen asleep! Like for no reason at all! And can’t drift back again for several hours!

    So I have a semi insomnia problems right now while the moon is growing full. Insomnia is not uncommon for me, but I havn’t had problems for month and now this.. sigh.

    I really hope its bc of the moon, and that it will go away after the fullmoon.

    I have Venus-jupitr and node in 8th in Aries. But they are at 10 degrees, so not that close to the moon. The only other cardinal planet I have is neptune in capri

    • Happy birthday! 🎂 keep your chin up, we used to say. I guess it means to walk proudly and don’t let em see you sweat! ((( Jayne)))

  8. Thanks for the heads up about all this, Elsa.

    Today is indeed a VERY TENSE day for me, but armed (Aries) with all the helpful info in your blogs and in the forums, I am getting all the light (Full Moon) I need to make my way safely through it and come out victorious.

  9. oh i really could have used this info ahead of time :/
    massive flareup of the teenager’s rage. does not interact well with my ptsd.

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