Full (Blue) Moon In Aquarius – July 31, 2015 – Ice Queen Meets Drama King

1920What’s a “blue” moon?

Typically we see one full moon per calendar month. Approximately every two and half years we see two full moons in a month. When this happens, the second full moon is called a “blue moon”. It gave rise to the phrase, “Once in a blue moon..”

Astrologically, I am not convinced that a blue moon indicates anything special, above and beyond what we see in a full moon.  This is my logical mind, speaking. Is a full (blue) moon more dramatic than a full moon, heavily aspected by outer planets? I’d say no.  But I think google prefers DRAMA so you may read on others site about how this is so spectacular. I’d like to see the evidence!

So what we have here is the Sun in Leo opposing the Moon in Aquarius @ 7 (almost 8) degrees, early Friday morning.  Most know, I consider full moons to be illuminating. This seems common sense. The Sun shines brightly in Leo, the sign he rules.  Think in terms of royalty.

Moon Aquarius is the cool, detached side. This post is written in her style. Cool and intellectual, thing, much ado about nothing.

This does not mean there will be no drama at this time.  Ice Queen meets Drama King – sign me up for a front row seat!

Where will the full moon land in your chart?

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Full (Blue) Moon In Aquarius – July 31, 2015 – Ice Queen Meets Drama King — 28 Comments

  1. I love the illustration. And your words, as always. This blue chilly moon will fall in my sixth house, conjunct my Venus. Will also trine my Saturn as well as my Pluto. This should be interesting. Quite.

  2. Maybe Emma Roberts will put the Donald in his place? The moon falls smack on her natal Mercury in Aqua which opposes her natal Jupiter in Leo. She’s great at making succinct, powerful statements. ?

    • To me, Donald Trump’s foot to the mouth during this time is the perfect embodiment of the Venus conjunct Jupiter in Leo square to Saturn in Scorpio energy. Smh.

      • Not Emma Roberts. (Facepalm) Emma Watson. Similar age and looks. But she doesn’t have anything in aspect. I’m guessing somebody like her to tell the Donald off. Cool, poised and collected with a verbal middle finger.

    • Donald Trump is speaking from his heart for US tired taxpayers. The rest of them PAY for other’s to wrote their SPEECHES.
      Those who don’t pay taxes don’t care what goes on.

  3. This blue moon is on my birthday, conjuncts my sun/ascendant in leo and squares my neptune/moon in scorpio. I tried finding info…none to be had!

  4. The Full Moon will happen in my empty (except for asteroids) 4th house, BUT will oppose my natal Venus in Leo conjunct MC directly. The Sun will be sitting right on my natal Venus as well.

    Also, I have a Sun/Moon opposition in my natal chart (2nd house Sag Moon, 8th house Gemini Sun).

    You know, I am going to expect something awesome to happen. Either that, or my husband and I will have a big blow out of epic proportions over my inability to secure employment!

  5. The full moon will loosely conjunct my natal Venus @ 12 Aqu. Might trigger something in my natal Yod, might not. (sextile jupiter 11 Aries inconj Uranus 9 Virgo)

  6. My MC is at 7-8 Aquarius (IC in LEO) so yeah Ice queen meets Drama king at home and at work! Oh jeez, I’ll have to hide out in the 12th house with my natal moon!

  7. It conjunct my Ceres in the 6th house, sq. My natal Saturn/IC/MC. I’ll be looking for a job. I need to speak with a family member about a job opportunity, which I’m dreading, but I’m going to do it anyway. I also need to find a Psych doctor, because I need meds (6th) for depression (saturn).

  8. Yeah, all that blue moon stuff. Just means that the calendar we are using now is a 12 month instead of 13 lunar month. I am using solar house chart at the moment so 6th. It works. Work is rockin. I really like my immediate team. We are humming along in unison. Okay so there are a couple of rough players. I do not want to feel pity for them because they can be real uncomfortable but they are at where they are at right? Sometimes I just see them as pitiful. Where the hell do I get off making judgements like that. I guess it’s because I sense their weighty sadness. My bad. At least, I know better than to get into their stuff. That could bottom me out with severe depression. They’ll take care of it when they need to.

  9. Is this a second chance? I hope so! I had a new moon, in my sun sign, on my birthday this year but I didn’t do any intentions then. I guess I can always make it a second chance! This 7° moon will be in my 7h!

  10. Hi Elsa,

    For this full moon, the Sun will conjunct my natal NN, opposite natal Saturn, just over the cusp into my 5th house.

    Thank you everything you offer on your site.


  11. Hi Elsa! Well the Full Moon will be 5 degrees from Chiron in my 3rd House. I hope I don’t have some major miscommunication with someone I am meeting with.

  12. Coming up to this time, I find myself in big trouble in relationship, and my personal life is challenging to the point that I can’t cope. I’ve been nose to the grindstone for years, and put all my chips on buying a little house and taking time off to remodel about a year ago. I bit off more than I can chew, and it has been a huge lesson.

    At the same time, a man came into my life who was a huge challenge, and now this thing has taken turns I couldn’t have imagined, my attempts to take care of myself have blown up. It appears I have gravely misjudged the situation, and I’m coming out of hiding to go to the forum to ask for help. I’m really scared, and it appears I am without adequate support to deal with this. I am trying to maintain my balance as I go through this, and do the right thing, but it feels impossible.

  13. This blue moon lands on my natal moon conjunct saturn and part of fortune (dont ask…im still trying to work that one out, and im 53!) Not sure right now exactly what degree the sun in leo will be at on Friday, but i have my natal north node conjunct vertex at 17degrees of Leo…hmmm.. Im internet dating at the moment and got my heart set on one particularly guy, wil he/wont he call..?!?
    Thanks for your work Elsa, i dooo appreciate it.

  14. This Full Moon will be conjunct my natal Saturn in the seventh house…am wondering if it will affect anything at all as I have yet to form a successful intimate relationship at 53… I am a prickly person already and tend to keep some distance in most of my relationships! My south node is st 14 Aqu. And part of the fixed cross formation in my chart…. I read a do or die, now or never interpretation in Elephant Journal though….

  15. The full moon will be in my 2nd house, so I’m looking at new ways of making money and starting my own business. The Sun is in my 8th house so I’m having a hard time talking about it.

  16. Hi Elsa! Conjunct my 10 degree Jupiter in the 12th, trine Mars in Libra in the 7th house, square Uranus in the 5th. What the…..?

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