Full Moon In Aquarius: August 3, 2020 – Dramatic Surprise & Upset

aquarius spanish waterbearerThe full Moon in Aquarius takes place on August 3rd at 11 degrees.  It promises to be super-duper exceptional. I state this with confidence because the sun and Moon will will square Uranus in Taurus. The aspect is tight.

Uranus is unpredictable. Aquarius is a rebel and a rule-breaker. Leo and sun is going to be SEEN.

I feel sorry for Scorpio here, who will fill in the Sun-Moon-Uranus T-Square.  Scorpio not keen on having the lights come on, unexpectedly. Some of this will be ugly.

In fact, that’s one of the things to note with this full moon. There’s nothing about it that is squishy or kind or compassionate.  This is not necessarily bad!  Let’s see…

Aquarius is innovative, maybe even genius.
Leo is creative and entertaining.
Taurus is artistic.

When we mash these things together, we get, Denys Dytyniuk.

Denny Dent was the original performance art, speed-painter. I saw him paint live in the early 90’s. It was amazingly entertaining with no-squish, see?

This is the kind of thing that come from a combination like this.  It’s it’s own kind of woo-woo!

If you have planets near 11 degrees of any of the Fixed signs, you can expect to be impacted.  If you like what happens, ask yourself this: how has this liberated me?  Because that’s what Uranus does. It frees you.

Let’s just say your ego gets it’s block knocked off. No one would like that, but what if it’s your pride that’s keeping you in chains?

Aquarius is considered “humanitarian”. This full moon is so powerful, I will not be surprised to see all of humanity affected by it. We just don’t know when, where or how, even if we think we do!

Do you have planets near 11 degrees Fixed? How do you feel about this freaky new moon?



Full Moon In Aquarius: August 3, 2020 – Dramatic Surprise & Upset — 74 Comments

  1. Whew I am in the clear fixedly. However it will qunincunx natal moon and Jupiter exactamundo. That puts the leo sun in the natal ninth as the provacateur. I suppose I could think about that some more. More world view stuff. It don’t look good to me out there. Or perhaps I will just continue creating in my own little corner. That would be too easy, hunh? Yodda yodda yodda.

  2. The FM will activate my natal 1H Aquarius Chiron – 7H Leo Uranus opposition. A sudden, painful surprise in a relationship, or resurrecting old emotional wounds. Maybe healing will come if nontraditional techniques are applied.

    • I have something similar; my AC is close to 8 degrees of Scorpio and I have Uranus, L4, at 11 degrees something. I have Chiron on my DC, 9 degrees Taurus. Merc at 8 degrees Leo, Moon at 17 degrees Leo and two other planets as part of a stellium.

      I thought I’d have until December 21 to embrace the surprises (well, best be optimistic, no?) when I have the grand conjunction on my IC and Uranus on my DC simultaneously. Of course I have “significant” progressions too.

      More than a decade ago when I complained of the tediousness of life, someone told me that “life is a whole bunch of nothing interspersed with occasional events.” Facing off this assault 🤔 (or maybe it’s opportunity? 🤔) from the outers, I say, let’s be strong. See you on the other side. 😁

  3. Right on my birthday. My 11th H Sun is also conjunct Mercury and Uranus. Just had the New Moon sitting right on my natal Moon, now the full one will be sitting exactly on my Sun, with Mercury and Uranus banging on the walls next door. Sounds like my kind of trouble. Bring it on!

  4. have jupiter in taurus at 11 degrees square my pluto in leo and rising in leo. so it will activate the squares i have and square my lilith in first house

  5. I don’t like being detached, man, it feels so gross. And revolution is only interesting when it produces results or something. I have to say the painting demo is quite flashy and tasty. But, there’s something leonine to the spectacle

  6. Bang opposite my sun, and my mars fills the T square. Overdue for some liberation, but the houses involved are a little meh for me. Let’s see. Despite my sun, I am so not fixed! I am very, very flexible indeed.

    • Similar – Venus and Neptune and 12-14 in 12th and Asc at 16, with the moon falling near my Saturn in Aqua at 7 degrees, and Leo Mars at 22 degrees. And have an appointment with a surgeon to get his full take on the results of tests that I already know have revealed two completely blocked arteries…in spite of being relatively young, slim, having low cholesterol, and all other blood markers good. So what else can surprise me – I’ve got aneurysms too maybe, lol? As a scorp rising, it’s kind of all par for the course, ain’t it…

  7. Yikes!! although it doesnt impact me directly however its on my boyfriend’s natal 8th house mars (11 deg Taurus). He is a mars conjunct venus (3 orb) with square to 11th house Saturn (14 degree leo) and ven/mars opposing 1st house uranus (7 degree scorpio).

    The dude is in TROUBLE i think!

  8. I am really not sure what to expect. This new moon falls in my 3rd house. Plus, 11 degrees is all over my chart: Jupiter at 11 Capricorn, Saturn at 11 Scorpio, Uranus at 11 Sag… and to round it off, Mercury at 14 Taurus and Mars at 14 Scorpio. I’m a little nervous with Uranus involved. Guess it would be a good idea to pay particular attention to watching what I say.

    • Oh shoot, I forgot I have Uranus at 10 Scorpio.

      So I already have the exact Uranus opposition going on in the background while this full moon forms a T-square to natal Uranus? Oh HELL no.

  9. How wide of an orb are we talking? I have Pluto in Scorpio at 17 degrees, the IC/MC axis at 15 and North and South Node axis at 16 (Aquarius and Leo for both of those).

    The full moon will be in my 3rd house and starting to get close to my Aquarius IC. My mind will probably be active and I expect vivid dreams.

  10. Trine my sun exactly and my moon at 13 Leo. I begin my vacation on the 3rd. Weird times, I would want to be liberated, so stuck right now…but since my dog is pregnant, I will be stuck a bit longer nonetheless.

  11. Today is likely the last day I will ever see my father. He got covid in feb. He’s been hospitalized ever since. They can’t get him off the ventilator. He’s now starving to death.

    The hospitals only let us see as of last week. He’s been dying alone this whole time. The virus absolutely ravaged his body. They will only let 1 of us see him per day as of last week. And only for 30 min. At a time. They had to drag my stepmom out when she last visited. 30 min. That’s it’s. Despite being in a new hospital that you can only be admitted to if you no longer have the virus.

    And despite us all having tested negative multiple times within a 24 hr period, 3 separate times.

    Insurance won’t pay anymore so he is having to be moved to a acute rehab nursing home this week. Where we will not be able to see him. At all. He has to go 2 weeks in quarantine, then he has to successfully get off the ventilator and onto a trach collar. Which he’s never been able to do. He went 3 weeks once on the collar. But then his oxygen rate plummeted – desaturates – and he goes back on the vent.

    He signed a DNR and they re-intubate him this time without telling us. I will sue. It’s what he would’ve wanted.

    They refuse to allow us to bring him home to die. Even though NJ is a right to die state.

    His body is a skeleton now. His thigh is the size of my forearm and I’m very thin.

    I’m never going to see him again.

    My stepmother is dying from the pain. I worry she will die from the loss.

    This moon will land on exactly on my moon at 11 aqua. In my first house with placidius layout. I’m a cap rising

    My sun is is Leo 22. In my 8th house.

    My dad was born 12/16/1942 in Austria. Sometime very early in the morning.

    Thinking is an impossibility for me right now.

    He is a brilliant artist, a champion skier who’s competed all over the world. And soccer player, all over the world.

    He was abandoned by his birth mother as an infant. She left him alone starving to death in an apt in the mountains of Austria near the Black Forest. He built a life for himself and found the love of his love in his wife. I just can’t believe it will end like this.

    All of his talent and abilities, he was fun and worldly and wonderful in so many ways – more than other dads. He was special.

    He was dumped off and left, abandoned to die alone when he came into this world. And now he will end his life, dumped in a hospital and all alone. Just as he came in.

    I just can’t believe this is happening. In 6 hrs. I will see my papa for the last time in my life.

    I just can’t believe it.

  12. My heart breaking for you, so hard to read, stay strong, I am sorry for this;
    He sounds tremendous , COVID horrid, remember your love wins
    This war.

  13. The full Moon and Sun square my natal Moon and Tr. Uranus at 10 degrees at very end of 2H. Been feeling a change coming for awhile – got an itch. Have been being patient, observant, and seeing the big picture. And I don’t think I fit in this particular picture anymore. The Sun trines and Full Moon sextiles my natal Sadge Venus 10H so I feel like what goes down is going to be a good thing in the long run. My Sadge Venus is a pretty smart girl. We shall see!

  14. I just realizes this is going to make a grand square in my chart with Neptune in Scorpio. :/ Uranus is grand trining my Cap stellium and Natal Pluto in Virgo maybe that will mitigate it? I hope 🙂

  15. I’m so sorry StarF. I can’t imagine how you are all coping. Sending my best wishes for peace for your father, you and your loved ones.

  16. Just wondering: If Scorpio fills in the Sun-Moon-Uranus T-Square, and thus will see the lights turn on unexpectedly, does this mean wherever any of us have Scorpio things will come to light?

  17. I find this really appealing. My only fixed planet is Uranus 21 Scorpio so I’m probably not that affected by this, but I love this energy.

    And wow, what a great example to show this energy through Denny Dent – very, very cool.

    My daughter’s Sun is 11 Scorpio. She’s only 7 but I’ll keep an eye on this for her. I wonder how it might manifest for a child.

  18. I have a Scorpio NN at 10 degrees in the 12th House. It is opp of course Uranus in Taurus via transit (or will be) but I also have a Taurus SN in the 6th. So already that’s enough. To add to this I have Uranus in Leo in the 9th House at 11 degrees opp Chiron in Aquarius at 12 degrees in the 3rd House. We will have new neighbors maybe moving in by this full moon. They are of a different culture and may be the quirky addition to daily life in my neighborhood. With the pandemic though, we may never really see them much! PG&E (our electric company) will be turning their lights on…lol We also have not had neighbors in the second unit of the duplex we live in since November, so it will be kind of a shock at first for sure. Not knowing if they are polite and quiet or not. We hope they don’t have a surround sound sound bar. Nothing like trying to relax when having to put up with gun fire, bombs and firing air craft from video games. They are in that age group. Or they may decide “now we want to remodel the front unit” and kick us out. Also my roomie has to drive down to L.A. where the pandemic is raging, to be with his dad on his 101st Birthday (he’s an 8th House Leo). My roomie is terrified and I don’t blame him. There will be hospice starting to set up, so strangers in and out in a very small house. It’s a dire situation.

  19. I have sun in aquarius at 12. Retrograde Mars in virgo at 13.
    Retrograde Jupiter in virgo at 8.
    What should I expect?

  20. Venus, Mars and Uranus in Leo in the 6th natally. Yikes! Uranus in the 2nd and the moon in the 12th. I’m frightened.

  21. I have Saturn at 11 degrees Scorpio in the 8th house. It squares my 16 degree Aquarius Moon in the 12th house.

    I don’t have a clue how this will unfold.

      • I have that flipped – 10 Aqu Asc and 7h 10 Leo. Ur is 10 Tau in my 3rd. Well my Sat is 12 Scorpio in my 9th. So the full moon @11 Aqu is on my Asc/Desc. And Ur is square the full moon, as well as the full moon being square to natal Sat. This is pressure on the Ur opposition to Sat 3/9 that’s been going on in my chart. What unexpected will happen I wonder.

        • I wanna know how it affected you! Please follow up. I will be..also my sun is 15 Aqua …kinda have an idea how it might unfold.

          • Whoa. Sun nearby 4u. That reminds me I have Mars @14 Aqu! Or would those degrees b 2many away 4it all 2have an influence. I kinda have an idea too that’s beginning 2unfold…

  22. Sag in 6th house 11 degrees?
    Will I be adventurous with my art?
    I am gonna start cutting my bouquets
    Garden popping with color
    Been working 10-10 at ice cream shop for son on vaca , was so nervous, but has given me some
    Confidence with unknown and public
    Oops gotta scoop

  23. Asc at 12 Leo, Sun 17 Leo. I wouldn’t mind something unexpectedly good. Haha But who knows. Things are kind of limited right now with covid 19.

  24. MC At 11 degrees scorpio; Pluto at 11 degrees Virgo.
    sounds like the lights going on unexpectedly is exposure not personal awareness/ enlightenment

  25. Elsa, when you say, “any planets near 11 fixed”, are you referring to, “natal” or “solar” planets? And can we assume, whatever the answer is, that’s what most astrologers mean?
    This has always puzzled me.
    Thank yo so much for all your wonderful help and insights.💓

  26. August 3rd is the anniversary of my Dad’s death. It will be 3 years. I’ve made an appointment to get a tattoo done that day (as I have the last two anniversaries). This Full Moon will be hitting my AC/Neptune/Moon in Scorpio (12,13,17 degrees). It feels very fitting. To me, this is an expression of the pain I feel deeply which in a way allows me some liberation from it by the expression of it.

  27. This full moon is smack in the middle of my first house and will square North Node at 14 degrees Scorpio and Uranus at 6 degree Scorpio (both in my 10th house). (I’m not married and I don’t have a job…so…will this bring a new gig?)

    Will I (finally) get a new job? Can anyone give me any insight, please 🙂

    Pisces sun (18 degrees), Cap rising (20 degrees).

  28. This literally makes me sick to my stomach looking at it. Like something you can’t avoid just because you are alive…even if you aren’t doing anything. Like an asteroid just hits you and you can’t help it.

    9 Taurus moon. Cap dsc with a pile just sitting there. And a Stellium in Scorpio opposite my moon.

    Maybe I should go to a cabin in the woods tomorrow and stay there until 2021 because I DO NOT want this.

    • Yes, not giving me a warm and fuzzy either. squaring my sun in scorpio , mercury and saturn.
      Maybe with the sun and mars trining my sag planets it will be a good surprise?..One can hope

  29. My moon is 11 Aquarius, 2nd house. Uranus in 5th. To be honest, I am happy without additional excitement. … or maybe I’ll win an art competition I entered into? :-/ Being hopeful here, a tiny little bit, as unlikely as it may seem 🙂

  30. Natal Uranus RX 1st house 11° Leo opposite Chiron in the 7th 12° Aquarius, 10° Mars in the 4th. I recently started a new job and have been feeling the urge to walk out despite the $ and perks. Hmm.

    My significant other has a Leo sun and Uranus in the 5th along with a Scorpio moon in the 7th (and an Aries rising). Not tight orbs but I’ll lay money he’ll have some sort of “reaction”.

  31. I have a 13 degree Scorpio moon in the 7th house. My 2nd child, my son, seems to be the focus when the moon is affected by transits (7th house is the house of your 2nd child, among other things). My natal Moon is square 14 Leo Uranus natally. My son is not speaking to me- hasn’t for 2 years or so. He’s been involved in the Seattle riots, which are still ongoing. I never like it when that Moon gets hit. It’s ALWAYS a shock. I pray he stays safe.

  32. Lots of people getting hit by this one!

    My Venus @ 12 Leo in the 5th. Uranus is still transiting my 1st. I got quite the jolt a week ago when an old flame showed up on my FB feed quite by accident (I wasn’t on FB at the time so we weren’t FB friends, and we have no mutual friends). TR Venus was exactly square my natal Uranus/Pluto that day. I don’t think I’ve ever fully let go of him. That was a Pluto conjunct Moon transit a decade ago; now Pluto is square my ASC. Old guck is definitely coming up to be released, and I think perhaps that’s what this full moon is about for me.

    My progressed Sun will cross into my 7th at the end of the year. Time to let go, so I can bring in the new.

  33. The FM will activate my Sun square moon aspect (moon 14 deg Aqu 2 House, sun 15 deg Tau 5 House). Natal Uranus 15 deg Lib 10 House opp Chiron 15 deg Ari 4 House is gonna be affected too I’m guessing.

  34. I have a lumbar injection scheduled on the 3rd. It is long overdue and will rule out if I have MS and hopefully will relieve the headaches and blurred vision I have had for almost 3 years. This full moon will activate my tight Uranus-Scorpio/MarsAquarius/Saturn-Leo t square. I am also having an Uranus opposition and Pluto is 1 degree from my ascendant. Lots of fun! Uranus is conjunct my midheaven natally also. My guess is this will have an affect on my career and work.

  35. My son in law has Jupiter at 10 Scorpio. He has been in a rapid cycling bipolar hypomanic state for about two weeks and seems to be improving but I wonder if this grandcross for him will be too much. His sons’ Suns are at 10 Aquarius and 10 Taurus respectively.

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