Full Moon in Aries: October 20, 2021 – Pluto T-Square

Aries moon redThe full moon in Aries will take place mid-morning on Wednesday, October 20th at 27 degrees. The moon will oppose the sun and Mars in Libra. All three bodies will square Pluto in Capricorn.

You can take a peak at this contraption here – Full Moon T-Square chart.

I’m not keen on relationship triangles. I’ll do just about anything to avoid them but this will be very hard to do under this full moon.

Note that Mars, the ruler of the full moon is involved her in the sign its determent. Never mind the Libra/Capricorn square at these late degrees has been hammered. Shall we prepare now to be beaten to death (Pluto)?

You may not think that’s funny but my morbid humor is intentional. It’s a Capricorn thing, okay? There is “punch-drunk” and there is “punch-drunk to death, when Pluto is involved.  Never mind, we’re talking about Mars here, both directly and indirectly.  That’s a joke, if you get it.

west side story fightI also like this picture to illustrate Mars with Libra or Venus.  Fighting art. Art of war. Fighting prettily. Whatever. If you don’t like this kind of thing, you should probably stay home until it passes. once the moon ingresses into Aries. Provided you have the option! The moon enters Aries on Monday.

It’s a sexy full moon, I’ll say that. But if it goes bad, it will go very bad. Pluto is not at all fluffy.

It’s not fluffy but it is potentially deeply, wise. If you have some relationship pattern you’d like to overcome, this would be a time to take that on.

What concerns me here is the potential for deadly (Pluto) intent ((Mars), mashed up with the ego (Sun) and your emotion (Moon).

There is also the impulse, the so-called “crime of passion”. I have a song for this.  It’s a cautionary tale and anyone who has energy like this in their natal chart (like me), ought to give it a listen as besides being stylish, it will truly help you.

So there you have it and before I forget… Crimes Of Passion Do Not Exist.

Got plans for the full moon in Aries?


Full Moon in Aries: October 20, 2021 – Pluto T-Square — 20 Comments

  1. The music choices sang the message straight to my heart, urban opera and Taj Mahal minding me to tend to that jealous temper of a woman done wrong. Ouch!

  2. Welp. My natal venus is 29 degrees Aries in the 4th house. I’m already kinda a lot nervous about the upcoming Pluto square. Guess I’ll stay in on the 20th. I hope this isn’t some forshadowing, tho I guess a nod from this to what might occur with the square wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing.

  3. Great rendition. Don’t have that kind of disposition. If I remember correctly I would just be hurt and crawl into a corner somewhere. I do remember a cheating mate who always got fist happy accusing me of doing what he was doing. But I could outrun the bastard. And I can do chameleon real good.

    Sun will be conjunction Neptune. I guess I could look at that. All I see now is ‘don’t piss anybody off.’ And that is really hard these days. Some people are just waiting for a target. I will be doing a short journey around that time. Hope caution helps. I will wear black.

  4. Love the song!!
    I can see some old stuff cropping up.
    No matter what happens, I ain’t gonna touch the corpse.
    Though this pluto reminds of the Thriller song the walking dead.
    I got the peacemaker cards in my own Tarot reading.
    Just lying low minding me own business.
    Lighting Candle s on Full Moon and charging my crystals on Full Moon in Rock Salt,I use the water to sprinkle all over the house.
    And bottle the rest.
    It works like a Magic Spell.

  5. I might be looking/reading wrong, but I have a Saturn/Uranus in Capricorn at the IC and a Jupiter at 21’. Natally these planets trine each other?? Hopefully it’s a good full moon! Fingers crossed ?.

  6. Decided I am focused on sun conj natal Neptune sextiling natal pluto midheaven. And Aries moon trining pluto midheaven. I am taking a pass on this one. Sounds messy,

  7. Elsa, how large an orb do you use for aspects of new/full moon to natal planets? I usually use only 1°, but I’d be curious to know your thoughts.

  8. Midheaven at 26°55’ Aries. Venus at 10°54’ Taurus. I have an online female Scorpio stalker who amped back up last week and I am really debating deactivating all my social media until this full moon passes.

  9. Eek. It will fall right on the cusp of my 10th and 11th Houses and opposite Jupiter in Libra in my 4th house. I think I’ll stay home.

  10. Ahhhh I have true node at 29 degree at Aries 5th house which is square moon at 28 degree Capricorn 2nd house.

    I have been off the dating phase for quite some time now. Wanted to take some time off to heal (had past relationships that affected self esteem).

    Interestingly for the next lunar return I have heavily focused 5th house with sun merc and mars (LR Mars conjunct natal pluto).

  11. Should I go to court to defend my innocence from a car accident or is this another situation to hammer me ?

    I can cancel it.

    Capricorn sun 23 degrees, ascendant 24 degrees.

  12. My Solar Return is the day before. Had a bad day yesterday, a real funk. Have pulled out of it. Birthdays usually bring a mental or emotional challenge for a lot of people. It passes pretty quickly for me. However, next week’s astrology is… well read the article! 🙂

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