Transit Watch: Full Moon In Aries – October 11, 2011 – Not PC Astrology

This is a wicked full moon.  That’s my thought when I see the sun conjunct Saturn opposing the Moon in Aries conjunct Black Moon Lilith.  I think in terms of controlling (Saturn) an angry bitch (raging woman). I know that is not PC but I am trying to convey the flavor here.

You have an authority figure on one end and he’s fortified. I say this because Saturn is exalted in Libra which would reinforce the Sun. On the other end, you have the dark feminine (BML) – armed (Aries) and emotional (Moon). Add to that, any Mars, Saturn combination is well known to signify cruelty in astrology and you can see how I arrive I at my conclusion.

On the upside, it is entirely possible to be creative (Sun) and give your kicked up emotion (Aries Moon) artistic (Libra) form (Saturn). Some will do exactly that but note that this requires effort and many are inclined to take the path of least resistance.

We are dealing with an opposition here so people tend to project. In this case there is anger on side (Aries), oppression on the other (Saturn).  Seen from the other perspective, the authoritative side (Saturn) is keeping the peace (Libra), thwarting the angry collective (Aries Moon).

Occupy Wall Street is a great example of this. One side is pissed off  feeling restricted. The other side says, grow up baby, or pay the consequences.

It’s really helpful if you can see both sides. I don’t know why people don’t try.  But the conflict we see outside is also internal and hopefully some will make hay on this very energetic day.

The Full moon is @ 18 Aries opposing Sun Saturn. Check the houses in your chart where these bodies fall for insight into how this will manifest in you life.  For me, it’s the 3rd/9th house axis so I expect action on this blog which is concerned with publishing (9th) ideas (3rd).  I will try to keep order here and balance…

Where does the full moon fall in your chart?

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Transit Watch: Full Moon In Aries – October 11, 2011 – Not PC Astrology — 62 Comments

  1. 2nd to 8th Moon and BML conj Chiron vs Saturn and Sun conj Uranus adding tr. Merc conj my Sun.
    This is my chance to pull it all together.

  2. 8th house, on top of my natal Jupiter; opposite my natal Moon. Tr. Saturn just stepped off my n. Moon, so I figure anything short of that, is gravy.

  3. ThankYou Elsa P. !!!

    For the Heads Up I have Mars exactly where the Moon at 19° Ari !!!

    Also Moon at 9th House Sun/Saturn 3th House !!!

    What does PC and BML means ?

    Blessings !!!

  4. The full Moon will be right on top of my Aries Venus (17 deg) in my 6th house. I’m not sure if it’s been a build up towards this or not, but for the last week or so, I’ve been loaded down with work- and loving it!

    I can’t quite explain it, but I’m feeling supported by Jupiter’s transit… I don’t know, it seems to be assisting me to see the bigger picture, a broader perspective. I seem to be learning that it’s not ‘all about me’ and that’s OK. 😉

  5. 18 degrees Aries Moon here natally. I checked. It will be on cusp of 10th and 11th (more a little bit still in 10th) with placidus house system.

    Then I checked equal house system. That one is worse I think – Moon, Lilith and Uranus transiting Aries in 10th house that day. But Sun, Saturn, Merc and Juno will be transiting Libra in 4th.

    Lot of ego stuff with work. It’s all coming to a head past few days. Started up again this morning already. Two strong advisors with big egos who each think the other is wrong and they’ve got me in the middle as boss. I have a headache already. I am detaching and making them come to agreement without me – that’s for today’s task. Who knows what will happen with them next week in big meeting on 13th. Ughhhhh. If it continues, either I’m leaving or they are or they both need to stop it and grow up.

  6. This conjuncts my mars/Jupiter, opposes my Uranus and squares my Saturn. So many transits this year that it feels like, sigh, at least it’s not making a grand cross. On the upside, this also creates a grand trine with my natal moon trine mercury. I’m hoping to be paid for work long since completed.

  7. full moon will conjunct my natal sun(1st house)exactly and will oppposite my natal pluto(7th house). I think it will be an intense full moon…

  8. 4/10th axis, conjunct my SN/NN in Aries/Libra. Conjunct my Mars/Pluto opposition. Meeeeeeeeow. Praying for health and safety.

  9. 3rd/9th for me too…Conjunct my natal venus in 9th (ruler of 10th/2nd hosouse) – think this may trigger nast progression I have with progressed mars sq. natal venus…scared silly… so tired of difficult transits….I have great pluto and jupiter stuff happening and have not been able to manifest any of it YET

  10. Well hell… It’s in my 11tg opp my natal Uranus. I have a sun (Pisces) mars(Taurus) Uranus(libra) natal yod and it looks like the moon will be at the reaction point. I’d like to say this should be interesting but I just can’t get a feel for it 🙁

  11. I am glad you are not PC. I would rather know the truth. This is going to affect the ex big time as it is in his first and ssventh house (7th house Aries) and Uranus conjuncts his sun on the same day (exact). I am expecting something to blow up – and it will not be me. I was able to vent some steam on your message boards. A tip for your site via your tip jar is coming. Thanks again for everything.

  12. Thank you!
    Um….i see a post at top but last comment as 20 hours ago??

    by “nutsymaclewis”

    Just want to make sure I see current thread.


  13. 3rd & 9th here, too 😉 but they’ll be 3degrees from my 4th & 10th house cusps’. The moon will also be conjunct my chiron in aries.

  14. hi, wow I didnt mean to get into this post!
    so, I’m signed in as zoek……not sure if there is another place i need to sign in?

    I did pay, got the email from you an all… asked my username and i said “zoek”….I could be missing something obvious but i cant figure it out??

    I wonder if i have two accounts or something??

    I see some old posts were under just “zoe”.

    iy yi yi 🙂 I knwo this is a pain.

  15. Yes, that is it. “Zoe” was designated a Gladiator (access to the Colosseum) but I changed it to zoek. You should be good now. Sorry for the confusion! 🙂

  16. T. Saturn conjunct my 2nd house NN by 43′
    full moon on 8th house.

    I hope i oppress it, in a creative fair way… as ive done most of my life.

    progressed chart:
    12/6th axis conjunct 22ºAC/DC, i better watch out.

  17. Mine plays out with 18 Aries Moon in my 5th maison opposing transit saturn, natal and transit sun, natal mercury 11th (all within 3 degrees)

    My take on this is that love/emotions clash with the reality/lesson of hopes/wishes tied to a re-visit(mercury)of exes.

    BML- not sure but she seems to be safe distance from anything waiting to explode. I hope.

  18. ha! so, um… i guess that means the theme for my solar return will be ‘try to control this angry bitch and she’ll find creative ways to get all medieval on your ass.’ sure, why not! i can totally live with that!! 🙂

  19. 1st/7th pretty much right on my asc/desc and conjunct my natal mars (almost exactly) and nn in aries on the 7th house side, with natal saturn well within orb.

    you know what? with saturn opposing all of this for so long now, I’m inclined to say “whatever”, “fuck it” and “for god’s sake just bring it – do me in, get it over with, and screw off!” Or worse: “I’ll bring it, get it over with, do you in, and you can still screw off”

    Yeah. I think the influence is already apparent 😉

    I’m so so so OVER it. It’s not me. Or, at least, not at all my preferred modus operandi. It is part of me, but not the me I can or want to be, and not the me I normally am.

    I would say, “it can’t get much worse” but oh…I know from experience that it probably can, and that if I dare utter the words, it will. I hope this isn’t one of those cases but if it is, whatever (thanks neptune). I’m not dead yet.

    the good news is that I have no man to mess anything up with. the only thing I can possibly screw up is my work “partnership” which is rather one sided at best (in their favor).

  20. Lisa…..I can relate, and i love your attitude! I am more fearful and worried that I will be destructive, and like *break* something. I think I need an attitude adjustment.
    Not my MO either…..though its coming from somewhere inside me.
    I dont have all the lingo down but one glance at my chart and I get a little…..nervous.

    Its all going down in my 5th in LIBRA( which is home to my Sun, Venus, Uranus and pluto) and 11th….where Chiron is alone in Aries.

  21. according to my natal chart, and hopefully this is the one i am supposed to be looking at, if not please advise, Aries is in the 9th house, Moon is in the 1st house, and Saturn is in the 4 house….what should I be wishing for at the Full Moon……thanks for your reply

  22. If I don’t poke the bear or wander into her territory, all’s well. And when I get poked, I can’t help but say back off. I always find that so helpful. Just say back off. I get that.

  23. Cusp of 6th/12th squaring my Merc/Venus conjunction in the 2nd. I’m thinking pink slips perhaps. I hope I’m wrong.

  24. 2nd house on my aries moon, opposed libra sun/merc 8th. Venus into scorp now tres close to conj n. pluto. Fun bday weekend ahead?

  25. I’m too lazy to go to the Occupy Portland protest today, but I can watch it on the news! The weather sucks and I have to be at Oregon Public Broadcasting to answer phones for their pledge drive this afternoon.

    So all this action with Aries full Moon conj Lilith in opp to Sun & Saturn in Libra I’m afraid is going to create a major shit storm cuz it hits my Moon/Pluto oppostion at 20*, in my 10th/4th houses respectively. My living situation is already kind of shaky… I will be staying at my bf’s for a couple weeks while his roommate is out of town, so if its not a fight with my parents, is it a fight with my bf?

    The other thing I think about is if I’m going to get into some trouble with my favorite corpse. I have a feeling I’ll be seeing him around this weekend, but that might just be wishful thinking.

    Shit, as long as I don’t get arrested or end up homeless I guess it will be ok.

  26. Holy Crap!!! It’s happening on my North Node in my 6th house! Exact!! ::Freaks out::

    Lol, Joking. J/K.

    2 things have been going on lately, One, is I’ve been feeling down, less energy, and want to stay home, relax, escape, I guess thats because everything is in my 12th house at the moment.

    2nd is, My part-time job is picking up work. Which is good news, but my boss has decided to switch personalities from the stress of the upcoming holiday workload expectations, she’s losing her cool and not listening or communicating with her team properly. I have immediately lost respect for her and can see she is going to make the holiday work harder for herself than it needs to be. She also seems to be looking to fire someone.

    She “used” to be a very open hearted positive team leader. Now she’s making everyone nervous, glares, very secretive, and treats everyone with they are a bad child. There is no reason for any of this behavior and I’ve been comforting most of the team by explaining that it’s “Her problem” if she wants to act like that, you can only do the best with the information you have, and if we fail it wont be because we didn’t do the best job we could do. I’ve also consuled a lot of people to go looking for another job, since they have families to feed, they shouldn’t be “dependent” on a job with a team leader thats destructive.

    I absolutely do not believe in any work-place bullying, or corporate bullying. Certainly not from a boss. And I’ve seen it happen alot, especially now with the lack of jobs, more people are desperate for a job and will put up with this shit. Hell fucking no. I’m sorry, but yes leaders create jobs, but they also lose jobs when they stop managing and directing workflow, slow down production, and the quality of a product. I do not stand behind such leaders, because they wont be leaders for long and you will go down with them if you don’t catch onto the trend.

    Always migrate to where the workflow is, and your help is needed.

    This situation reminds me how important it is to “me” to do productive work you “want to do” and enjoy doing, and if your going to have helpers, you need to lead them to where you need help, otherwise your wasting everyones time, which they could use doing something else, thats important to them. If your not enjoying your work, or accomplishments from work, wtf are you doing??

    I know not everyone has the same definition of work as me.

    I dunno, maybe more will come to “light” around the full moon.

    I’m hoping my freelance work picks up again, which I’m hoping would happen anyways when the planets move into my first house in Scorpio. Then I can lead others by example. If my boss takes her behavior too far, I will gracefully walk outta there.

  27. Elsa,
    Thank you for the warning. I have to meet with my wicked stepmother that day and these planets figure very well into our already strained relationship. We are in the midst family power struggle and I was wondering when the other show would drop- and you have answered that for me!You are amazing- my karmic angel!

  28. My Asc is at 11 degrees Aries. I think I just might still be in conjunction range. Anyways, the 1st/7th. Since, I’m manless I’d say I’m to CONTINUE to figure out what my needs should be in relationships.

  29. That’s really funny I just read Julia’s comment and had to take a double take as the full moon conjuncts my Sun and opposes my Pluto in the 1st/7th houses and my name is Julia. At first I thought I’d wrote that and forgotten about it. But then I looked at it again and realised that the other Julia has the Sun and Pluto the opposite way around (I have Pluto in the 1st and Sun in the 7th). Interesting enough, my Dad is meeting my boyfriend for the first time on the full moon…

  30. ThankYou Elsa P. !!!

    I Enjoy Your sense of Humour PC Politically Correct from “Not PC Astrology” !!!

    I would like to say When does Politics Became Correct ?

    Have a Great Weekend Everybody !!!

    Blessings !!!

  31. Thanks for the warnings lol! It’ll be in my 8th House opposing my main Libra constellation (Jupiter conjunct Juno and Chiron); and right now, the Moon is opposing my Libra Neptune.

    As it passes through Aries it will also square all my Cap and Cancer planets – first Merc then at full, Sun/Venus and Mars/Cancer – in fact I jsut checked, they are all squared right now: my chart for today is pretty horrific, inc a Mars Pluto exact conjunction in Leo, T-Plut exact conjunction with my exact Merc/Ceres, Moon sq Moon, and plenty of other squares to my almost all my personal planets…

    And I have a free 3-day pass to the ‘dating’ site I joined for older people, whereby I can message anyone on it without having to pay the sub! What a weekend to chooose… T-Sun is trining my MC today though, so I have to take a look at least 😉 lololol

  32. Hmm, 4th/10th with moon/sun hitting just past my MC+Pluto/IC. Not sure what to make of it, as Mars will also be conjunct my 8th house Jupiter. I really don’t need more drama, so I guess I should strive to not be the angry bitch that needs to be slapped. I think I’m going to use the energy to pick up a mop and create order (Saturn) in my home (4th).

  33. Not looking forward to this, I’ve been laying low and trying to avoid entanglements, making life improvements for my own nourishment. This has been needed for self-preservation, not selfishness. Being nice, positive, and no time for arguing.

    This FM hits my natal T-square. Transit Sun/Saturn conjunct Natal Jupiter/North Node opposite Transit Moon/Eris/Lillith conjunct Natal conjunction of Mars/Moon.

    Everyone bullying my poor Cancer Sun.

  34. 3rd/9th here too. I think it will have to do with writing and university. Probably one of my professors will manifest the BML energy, or maybe I will in response to something at school. I will remind myself not to take it personally. Thanks for the heads up!

  35. Thank you to everyone!!!! Elsa..amazing post and the follow-on comments..I am not alone out ‘There’..phew!!!!

    Sun in Libra very tight up there with Saturn, Neptune, Venus, Mercury 7/8th Houses..

    I felt over the weekend it is time to concede defeat and wait for Karma (Penelope..the Weaver, Patience)..with Aries my oppo – I’ve had time to see how ME fits in since New, it’s how do you YOU fit in with me. I am going with Libralicious on this..control the angry bitch – Love it! But whilst sitting on my wonderful Libran fence (safe place for me)I am going to get very, very creative as to the weapon of choice, should anyone wander over my ‘boundaries’uninvited..LOL!! Love a challenge (thank you Uranus/Cancer,..also 7th House!). Again..amazing post/comments!!!! Thank you x

  36. What a mix of experiences hey? Jupiter in with the fullmoon 3rd house opposite saturn in libra 9th. How do I interpret that or do I allow ‘stuff’ to happen? need to be a working girl with no much turning up locally!

  37. That would be exactly on the degree of my cusp of 6th. Interesting…. I guess I can be expecting clashes at work with authoritive figures and women.

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