Free Astrology Calendar To Keep Track Of Important Transits

planet mobileAre you studying astrology or interested in learning how transits affect you?

A long computer list of transits is difficult to use. They include the numerous minor aspects. A beginner doesn’t know how to weigh the importance of each transit. Also, while it may be important for Cancerians to track the moon, for most people, the effects of the moon are fleeting and not a primary consideration.

Some years ago, I was looking for a list of the more important astrological events. I realized there was no such thing as a filtered list. This is because it takes a human being to discriminate. Creating a list like this is LABOR INTENSIVE!   But I really wanted something like this so I created it.

I’ve maintained the calendar since 2009 (with help from alicia).  It features the new and full moons, planet ingresses, and dates when planets turn retrograde or direct.

It also include hard aspects that tend to mark events and when I see something remarkable such as a long-lasting Grand Cross or a large stellium in a sign, I put that on there too.  I often write posts for the events on the calendar…and link them from that page.

I just want to let people know, this resource exists. There’s a tab on top the blog that will take you there. There’s nothing like it anywhere.   Check out our Transit Watch Calendar.  This is a free service.

Transit Watch: Astrology Calendar

Enjoy and please share the link with others! Thanks!

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Free Astrology Calendar To Keep Track Of Important Transits — 21 Comments

  1. Thanks for the reminder. It prompted me to download the calendar updates to my device calender. It’s nice to look at my device calendar and see astro transits next to my daily life events.

    • Thanks for your work!
      The “download iCal” link will connect to more than just Apple devices. I saw the Outlook download option, too.

  2. Great. Thank you. A welcome addition. Tell me about it: searching everywhere for details of all of the most impactful transit info, etc. Now I have three sources I combine all together. Are your Transit Watch Calendars put together using MT (Mountain Time), Elsa? Currently EDT where I am.

  3. Hi there,

    This looks like an amazing resource and I’d love to use it, but for some reason, it doesn’t work when I try to add it to Google Calendar. I’ve followed the instructions in the comments but there’s still the error coming up that the calendar is in the wrong format. Could you explain how to do this please?

    • I can’t tell if you’re mocking me, grimm. This is your second remark that hard to parse. But I can tell you that I have had to deal with at least fifty emails in regards to that calendar. Also, a number of us have invested a lot of time and energy into it’s creation and the follow-on maintenance. Just so you know. You may or may not value the page but that calendar has a ten-year history on this blog and it matters immensely to more people than you may imagine.

      If I have misread you, here or elsewhere, I’m sorry. But I have busted on my ass on that page for a decade and see no reason for it (or I) be denigrated.

      • I’m sorry, if you misunderstood me. I meant that in a good way, because I was happy you could fix it after all.

        I wouldn’t make fun of you. It’s your page and you can do with it what you want. Frankly, it’s none of my business.

        • This is bothering me. Apparently you misunderstood my other comment on the transit calendar as well. Yes I exaggerated my comment, to make it more funny. I’m not a troll. But the gist of it all was that I liked the calendar (it’s my favourite feature on the site) and was sad it wasn’t working anymore. But you’re not obliged to do anything I want, because this is your site, not mine.

          And after you fixed it I spent an hour looking through different months. I really do appreciate your site, because I can tell how difficult the maintenance must be.

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