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long hard roadI was talking to satori the other night about her life. I’ve known her for seven or eight years now so I have some perspective. I was able to rattle off a list of her gains. There have been no losses that I can perceive. I just think she is doing so well, particularly with difficult transits.

“Remember when I was in the thick of it with my daughter?” I said.


“There was a point where I woke up to realize I was really in trouble and going to be in it for awhile. I just knew.  Er… fFor a long time, everyone told me that it was going to be okay. I told myself it was going to be okay and that okay was going to be right around the corner.  But one day I woke up and knew this was not the case.  I was screwed and I was going to be for a very long time. It was just not going to work out as I’d been promised.”


“Yeah, it was all the sudden obvious to me I was on a long hard road and it would be years, most likely…”

“I remember.”

“So at that point I paced myself. I figured I’d better because all these promises people made me were not coming true and I could see they were not going to come true. I knew I had a very long run no matter what anyone else thought and I’d better dial down and settle in or I was never going to make it, which I did. And now you’re doing that. You’re able to look at a transit and know what it means, know what to do and then do it. I think it’s called, walking the walk. You’re doing it, completely consciously so now you can tell others. I mean, the astrology helps. You can see right there, what you’re in.”

Anyone out there on a long, hard road and they know it? How are dealing with your hardship?


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  1. I’m scared. Really scared. But I’m still here! In spite of major Pluto transits(currently have Venus at4’Capricorn and Mars 6’Capricorn),I also have a very handy Neptunian leaning towards escapism, and very likely undoing. All or nothing. What a good idea.(Not)! Whilst this provides temporary respite, I came to realise I had to face the music sooner or later. Bummer. Oh never mind… ::Rolls up Capricorn sleeves::.

  2. I was this entire fall. Not exactly ‘long’ relatively speaking, but I had that same sense of, “Okay. I know this is not something that’s going to pass overnight, so I might as well settle in.” Things are very slowly starting to turn up. I’ve dealt with it by creating goals to work toward and like TreeFrog rolled up my sleeves 🙂

  3. i feel like the road i’m on is a hard one. i deal with it by remembering the good–i love someone who loves me back.

    i try to maintain awareness for something that keeps my perspective in check. i remember once visiting someone in hospital. the person i visited shared a room with a man who had no family, his wife had died from cancer 6 months before, and he had an accident and was paralyzed from the neck down. but by the grace of god, go i. i have the means to put one foot in front of the other and i strive every day to remember that.

  4. I’m on a long hard road in regards to my son.

    I’ve been trying to come more to terms with it ever since reading A True Story Only Three Could Tell. It was like you gave me permission to understand and accept that I’m in an impossible situation.

    I’m not sure what the astrological signature is for this, so I can’t determine when it could end. I don’t know that I’ll ever be “ok”.

  5. (((Paulo))) hoping you find a fairly godmother

    I’m on a long hard road and feel I always have been [almost] all my life. Strangely having worked out what my chart must be, using past events / transits etc etc, I feel much more accepting of it all, as it was always to a large extent out of my hands – with all those T-squares it was going to be a big and recurring challenge, no matter the choices I made.

    I have major Pluto and Saturn transits just starting and due to last a few years, by which time I shall be ancient – I hardly expect to survive them (I’d be in my mid 70s by then). So I have to do what I’ve being doing these several years now, and minimise the chances of landing myself in the sh&t. I no longer put myself in the way of trouble!

    I figure my life has been so tough anyway, I’ll know how to handle it, whatever the two malefics throw my way. I think a tough childhood sets you up for life – provided you got through in one piece, of course. Mine wasn’t physically hard like that of so many on here, but spiritually and psychologically it was a nightmare. I came through, though, and feel I always will now

  6. Paulo,The actor Edward Norton has set up a charities/donation site.It’s called Crowdrise.You can set up your own charities.Even one for yourself.If you feel to embarrased,you could ask a friend to write a letter for you.Describing your surgery predicament?I just became a member yesterday.I’m hoping to get active in helping to thwart the sex slave trade.

  7. Yes,I’m on that tired old road.I have a horrible chart.I’m not being melodramatic.I’ve had some grand luck,but was in such internal pain,I could barely enjoy the money or bask in the limelight.I must have been Lucrezia Borgia in a past life.If there is such a thing.

  8. Really this all started back in June of ’83 when, first neptune, followed by uranus & saturn all transited by moon & sun. Throw in a few “breaks” here and there, a Saturn Return, a nice, long 3yr break and then pluto hits.
    Pluto’s been conjunct my moon(chart ruler) since June ’07, hopefully leaving my moon alone by June of ’11. Hoping to see a light at the end of this tunnel soon.

    How do I deal? Well I do have a cappy moon in my 6th, without work what would life be?

  9. Yup. I deal with it by learning, and working. And by trying to act on what I have learned, and by being proactive about learning and applying.

    Sometimes I feel like this whole life has been a series of rough transits, but that’s only because it’s pretty much true. Everything’s pretty much packed 11-2. Pluto in 11 has hunted down and conjuncted every planet in my chart but Saturn (right about NOW in Cap). The only one left behind was Uranus, in the 10th. So, well, that’s a different story.

  10. The past few years for me have been one awful thing after another, starting with Pluto opp natal Moon and now being on my Saturn and heading towards a square w/ natal Venus. Pluto just went into my sixth house this year but the job woes have been ongoing for a while, tying into my personal life because someone who’s caused a great deal of trouble for me (and continues to) has a daughter who works on my team at my job. Lots of covert whispers around me, job related, and more than likely my job will end within a year if not sooner because of outsourcing to the Philippines and Costa Rica. I need to get my ass in gear and get my father’s estate settled so I can have something to fall back on while arranging to finish my degree and finding another job. And the job itself has been a nightmare, because management treats the workers like dirt and looks for reasons to get rid of disabled people, especially ones like me with no outside support.

  11. (((Paulo)))

    Reading this board has given me much perspective on my troubles–as I am sure is the case with many of you. I often feel grateful for my own problems after hearing someone else’s. I am trying to learn more about the transits that have brought me to this “now.”

    My “now” was interrupted by my parents (only child here, living far, far, away and for good reason too) and their aging. Their situation became drastic in 2007 and has continued to be a problem since then.

    To their misfortune they never really bonded (and were too stubborn to divorce going on 60 years) so they are off the rails with each other. My aunt, an Aquarian saint, has been an angel through all of this–by holding the fort.

    Dad, 83, isn’t aging, because he lives in an Aries-Pisces tinted fantasy world. Dad has dangerous hobbies like logging on steep slopes, and operating heavy equipment–CAT D-4 anyone?.
    Mom, 84, has Alzheimer’s. She was diagnosed in 2000. In January 2010, I had no choice but to place her in full time care at the Best Facility Ever which costs *gulp* $60K a year. This made my life less insane.

    My life is better now that I wrangled all of their problems into a kind of congealed mass of estate planning, lawsuit defending, financial, and household problems–which now arrive in my mailbox. Natch, I want to know when this will be over so that I quit flying coast to coast five times a year and get a real job. Employers just aren’t down with this you know?

    Long term troubles are roll up your sleeves, pull up your stamina, and pace yourself times. They are times for knowing when you can advance and when to retreat in a collected fashion. But in the meantime it’s crazy disruptive. Hey, at least I’m not dealing with parents and teenagers simultaneously. 🙂

    Sorry this got so long.

  12. Well, I think a lot of us gave the Beatles the inspiration to write, “The Long and Winding Road.” I, too, have the t-squares, and “all or nothing,” theme in my chart, as well.

    At this stage in my life, I take one day at a time, along with a gratitude journal, the gods, meditation, Silva Method, a gracious MENTOR, who guides me with astrology and tarot; chakra and dream work, shapeshifting, tarot magic, angels, MERLIN, Anthony Robins, Rev. Ike, Rev. Beckwith, a host of self-help books, lectures, and all of the ancestors that I can channel to do battle!

    But it’s been soooooooo long, I’ve become exhausted with the sword play!

    Did I leave out any HELPERS?


  13. I really love this post. It is what I am currently feeling. But I have made the decision years ago, that it is going to be a long road and just go with the flow all smiling.

    Since I have gone back; learning astrology, it has helped alot. Dealing with my own pitfalls. Plus understanding that you have to help yourself.

    I am currently not walking in the mud; only on the dry path.

  14. Sympathy for all those undergoing rough Pluto transits.

    When Pluto was on my ascendant I had to re-invent my whole life.

    Hang in there..

  15. There is such a thing as being in water up to your neck and you realize no one can help. They either can’t get to you or will fall in themselves or they can’t see the water or whatever.

    The bottom line is you see this and you realize you’d better start moving towards some kind of edge and you better do it carefully on your tippie-toes because the thing is no joke.

  16. I had this go on for 10 years while my dad was sick. No hope of anything and nothing to do but have everything get worse and worse. I knew roughly it’d be 10 years, but it didn’t exactly feel like there’d BE an out in 10 years (and indeed, if my mom hadn’t finally decided to pull the plug it could have gone on forever for all I know) while I was in the middle of it.

    There’s nothing you can do but do the suffering, already. No other option. Nobody can help you much (especially if you are in your 20’s and going to eldercare support group with 50-year-olds), you’re just going to have to try to not drown on your own.

  17. Great post, Elsa!


    If it wasn’t for knowing Astrology, I would think at times that I was going crazy. The road may be long, it may require me to reach deep within myself to make it, but knowing that there is an end definitely helps.

  18. (((( U-all ))))
    Thanks… i know there are plenty of ppl in way way harder situations… but that never makes it easier, and it shouldn’t… ill soon get rid of it, and wish the same for all out there.

  19. my pluto transit hitting personal planets very much felt like a long, hard road. it was very much one step in front of the other, doing my best not to get pulled under and keeping the faith i’d make it through although i didn’t know how.

    it took a few years to shake out, but it does.

    much love to those on their hard roads right now.

  20. Since May 09 my 26 Virgo ascendant has been quincunxed five times by the Neptune/Chiron conjunction hovering around 26 Aquarius – the cusp of my 6th house. Over this period there has been a major health issue to do with weakness and misalignments in my lower back – always a vulnerable area for me. The centre stopped holding you could say. At the same time transiting Saturn has been crossing the last segment of my 12th house, then the Ascendant, then my natal Neptune in Libra. And transiting Uranus has been hanging around the Descendant, uppping the anxiety stakes.

    Confinement, isolation, loss and the dissolving of so much of the physical structures of my previous life. On the plus side a good many of them needed to go and won’t be missed and I am at the point now where I can see the faint light at the end of the tunnel. Yet I know the way back to life and health in 2011 will be slow and painstaking.

    Neptune’s final passage over the quincunx point is this weekend. Thank God.

    Without the knowledge of astrology that I have I would not have been able to survive this.

  21. I have been on the long hard road for most of my life born into it. Both parents are Capricorns(workaholics delux) At one point in my teen years my mother worked consistanly 140 hours in a two week pay period for years. She did that so often that even after I was gone from the nest my siblings who are 8 and 17 years my junior. Were prone to thinking they had no mother. My father worked like that as well as he often worked 2 or 3 jobs or worked out of town most of his working life. My mother’s mother and my grandmothers youngest sister lived with us and for all points and practical purposes raised us kids. My grandmother and I had a huge personality clash (the women disliked me in the extreme) so growing up was less that fun to say the least. I learned early that someone can love you dearly but totally dislike you. She ruled the roost when my folks were working, so that was 90% of the time. Our relationship was strained most of my life after age 5 until age 16 when I took over the cooking duties as my grandmother had cateracts and couldn’t see well enough to cook. The biggest thing is she didn’t come to live with us until the summer of my 11th year.

    Still it shaped my life and according to my siblings and children I am not a Donna Reed the nice mom I am the tough stern mother and older sister you don’t mess with unless you want to die early or at least wish for death.

    Oh and though I have 2 natural children I have aquired 5 step childre as I believe that if you marry someone with children and live with that person 3 or more years you can claim their children as your own and vice versa so all total I have 7 children 5 boys and 2 girls all grown and flown. All are struggling in this economy.

    My current husband the Techno-wizard and I moved back to my parents home to aid in the care of my parents in May of 2007 unknown at the time to everyone including my mother she had Pancreatic/Liver cancer we didn’t find out until July of 2008. My father is still with us I am his P.O.A., guardian, you name it I am it. He fell and broke his right femorial bone just down from the ball of the hip. While in rehab he fell again trying to do to much to early and broke the ball off the left hip needless to say he is still in recovery/rehab and has undergone pin point radiation treatments as his lung cancer has come out of remission.

    In the mean time we are living in my paretnst home my father doesn’t want to return to it because my mother is not here and because you just don’t stick your nose into the finacial affairs of your parents unless asked it has been discovered that they were behind on everything pluse the county removed every exemption from their property upon receiving my mother certificate of death. Even though the exemptions were on my father as he was 11 years her senior. We did not find out that the exemptions had been removed for 14 months after my mothers passing. In fact it has taken the better part of this year to even get to the bottom of where my parents were at the time of my mothers passing. It is a good thing I don’t need a huge grieving period. Although I do believe that the grief factor has aided in inablity to get on top of the finances to a large degree. If it had not been for the County’s assistance we would probably get to live in my fathers home until he passes but it is looking like it will be forclosed upon. We can’t sell it as that will knock him out of his Medicaid that helps pay for his medical care and rehablitation.

    Just a glimps of the road I am currently on. I pray that no body has to tavel down this road it is full of pit falls and bobby traps. Hopefully there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it is not a train light.

  22. I definitely feel as though I am on a hard long road…but all I can do is take it one day at a time – do my best and be the best I can be and if I make a mistake try to make amends – pray for forgiveness and get back up and keep on trucking….these transits we are going through can’t be stop – we willing entered into this life with a idea of what may lie ahead – yes I believe in reincarnation and goodness knows I don’t want to repeat these lessons over again…I am going to try to do what is best I can for myself and for those others that I love and who I come into contact with – cause I firmly believe that how you treat others is only a measure of how you will be treated ie karma!! I am getting some major karma pay back now from earlier in my life and from what I have discovered through astrology from past lifes….keep on trucking baby – take each day at a time and try your damnest to make it the best you can for yourself and others.
    Live a life of honesty, truth and justice and understand that there are others that have it a hell of a lot worse than yourself…..
    A old friend from high school that I got in to contact with in April – just found out that he lost his only son 20y/o to a car accident on 12/10 – I may have it bad with my transits (pluto opp mercury & opp sun and conjunct moon! and probably a few more rough ones there….) but God knows the loss of a child is more devastating than anything in life.

  23. @lbetters I can really relate. I think I was lucky to be able to get a handle on all the *endless* paperwork and arrangements that come with caring for a parent in intense on-site spurts. Spurts that can take weeks or months. Bless You. The thing is, unless and until you have to do this you don’t know what it is like. I mean I guess that is life and the human incapacity to completely understand the other–what I mean is other people cannot relate.
    I like the reminder reborninfaith brings up though–it can always be worse.

  24. Absolutely! “There is such a thing as being in water up to your neck and you realize no one can help. They either can’t get to you or will fall in themselves or they can’t see the water or whatever.”

    Pluto conjunct natal sun and square moon plus other aspects…. I’m tired, and on a tight rope and it is no joke, very serious..

  25. Yup. When I was 9, I realized that my life was going to be hard, at least until I was 20. I was close, I was 25 when it all turned around.

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