Five Planets In Their Home Signs

planets t-shirtThis is a remarkable time in that we have five planets in the signs they rule.

  • Mercury is in Gemini
  • Venus is in Taurus
  • Jupiter is in Sagittarius
  • Saturn is in Capricorn
  • Neptune is in Pisces

Just glancing at that list, it’s clear this a great time to clear hurdles of any kind.  This is a giant chance seeing as the scenario will be maintained for two weeks (through June 4th, 2019)!

If your birthday falls in this time frame, your solar return chart will show this advantage. I admit, I wish it were me but as it is, I will definitely exploit this situation. That may sound bad but I think it’s just the opposite.

I’m a gardener.  If I have a seed, I know I can put it in the ground and witness a result that’s out of this world. 100 tomatoes from a single seed? It’s amazing. But if I do nothing with the seed then nothing comes of it.

This is a great opportunity. Use it or lose it.


Five Planets In Their Home Signs — 12 Comments

  1. My birthday is June 3rd, the last day before it ends. Would that still count? Is the energy more potent during the beginning or middle the two weeks, or does that not make a difference??

  2. My children both have birthdays this week! They both need some cosmic help too. I’ll let the astro-lover & her skeptic brother know.

  3. Woo Hoo just what I love to hear finally have Sunday off gonna plant my garden too!!!I am dropping down
    25 lbs of zinnias! Doing my happy dance! Thank you
    Million dollar question, double rows?yes going for the gold, they will be 8 inches apart then space for rototiller! Doing my happy dance

  4. My Birthday is June 7th. So hopefully it helps me some!
    I have a Taurus Asc. & Moon, Jupiter (12th H), Mars, Mercury in Taurus. Venus and NN in Cancer in 2nd House. Maybe, I hope? I know something is going to change. I have been working on my Website for 3 years and had to give it up now as I just cannot afford it anymore. I now sell my Designs on other sites. Something has to give! Thanks Elsa!

  5. Girl I have been feeling this energy since the Scorpio Full Moon…so many excellent coincidences to help resolve many BIZ stumbling blocks…I AM USING… NO MORE LOSING! THX Elsa

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