He’s Off The Chain! She’s Off The Chain! Free Thinkers, Asserting Their Intellect

freedom of speechHave you ever met someone who was “off the chain” as they say? I am talking about someone you can’t control.

People routinely get upset when they find they are simply not going to be able to control my mind or my speech or my opinions or my whatever.  I am just not designed to conform in this manner.

I was talking to a client who is also dealing with a man, off the chain. He’s probably a genius, with Mercury conjunct Uranus in Scorpio, square Mars, no less.  With something like that in his chart, it’s a safe bet that this guy is going to say what he wants, when he wants, the way he wants. If he’s got to fight you over this I am sure he will because he’s just not going to back down when it comes to free expression.

Will this cost him? Yeah.

Will it cost you her if she dumps him? If she wants to know a genius, it will.

It’s not the hot minds and mouths that is interesting to me or even the reaction people have. I like considering why a person would meet someone like me or someone like him.  Take this gal. She knows both of us and I can’t see that this is an accident.

Why does a person meet someone off-the-chain?  What do you think the reason is?


He’s Off The Chain! She’s Off The Chain! Free Thinkers, Asserting Their Intellect — 13 Comments

  1. what nutbar would get upset not being able to control someones mind or speech ?? if they do just point them towards a high cliff.

  2. When I meet off-the-chain people it feels like, “yes, my kind…real”…and I feel I can breathe air and learn a thing or two
    ….for other people, it could be an opportunity to peel a few layers of themselves, to get in touch with their own truths.

  3. … they are simply not going to be able to control my mind or my speech or my opinions or my whatever.

    Me too, although I keep myself too much in control.

    Don’t let anyone change you.

  4. Hail hail to that! Immunity to herd trends, cultural manipulation & fear of social ostracism……That’s what I call freedom!

    I’m always told that the older generation fought in the war so we could have freedom of speech today. Not sure its what we have though currently.

    Too many ‘sacred cows’ that are beyond comment & fair criticism sadly.

  5. Taurus was off the chain, in ways – he ended up that way in his actions as well as his words (at least in my view), and I was pissed because he kept contacting me when he knew what I wanted, knew how I felt about things, and I wanted him to clear off if he was going to be acting in a way that I wouldn’t want him to (in specific ways), until I could develop enough emotional distance where he was concerned (if that could ever happen). I woke up thinking about things yet again, and was actually thinking of a consultation with you, if I can find my birthday money – I think I’ll have enough. Not to talk about him, but because I need to deal with Neptune squaring my Moon/Venus and Nodes, conjoining my Mars, trining my Uranu/ascendant – Pluto squaring Jupiter and Pluto and completing my T-square – Saturn in my 12th, squaring my Saturn and then moving on to oppose my Aries planets – Uranus still in my 5th (I thought I’d have more fun whilst he was in this house, but it’s been annoying) setting off my t-square as he moves forward. I’m sure I’m forgetting something.

    He had Mercury opposed Uranus, and wasn’t a genius, but seemed to have a constant need to rebel. When I informed him that something he was doing (this year) had actually been the more conforming side of things for years, he was put out. He can find more understanding with Charles Manson, for some things, than he could with me making one mistake – he likes crazy from people he isn’t involved with (unless he sees it as a ‘fun’ crazy), but you flip out on him, and he won’t stand for it – yet he would talking about being crazy, and wanting to do this and that, despite society, blah blah blah.

    Where was my head? I once asked him why he liked me (and then loved me, supposedly), since I seemed to embody several things that he would mock. He told me that I was one of the most real and down-to-earth people he knew, and I know he liked my warmth, because he milked from it when he should have been leaving me alone. I liked talking to him and miss that (we had a Mercury/Mercury conjunction and both had Uranus opposed Sun, whereas it also opposed his Moon). I have Mercury square Saturn, he had Mars/Saturn sextile his Sun/Moon.

  6. Whoa – sorry. I didn’t know that was so long. Crikey.

    And I should add that I liked talking to him, when he wasn’t constantly denying his side of things (*his* shadow and mistakes). I had someone tell me that he was trying to drive me over the edge, and I’d been feeling that way – I loathe him now. I guess one reason we hit it off, was our both having Uranus opposed Sun – although we had tighter oppositions with one another’s Suns (and his Moon) than our own.

  7. no one has ultimate control over another person’s mind. it seems futile… and stupid… to try.
    but people do, all the time.

  8. yeah, I had them all riled up in the breakroom with my take on poly marriage. And when they ask whether I’m a lesbian and I say “I don’t know, I never tried it”. I guess I’m supposed to say I never would, or something…

    just not the opinions to have here in Ohio…they can bite my ass with their ignorant little mindsets.

  9. I think encountering people like this helps to raise their own level of awareness of how they think and interpret the world and maybe to reflect this aspect in themselves right back to them.

    I have merc conj uranus in scorpio too and have been trying to hide it because I’m scared of the consequences of owning it. This has bitten me on the arse big time and I have no one to blame but myself for this. I’m in my first saturn return and I’ve been getting the feeling recently that by hiding this aspect of myself, not only am i losing out, but so are some of the people in my life – not implying in anyway that I’m some sort of oracle of wisdom but I think we all have our different strengths for a reason and if I don’t express who I am, I’m not performing my role/ fulfilling my function on this earth.

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