Five Planets Retrograde: August 20 – October 12, 2021

planets GameStopJupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto are all retrograde as of today. Uranus will turn retrograde on August 20th giving us five planets, reversed.

Note this array includes all the social and transpersonal planets while excluding all the personal planets. It seems a person will have to move ahead as things around them fall back.

This might not sound comforting but if you can see the field you’re playing, you’ll have a significant advantage.  This is one of the main benefits of using astrology.  It’s a special kind of weather report.

I can see how this is working in my life, already.  There may be a “herd” but I am an individual.  I do not have to think (Mercury) what the person next to me thinks. I can have my own tastes (Venus) and shine (Sun) in a way that is particular to me.  You can extrapolate the rest.

Yes, I would expect frustrating delays but how I react to them can be of my own choosing. For example, if you know about this – if you can see and feel it…

How The Media Programs Your Life

And if you feel it’s harming you, then turn it off.

If you can’t turn it off then turn it down.

This is also relevant:

Hard Times! When Will This End? 2021-22

This is the current schema you’re operating in.

What the smartest thing you can do, considering what you know?


Five Planets Retrograde: August 20 – October 12, 2021 — 17 Comments

  1. Ya know, last week turned into a week of grieving for me. The capitol police testimony and then your lockdown post and the comments. Something was lost even though I don’t know what that is exactly. Last night I felt that things were closing in. I always have this need to wrap my head around things. I don’t think that is possible for me now with everything going on. So I guess I am paying people to resolve these issues. Not my job again. So I am adopting a comment I heard a commentator (I think on GMC) say after a news item ‘it’s a wild world out there.’ Avoid the dangers and motor forward to the gold, joyful existence. Oh and get my car tuned up this week. That’s really smart.

  2. Aaargh

    With my Leo stellium that should be fun ( not)

    I already experience setbacks and pressure. Having the unemployment service still breathing in my neck and turning the volume up. Weeks ago a cousin send my resume in to her old employer he was looking for new employees. Well that was june 23rd and still haven’t heard anything. So I don’t expect a call anymore . And I am very tired lately. I feel ashamed about that. If you ask me what do you want work wise ? I just don’t know. The only word that buzzes around me is freedom. But I feel chained. :(((

    I’ve never been unemployed before and that service treats me like I’m kind of a criminal who’s too lazy to work. Well with Saturn opposing my Leo placements and Pluto squaring my Libra moon I don’t expect any fun soon . Yeah somewhere in 2030

    • Good luck to you Carmen, hope you find a good job. Maybe when dear old Saturn has had his way with you. It’s a quandary all right; working all your life, then having to ask for assistance, and being treated with disrespect- and being denied employment due to advancing age!

      • Good grief! This is an age thing? It’ funny how younger people view older people. When I was on crutches for 4 months a young co-worker said to me, ‘when I see you I think of that commercial ‘help me I’ve fallen and can’t get up.’ I replied, ‘ you asshole I fell 20 feet off a ladder while doin house repairs, I wasn’t in the friggin shower’. Oh well, their time will come.

  3. After Pluto blew through my Moon (I mean BLEW UP in a growling fury with a conjunction to my Moon), I haven’t been “a person”. So, I’ve continued walking around as a hollowed-out “not a person” for a while.

    Including these 2 years.

    What’s the smartest thing?
    -Hug the people I live with, wave hi to other ppl from across the way, be DECENT whenever possible—
    -Which means not being a jerk—
    -Which means giving people space —
    -And fixing it when we mess up
    -Or giving myself a crapload of physical & mental space, so I’m not clawed at by pissed off people looking for someone to grab onto & get yelled at in my face for 1.5 hours —

    —my heart says: Come on folks, say it don’t spray it—and at least cover yer damn coughs

    —My Aquarius mom just got diagnosed with an aggressive cancer
    —Which means no immune system in a few weeks = Yeahhhh—Can’t get sick, can’t get sick AT ALL, MFs

    … But now it also means not putting my energy into pretending to “be a person”.

    And it also means I’m not going to jump into service, when there little safety….

    My double Aquarius mom has been ahead of the curve on all this, including looking at some astrology yep— We’ve known it was going to be something like this… So, we continued to look like The Neighborhood Crazies, and all in the family had to make peace with it —

    Little did we know…how far we would have to go back in….. She’s been going through her 12th house Pluto transit….. deep dark dredging she’s seeing in humanity. Very painful, even as a double Scorp here, I don’t know how she’s dealing…. But a lot of deep transformative light too.

    So if you see us on the street, being our weird selves, please don’t be mean, world, even if we’re The Crazies & “scurred puppies” ?? We got enough on our plates & we’re trying to be AHEAD of the curve. It’s okay if you wanna question it, but we have our reasons… and we’ll be on our way — we just want to be able to take a walk. Thanks for listening.

    … So, I think the smart thing is to sit & make peace with our humanity—however messed up we all are—and see how we’re not always right to make amends ??

  4. I thought of this in regards to the mask mandates coming back. Something in me wants to fight them this time unless I’m at a doctor’s office or hospital (I guess because I’m fully vaccinated). I’m moving forward with my life, and have no plans to put things off again or hide out at home. I’ll probably just stay away from crowds and big box stores for awhile.

    • I kinduv like the mask thing. Besides the fact that I feel like I am protecting my health and the health of others, my plutonic signature likes hiding or the illusion of hiding in plain site.?. And people seem to be accustomed to masks now so that I am no longer being verbally accosted about it. The trick for me is the new sunglasses I bought. The rims are camoflauge print to neutralize those overly sensitive to masks. Voila! The next mask I make will be camoflauge material. I never stopped masking.

        • You can do bitch face. I am jealous. The ones I’ve seen, I wouldn’t need a mask. People would run from me. I know a mother and daughter that do disgust face. It terrifies me. I monitor my forehead lines for ‘say what?’ Wrinkles.

  5. I just got this. Functioning amidst collapse. Communicated with two people who both were saying, what the hell is going on out there? They can’t understand the logic in what they are seeing. Getting this now, I can help explain to them to stick to forward. Non astrologically of course. ?again.

    • “Functioning amidst collapse.”

      That makes sense. Those words have been heavy on my mind this evening. I went to the grocery store. Lots of people and the atmosphere just felt weird. Half of the crowd wore masks, half didn’t. One of the guys in the crowd looked kind of bewildered as he was looking around him. Then he made a comment along the lines of “I’m just going to try to give everybody some space.” He had no mask on and neither did the others around him. (To be fair, I wasn’t either, but my client wanted to get groceries real quick and we didn’t have masks on hand.) My point is that it feels like the vibe in The Walking Dead out there. People are on their guard.

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