Five Planets Retrograde: July 2019

backwardsI was looking at a man’s solar return chart today. The five retrograde planets popped out at me.

I’ve been thinking about Jupiter and Saturn’s retrograde motion and in fact I wrote a newsletter about this. I didn’t consider that Mercury, Neptune and Pluto were also retrograde. Oddly, this gives me hope.

It gives me hope because that’s a lot of backwards motion.  It’s so strange. We’re all moving forward, relentlessly, into 2020. The Saturn Pluto conjunction.  But the same time we’re falling back. We’re failing to get any traction.

I see avoidance, denial, cruelty. I see people humiliating others in ways and to such a degree I’ve never witnessed in my entire lifetime.  I’ve quit trying to even articulate it.

Seeing these planets retrograde offers the prospect that things could turn around. I’m going to go with this theory. I am going to hope this is the case.

I realize I may wind up disillusioned but I think this is a better tack then to look at things in a negative light and wind up having my expectations fulfilled.

Mercury will turn direct on July 31st…
Jupiter will turn direct on August 11th…

Thing is, you don’t want to wait if you’re avoiding Capricorn stuff like taking responsibility or doing the right thing. Because deep down, the shifts are happening the the 2020 Saturn Pluto conjunction is going to be hardcore.

Are you doing wrong? Can you stop?



Five Planets Retrograde: July 2019 — 9 Comments

  1. I’m glad I’ve taken full responsibility for my actions and have made long-term plans and solutions for my lovely issues.
    The problem is combating those on the other side of said issues.
    I look forward to planets going direct. Maybe they will get off their asses too.

  2. Aug 11th Jupiter turns direct biquintile Uranus who turns retrograde on the same day.

    Don’t be surprised if a little seemingly minor unnoticeable spark starts a raging fire!

  3. Got the therapist appointment.

    Taking responsibility for my situation in my relationship.

    Know that I will need to move forward with a new job hunt due to underhanded and nasty boss at work which causes a lot of stress.

    Setting boundaries and working on maintaining my life structure and inner peace/stability as good as I can.

    Working on my body, keeping fit – as best as I can.

    Try to be honorable and kind and maintain my integrity as best as possible in the face of adversity.

    12th house: Cap
    5th/6th house: Cancer

  4. That’s interesting about there being no traction. And the humiliation, denial and avoidance have been happening in very public spaces as well e.g. Twitter used to be about your leisure interests or just venting away from the serious, careful stuff like work and politics, and now the boundaries between the serious and the playful just seem to have evaporated and it’s hard to understand which is which.

    I think there is space to pull back now to see the bigger picture and what the future could be; to figure out how we really want to move forward, and what we can do in a practical sense right now, in small ways, to bring that about – control your actions first, not someone else’s, but know that doesn’t mean ignoring the cruelty. It seems like I’m being asked to build myself up in order to look out for opportunities to support others from a strong place, if that makes any sense. But man it’s hard.

  5. I’ve had a problem my whole life over-committing. I committe to way to many things, and then those around me have to deal with my stressed out self and sometimes have to help me. I’m finding my life being swept up (my job loss, husband having a crisis that has lead him to move out) and I’m having to really address the issue of “what can I handle?” I can’t screw up by taking on too much. My kids depend on me as their primary parent, and I don’t want the quality of their childhood to go down because I can’t say no when opportunities come up.

    The South node hanging with Saturn is really making the energy “weird” to say the least. I think a lot of people are feeling the Capericorn energy is “not working for them” and looking to all this Cancer stuff (what feels good emotionally regardless of the rules and even structure they’ve built in their life). I think people are abandoning their responsibilities for the sake of “self-care”. BUT, this coming winter when Pluto & Saturn conjunct, the South/North nodes won’t be involved. They won’t be able to avoid their responsibilities, and they will have to figure out what will have to go (or the universe will do it for them). I’m not sure how Jupiter joining the Capericorn gang will shake out. I’m worried it will just amplify everything. You can’t overindulged without huge consequences, that’s for sure.

    This is all happening in my 11th house. I’ve had so many changes in the last 6 months (life upside down) changing the possibilities of my future. I’m now not making plans (scared to, honestly) and living just in the moment. My mom has Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Capericorn. It will be both her Jupiter and Saturn return, and she has a Scorpio rising. I will be asking for her advice, lol. None of this aspects my planets or angles, but it does my husband (big time) and our composite. Uranus is slamming my Scorpio stilleum and Neptune is squaring my mid-heaven. It’s not easy times!

  6. “But the same time we’re falling back. We’re failing to get any traction.”

    This is the part that I’ve been feeling, heavily, for the past several weeks. Really hard to get anywhere and I feel like I’m going backwards. I know there are particular things I’ve been making progress on, and there is inward, intangible progress, but some big things are being neglected and I’m not crazy about it. Looking forward to more direct motion.

  7. It’s been wonderful to have found this site in the last few weeks, especially as R Saturn grinds into my ascendant. I’m using these grim, scouring retrogrades to research inherited family patterns around trauma & shame and finding body work really helpful. Acupuncture mainly, there is actually an ancestor point, as my needler says, “we are the summation of our ancestors”, and kinesiology.
    I’m making the most of these transits, & learning not to be a victim to circumstances.

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