Fluid Situation With Fast Shifts

living with fishI’m sorry I’ve been slacking. Uranus turning retrograde knocked me for a loop! It’s better now.

I was able to get a handle on the situation, courtesy of Saturn opposing the sun. I’m living in reality, basically. And downloading updates to said reality! This may be a relevant concept in you life, over the next 24 hours.

We have six planets retrograde and a full moon tonight. Saturn is involved with the full moon, so whatever happens, there should be a way to control (Saturn) yourself or your ego (sun) as well as your emotions (moon).

I understand this may not be a popular idea, but I’m talking about grabbing something solid, if you feel yourself slipping into some kind of abyss. There is a handle there. Grab it to avoid pits of despair!

It’s more than that. Rather than slipping, you can maintain control and gain maturity, while setting an example. Basically, don’t get your butt kicked by this! There are other things to do!

We’ve still got the Grand Trine in Earth, those is momentarily weakened a bit.

Back to Uranus, it’s squaring Venus and Moon right now – this is the one that got me. The moon will move out today but Venus is stalling out and station direct, next week.

If you have planets in the mid-degrees of Fixed signs, what can I say? Popcorn pops. No one knows which kernel, where. This is why the ability to stabilize yourself in a fluid situation is so critical.

It’s also what Saturn in Pisces intends to teach you. If you need help, consider getting our guide: How To Stay Stable As Reality Morphs, because that is exactly what’s happening.

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What’s happening in your life?


Fluid Situation With Fast Shifts — 3 Comments

  1. Yes, my 24 Bull sun felt it too dragging the rest behind it.

    I stepped away early…l am giving people a place to deal with the new information. (Trans. Saturn con. Asc. Picses 5 with the fullmoon too atm)

    I have just heard about what SSRIs really do to the body (another Neptune veil falls). Everytime l went to the Drs last century they were offered. I said no. I watched how people changed. I even went to a ‘shrink’ who complimented me on my self diagnosis (we were both wrong).That bloke was head of the hospital Dept. and eventually got done for taking kickbacks from drug companies. When l said l wanted no drug treatment…my next appt. got ‘lost’ in the system. I managed alone(and l do mean that) over many years. I know people on this drug …. l alway felt there was no emotional grip with them… Their feelings, responses were ‘rote’ or flat. l felt something missing. Makes me think of botox faces…and our current ideas about beauty too.

    Makes me think of Cassandra…

    It is not just AI that has been altering people but SSRIs…the withdrawl is shocking…everything rushes through…all the repressed emotions all at once…

    All my feelings and emotions back then were appropiate. I was following advice. Wrong advice. I am also glad l did not take all the recommended ‘other’ meds. I did not conform.

    Science is the new god. I reject him too. A bit like religion and being asked to ‘swallow it all’ without question. (This is not about reputable science, which l value). This was bad science and once again the truth about what was really happening was hidden and l am sick about it.

    I told my nephew all of this…but in order to conform and fit in with his mother (trained by the best- mine) he started taking them…there is more to this…

    There always is.

  2. When l say Cassandra l mean the archetype. I am referring to a woman who has been proved right but is not heard. I am not talking about reincarnation…my ego is not that big.
    There are many stories about Cassandra and how Apollo punished her after she refused ‘his romantic encounter’ was how one male historian described it. Usually with the gods it was rape of one sort or another…in one story she ‘spits something out’…

    I like the older story of ‘snakes licking her ears’ to give her the gift of ‘knowing’ suggests something from the old goddess.

    More sorting. More tossing out.

    And today l visit the catacombs belonging to a very good library.

  3. I quit on my SRRI’s this spring.

    At first it was hard. But due to their calming effect, my ADHD medication had been way too high in dosis, so after I had the daily amount of medicine regulated downward, my system has been much better.
    The amphetamine-salts it contains of, actually makes you more prone to heatstroke, due to it increasing your heart rate, blood pressure and tendency to sweat.
    It also has a bad effect on your temper, if your dosis is too high.

    I am now eating chlorella and spirulina daily to support my liver, digestion and other body functions, and to help get rid of “used” estrogen in my body. The liver releases “used” estrogen into the intestines but if your gut health isn’t functioning in the best way (and for us in the West, it seldom is), the body will re-uptake estrogen and with time make your estrogen levels too high, even if your progrestorone is normal.

    I guess it’s a Saturn in Pisces thing: Stabilization of your fluids by using nutrition (algae) from the water 😉

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