Full Moon in Aquarius: July 23, 2021 – The Stage Is LIT!

aquarius water bearer fountain italyThe full moon in Aquarius will take place in the evening on July 23rd which happens to be a Friday night.  Some call such a thing, “amateur night”.  Others love the drama of it all.

If you’re in the first group, stay home.
If you’re in the second group, you will not be disappointed!

These are people who work in service and may have no choice but to be out. I’m talking about waitresses, bartenders, entertainers, people who work in emergency rooms, cab drivers, etc.  If you’re in this third group, you may like the extra beats and intensity. Another person may say a giant prayer before they leave the house.

I am writing this way for a reason. People are varied and Aquarius is all about the individual. For example, I am an individual with bad grammar.

So we’ve got this heightened situation. Full moons are always hyped up to some degree but this one is particularly energetic.  The full moon is at 1 degree Aquarius. Pluto is at 23 degrees Capricorn. That’s a conjunction in my book. Depth and detachment create a strange brew.

“Create”. The sun in Leo is part of this. This suggests this energy can be used to infuse fun and light into something deeply surprising.  This is my kind of challenge!

Speaking of challenge, Mars in Leo will be conjunct Venus in Virgo under the full moon as both bodies oppose Jupiter in Pisces. “All the world’s a stage”. In this case, the stage is elaborate!

Got planets near 1 degree FIXED?


Full Moon in Aquarius: July 23, 2021 – The Stage Is LIT! — 30 Comments

      • Me three. Am having a root canal the day before. But I think I need to go to work Friday. (Four hours)

        This is the first I’ve realized the Moon will be in Capricorn (Saturn/ruler rules bones) for the root canal. Not so choice timing for it. It’s a problem I have had for three years and finally they figured it out. Sometimes first available appointment is best.

        I’ve been to two dentists and one specialist in root canals but never had clear enough results to go ahead with it.

        It seems like all Saturn transits (or transits to my Saturn) affect my teeth or bones. Full moon May be fulfillment of the problem. Fingers crossed my tooth can be saved.

  1. Pretty new here – been wanting to post for awhile and just didn’t have my account adequately set up!

    I have Mars in 4° Aquarius… this may present itself interestingly being so close to the full moon. Sounds like emotions coming out with a fighting spirit. At this time, I’ll be on a camping trip with my BF’s family including his brother’s new GF (an Aquarius) who has polar opposite political views from mine. She is into astrology, though, so hopefully we can talk about that instead of politics (or, politricks as I call them).

  2. Mercury @ 29 degree in Capricorn.
    Taurus Moon, 5 degrees.
    Scorpio Pluto, 2 degrees.

    Even if I stay home, the show arrives at my door. It has been this way for the last 2+ years (Uranus was conjunct my natal Moon last year). Lots going on to say the least.

  3. “Depth and detachment create a strange brew.” = observing negative behavioral patterns without attachment or judgement as a path to seeing and healing the subconscious trauma that created them.

    I sip this brew happily and yes, it tends to make one strange to others. ?

    • Me too. Pluto has been trying to make friends with us for awhile….nice to enjoy the relief of retrograde Pluto for a bit.

  4. My daughter has her Venus at 1,4 Aquarius in Eight house so that will be a conjunction. She is going on a Holiday with friends few days before. Could it be a begining of a romance?

  5. Alrighty then. ?Full moon conjunct my DSC less than 2 degrees and exact conjunction to my Black Moon Lilith, all conjunct tPluto. Oh man…. Let’s see how this plays out ?

  6. Civil unrest, looting, destruction of infrastructure, army in the streets and people going hungry in our country, Elsa. Explosion of pent up tension, some of it historical wounds, some of it related to lockdown and hopelessness. Mobs taking over, people are scared. PLEASE Elsa, look at the country chart 27 April 1995 at 10:59 Pretoria, South Africa, Pluto transit Uranus at 26:20 Capricorn (started March, retrograde a few days ago still going all the way until Nov 2022) and still conj a retrograde Neptune (transit exact in 2020). For the love of Astrology making a difference, please help us understand what is coming toward us. Thank you

  7. My Aquarius moon is 2 degrees in the 7th house, and Pluto is and has been opposite my Cancer ASC at 23 degrees for a while. I’m so excited, I just can’t fight it, I’m about to lose control and I think I like it! (to quote The Pointer Sisters)

  8. I think there’s a second ♒️Aquarius Full?Moon after the ?Leo♌️ New?Moon, how do you think that plays out comparing to the first, do you figure the second Full?Moon has more impact than the first one, Elsa? Thanks

    • That second Aquarius full moon at 29* will oppose the “Great Eclipse” from 8/21/17 that crossed the U.S., which was at 28* 53′ Leo. That’s gotta be a trigger point for something from that eclipse cycle.

  9. Near exact trines to my Mercury, Chiron and Uranus. My conversations are going to be LIT, healing and revolutionary ? — and they’ll tell the square to my Saturn to chill the eff out.

    Also pointing out once again, as I did in the forum a few weeks ago, this full moon will be at the same degree as the final eclipse in the Leo/Aquarius eclipse cycle from 2017-2019. On 1/20/19 we had a full moon total lunar eclipse at 1* Aquarius. AND I recently realized the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction from 12/21/20 was at 0* Aquarius. What does this mean? Course corrections? Epiphanies? New Realizations? Dunno… Let’s see!

  10. AC/DC! Want more uranian vibe?
    I’ll draw a picture for you: AC tau 1, sun 3 / DC sco 1, plu 3. Technically, in your book (equal houses) it’s T-square, fixed, involving all the angles in my chart. Doesn’t matter how one tries to look at it, and spin it, because even with Placidus it splits my 4H/10H right in the middle. It’s a Cartesian plane. The coordinates are well laid out so that I’m torn from the center out. Which way? Is it a lightning bolt, coming from where?
    As Uranus is currenyly charging forth in my 1H, as he heads out to approach a conjunction with my NN at 18, first he will conjoin the point of my pre-natal lunar eclipse at 16. Can I finally get in the driver’s seat now? I’m guessing I won’t care for a response anymore ???
    Wish me luck! ?

    • Thats probaly the fulfillment of the energies. Nothing is more edgy, creative than Tokyo Japan. And its a celebration, push to normal, the way things used to be.

  11. The only way Ive been able to cope is to turn off the news . I already had Covid and even the Delta variant. For myself personally it wasnt that bad. But if I had watched the news daily, Id be a depressed nervous wreck.

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