Found Behind The Dresser: Mental Affinity aka Mercury Is So Underrated

I was getting ready to finish painting my daughter’s bedroom today. I’ve pretty much finished other than the inside of the closet so I was emptying it today thinking I might paint tomorrow.

She has her dresser inside the closet to save space and when I pulled it out there was some stuff that had fallen down behind it. I was not happy to see, I’ll tell you that because there was a notebook back there and let me tell you this: My daughter can write. If you want evidence of that click here – Out of the mouths of babes.

My son can write too but he is one understated kid. You don’t see this kid, even if you’re his mother and then every now and then he breaks the surface with his Scorpio Mars and my jaw drops.

Today was like that. I got a text message from him and he’s got this cadence in his writing that won’t quit. My daughter has the same thing, they can talk in dialects and the astrology here is as clear as it is heartbreaking.

My son has his Sun, Moon and rising in the Venus ruled signs which all track to his Venus in Gemini. His Venus is exactly conjunct my daughter’s Sun so you can imagine affinity of communication. I think you can see it in their picture there.  They are dressed as, “Silba and Grey”, these characters from space they used to play.

In whatever case, I got this text from my son, my plain vanilla, Taurus son who people overlook right up until he decides to reveal and the thing just stood there and danced on my phone. He was asking about my husband’s birthday see, and one the things the little family criminal mind did was call him by the nickname I called my husband  hen we were teens.

Now most of you know, I call my husband by his given name which no one else does but I also have a secret name from when we were young, a derivative of his name that is really quite private so you see what my kid was doing here. He was communicating as to not bore a person for one but anyway, it struck me what a loss he’s suffered because get this:

I don’t have any Gemini. I am just not all that light on my feet, frankly and I don’t know how my son is ever going to replace Silba. She used to make up languages and he could speak them, see? They had a spectacular synergy.

My husband and his brother have this… my husband has it with his mother as well and his son too, I think. I have it with Annalisa but I wonder what it is like when your twin goes missing.

“I cannot replicate that connection for him,” I told my husband.

“No you can’t.”

Is there someone in your life who really, REALLY speaks your language?




Found Behind The Dresser: Mental Affinity aka Mercury Is So Underrated — 29 Comments

  1. I would have to say my husband. If there is such a thing as ESP we most definitely have it. We speak at the same time expressing the same thought. It happens all the time, we just laugh about it alot.

    I have not really ever experienced this with anyone else, not even my dear Taurus sister that I am so close with.

  2. I’m sure there will always be a Mosta sized hole in Vid. I don’t have anyone like that, but I watch my youngest two, and they definitely speak each other’s language. My son has had speech difficulties all of his life, but his sister has never once had to ask him to repeat himself. Even I haven’t been able to give him that gift!

  3. Tears just jumped from my eyes, like raindrops off a water laden tub…..oh my! You slay me with some of this stuff you write….I can’t stop tearing up.

    Yes, there was, my mother. She was a Leo with a Capricorn Moon. Others so misunderstood her….and it still hurts my feelings today if someone says something derogatory about her. We had our own communication and it baffled many that were around us. I never understood until she was gone and I did not have that “connection” around. I feel it. I feel for Vid. I hope he finds it again….

  4. I am in tears reading this, Elsa…

    I talked a little bit about this before in one of my comments. My younger brother (Sagi) and I (Sagi Rising) had a deep connection, too. He passed away six years ago…

    I mentioned to my husband, today, while we took a walk in the area, that we were just as connected, mentally. We often know what the other was thinking and crack each other up when we mention it.

    I got overlooked as a kid myself, because I was quiet and shy and read a lot of books. Kept to myself but was very artistic and good with words. And I’m doing well as a grown-up :).

    I believe Vid will find that connection again. Not the same as the one he had with his lovely sister. Nothing can replace that exactly, just as no one can replace my brother. But with a friend or a companion sometime in his lifetime…

  5. That’s a very dear picture of your children, very precious. Hugs to you and to them.

    My sister and I – definitely speak the same language. It means more and more to me as we grow older. We are both Moon Capricorn, Venus in Aquarius, and her Mercury is Aquarius and mine Capricorn, so maybe those aspects contribute?

  6. My Taurean cousin. Lots of exact earth trines btwn us saturated by Neptune. We weren’t allowed to be partners when playing Pictionary…everyone thought we were cheating. She would draw a head and an arrow pointing and I would say lobotomy!

    ((((Elsa + family + everybody))))

  7. I just can’t stop the tears. I’m sending peaceful sleep thoughts to you right now Elsa…

    I’m very lucky- Both my sister (Aries- like me) and my mother (Capricorn) are able to speak the same language… it’s funny though, my sister and my mother can’t seem to communicate with eachother though.

    jana- you’re comment made me laugh- Our family won’t let my sister and I play on the same team in Pictionary either- the last straw was when I drew “Bush Fire” with a stick girl with flames (well, you can figure it out)

  8. I understand a lot of people’s languages. Am sort of a translator in that regard. I have a few people who really get me and a lot more who think they do because I accommodate.

    (lots of Gemini)

  9. ((Elsa)) Sorry, I read this while sleep-deprived this morning and didn’t fathom the depth of the post at the time. So what did you do with what you found? Do you give it to her, or just put it away somewhere? And if so, where is that somewhere? I honestly don’t know what I would do in your shoes. This situation is my worst fear, and I completely admire you for going through it in whatever way you are. This reminds me of the Anne Frank diary – there’s just so much innocence and intelligence and potential there, and it hits Fate and there’s nothing you can do…

  10. Del, some of her dogs were back there, some dog stickers and a homemade book and a notebook. I didn’t know what to do so I asked my husband who told me to put it away somewhere so I did.

    I really had a fucked up night over this. Sometimes you just take a spill.

  11. I hope you have a more peaceful night tonight Elsa. There’s just so much. Often I don’t know what to say in response so I just comment in answer to the question you ask. Always always feel a great deal of compassion.

  12. Thank you, Lupa. Right now, I don’t even want to close my eyes. Too many people swirlin’ around. I can’t remember being this awash.
    Thankfully I have a lot of work. It’s grounding and diverts my attention. I hope I transcend this, soon.

  13. what Lupa said..she said so well..these emotions are intensely personal and private, and how the hell anyone gets through what little I know of all you’ve had to actually too intimidating to makes me want to find words to say well done you, for having the courage to go into this phase.. but it’s bound to take its toll, and the sooner you have those loving husband arms around you, the better. I hope I didn’t say this all wrong for you at this raw’s just rushed from the heart as know me..Aries Moon Jupiter..I wish you gentle, sweet sleeps and lots of good, diverting work experiences! I so admire your ability to share what you do share.

  14. ((((Elsa)))) Hope you sleep better tonight…

    And to answer your question, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who speaks my language, actually…

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