Astrology Calendar To Track Important Transits

planet mobileAre you studying astrology or interested in learning how transits affect you?

A long computer list of transits is difficult to use. They include the numerous minor aspects. A beginner doesn’t know how to weigh the importance of each transit. Also, while it may be important for Cancerians to track the moon, for most people, the effects of the moon are fleeting and not a primary consideration.

Some years ago, I was looking for a list of the more important astrological events. I realized there was nothing like this, anywhere. This is because it takes a human being to discriminate! Creating a list like this is LABOR INTENSIVE!   But I really wanted something like this so I created it.

I’ve maintained my Transit Watch calendar since 2009.  It features the new and full moons, planet ingresses, and dates when planets turn retrograde or direct.

The calendar also includes hard aspects that tend to mark events. When I see something remarkable such as a long-lasting Grand Cross or a large stellium in a sign, I put that on there too. I often write posts for the events on the calendar…and link them from that page.

I want to let people know this resource exists. There’s a tab on top the blog that will take you there. There’s nothing like it anywhere.   Check out our Transit Watch Calendar.  This is a free service.  You should be able to import events to your google calendar. If you have trouble, this might help

Importing Transits To Google Calendar

I’ve just finished updating the calendar through the end of 2021. Please enjoy and share the link with others! Thanks!



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  1. Thanks for documenting these important transits for us, Elsa! I noticed on your April 11th calendar entry that you wrote Mercury ingresses into Aquarius. On that day, Mercury ingresses into Aries.

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