Full Moon in Aries: October 1, 2020 – Love & War & Peace

aries ramThe full moon in Aries takes place on October 1st. This should throw some light on your personal situation as well the the conditions in the collective. Just think of the lights coming on. This is your chance to look around. See what you might be missing, both good and bad.

The Aries / Libra axis is concerned with relationship. It’s about me/we, but also about war and peace.

While full moons are known for drama, emergency room visits spike and such, they’re also known for love and romance.  While anything is possible, I would not expect something negative to come from this.

I say this is because the aspect to the moon is from Jupiter, which tends to offer protection.  Further, Aries-ruler Mars is in easy aspect to Libra-ruler Venus. This sounds more like an opportunity for love and romance or to come together in some way.

This may not be fashionable with all the division but I am showing you my work and reasoning.  I have Mars in Libra which is an Aries/Libra mash-up. I know it’s possible to strive for peace, balance, fairness, connectiveness and such.

How do you feel about the full moon in Aries?


Full Moon in Aries: October 1, 2020 – Love & War & Peace — 12 Comments

  1. I’ll take the love and romance; thank you very much!

    At the same degree of the Full Moon, Uranus 9* Taurus (Venus ruled) may provide some interesting sparks.

  2. Full moon in Aries could be my 7th or 8th house. Depending on the degree.
    Dont know about love and romance. I do need the assertive energy to move forward in a new way regarding alot of things.

  3. I know it’s possible to strive for peace, balance, fairness, connectiveness and such.

    Elsa I’m hanging my shingle on that statement too!

    Thank you for your inspiration ?


  4. How do I feel, excited,BOO! I intend to find time and jump in the water
    Before it’s icy, and the Big ,BIG FISH
    He will be swimming too ,so,I have my
    Fishing pole in truck and two down
    Sleeping bags ?and I am planting prayers End to end, I have candles on my list,10 days and counting
    So , I am getting ready!

    • Here’s a thermos filled with hot chocolate, a twist of black pepper and a grate of cinnamon for you. Add to your line up of candles and prayers end to end. xo Go at him slant, Raerae and sip with the best of ready wishes:)Moki

  5. Kisses chica, now is always better
    Than later, and how did you know I am a pepper freak.Ok gotta roll ,my new bus run , gives me the sunrise
    Over the water,sooo empowering
    Helps compensate the tiny pay
    With the big blue on blue and that
    Exponential sky of dreams.

  6. “I say this is because the aspect to the moon is from Jupiter, which tends to offer protection.”

    I really like the thought of some protection right now – the 12H ghouls are really stirring some sh*t up!!

  7. The Libra Sun will be conjunct my Libra Mars and the full moon will oppose both. I have so much Cardinal energy in my headlights with their high beams on for a long time. I look forward to the full moon’s radiance, because along with the transiting aspect of Jupiter to the moon, I have natal Jupiter in Aries in aspect and I’m a Sagittarius sun. So much of these last years’ upheaval is starting to smooth down; I swear I can feel it.

  8. Well, it forms a loose opposition to natal Mercury which means a trine to natal uranus for some bazinga. In looking at that, if I live so long for neptune to move to pisces, I will be experiencing neptune opposing natal Mercury. Whilst I was thinking of neptune, I thought of the 3 amigos in Capricorn moving to square natal neptune at the end of libra. As a result, I will be celebrating the full moon as a culmination point. And in lieu of transits to come, I will be turning to powering down to cruise control. And beginning to let go of some responsibilities. I think I can swing that. Reclusion is the word that comes to mind. And letting it flow. That feels calm to me. I might do some kind of ritual to mark it on the full moon.

  9. Ohhhh no…Just checked my transit report for the day of the full moon. It’s not looking good, I don’t think. Another thing that’s put me on edge.

    These are the ongoing transits that are exact on the day of the full moon:
    Full Moon in my 8th House
    Transit Mars square my Saturn
    Transit Moon square my Uranus
    Transit Moon sextile my Sun
    Transit Moon square my Jupiter
    Transit: Moon square my Neptune

    And (almost exact, 1 degree difference):
    Transit Saturn conjunct my Saturn

    Dear goodness… ><

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