Stellium In Aquarius: January 20th – February 8th, 2021 – Important!

WATER BEARERUpdate – The Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn are currently in Aquarius. On February 1st, 2021, Venus will ingress into Aquarius. Mercury will be retrograde at the time. Consequently, this stellium will be maintained for four weeks. This is extraordinary!

Everyone will be affected by this but people who have planets in the Fixed signs, stelliums in Fixed signs, t-squares or grand crosses in Fixed signs, should really mark this period on their calendar because it will be profound.

Aquarius stellium february 2021That doesn’t mean you should not read this as a negative. Energy is neutral until directed. Further, the planets involved here are not malefic.

However, Mars will be in Taurus throughout the entire period. Taurus squares Aquarius. Taurus is stubborn and if you piss one off (Mars), you better look out!

Uranus will also be in Taurus at this time. People keep asking me about the stock market. It will remain volatile and you can expect it to be upset at this time, in ways you don’t expect. Remember this:

Uranus in Taurus Brings Reversal Of Fortune

Surely, you’re curious how this might affect you.  Check the house(s) in your chart where all the planets will stack up. That’s where the action is! Factor this:

Sun – ego, creativity
Venus – love, money, vanity
Mercury – communications, siblings, neighbors
Jupiter – opportunity, luck, perspective
Saturn – control, public reputation, rules, integrity

Busy yet?

Next, imagine all of these things under attack (Mars). Unconventional warfare (Mars Uranus).

We’re definitely in for a ride.

If your birthday takes place during this period, you might want to check your Solar Return. This stellium will be featured; you’re heading into a year where pretty much everything you can think of, changes.

Here’s a related post:

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Where will this stellium fall in your chart? Got plans for February?

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Stellium In Aquarius: January 20th – February 8th, 2021 – Important! — 51 Comments

  1. Wow! My birthday is February 10 but I somehow missed this for the next year. Not to mention I have a stellium in Aquarius, oh the fun times ahead! 😀

  2. Thanks for the heads up, Elsa! In my chart, the biggest revelation is that Tr Saturn will be conjunct my Aquarius ASC. My Pr Sun will be sextiling my ASC and my Pr Moon will be trining my ASC so both will be offering support for the personal radical changes to come.

  3. That’s my Jupiter return, which happens to be my chart ruler! I also have many of my natal planets progressed into Aquarius so I guess it should be interesting 🙂

  4. I am definitely getting my solar return for next year! My birthday is February 5, and I have my natal Saturn, Mars – and Chiron – in my 11th house Aquarius!

  5. I have mars in aqua and mer +venus early taurus. OMG and also natal mars trine ura. In 2009 there was at least jupiter + mars and sun and eclipses in aqua, my life was set in a new direktion. It was a very exiting time for me. It eventually lead to buying a house in a strange location. Even thou the house dream years later turned into a nightmare, I don´t regret a thing!

    Now I´m more confused with my progressions this year.

  6. Whaat? I have Moon Mars (29 Aqua and 1 Pis) and Venus (20 Aqua) in my 5th house.. what’s it gonna be for me smh don’t even know what to expect.

  7. my first saturn return is exact on february 17, 2021. does this stellium mean it will be tougher than usual? or more powerful than usual?

    my saturn is opposite chiron, but otherwise unaspected

      • Strange as it sounds I cant wait!
        Natal Aquarian Saturn & South node in 5th. Virgo, Virgo Rising
        So you see, dicipline and hard work feels like home to me. I need a good smack on the backside to get myself moving towards my North Node path

      • thank you for replying. all the focus on my capricorn stuff has kicked my ass haha. not particularly excited that i don’t get much of a break before my saturn return moves in.

        are you going to make a saturn in aquarius workshop like you did for saturn in capricorn?

        • “Are you going to make a saturn in aquarius workshop like you did for saturn in capricorn?”

          Boy, that’s a good question. I certainly intended to but at the moment, I don’t know if I will be able to do it in a timely manner. The workshops are demanding.It’s not just the writing but the set up. I have to have surgery on my spine. I don’t think I should make any promises until I see how it turns out.

          I’m sorry about this. If I can, I will.

  8. Thanks for the heads up, Elsa. Very helpful information.

    Got two personal natal planets in Aquarius in an angular house (4th house, home and family) and in February and March next year I’ll have progressions and transits conjuncting those Aquarius planets.

    Then a couple of planetary returns too around that time…

    I was aware of Saturn and Jupiter transiting Aquarius yet I hadn’t looked at much other planetary build ups.

    I am excited about it…it kinda of makes the current realities, limitations, tensions and uncertainties more tolerable.

    • Natal sun & mercury in Aquarius (sun 12th, merc 11th). Wow..this will be interesting. Occurs after my new SR. It will all be in my 12th. Hope Jupiter’s presence lightens the load a bit.

  9. This stellium in my 1st house will exactly square all planets in my 5-planet stellium in Taurus in the 3rd house (my Taurus moon, mercury, venus, saturn, mars). And forms a t-square to my Jupiter in Scorpio. I’ll let you know if and how I survive. Thanks for the warning, Elsa.

  10. I have my natal Sun and Mercury in Aquarius. In my SR next year Mars is in Taurus *exactly* conjunct my descendant and squaring Sun, Jupiter and Saturn. I’ve been thinking of ordering a SR reading, but I’m afraid. :/

  11. Because we define our charts in Heliocentric astrology by the Sun and Midheaven – Aquarius has an affinity with the IC – the root chakra. This Aquarian stellium is already being felt and will continue to bring up unresolved 4 th house /IC type issues.
    Uranus and the Black Moon share an affinity for the unknown. Both will be emphasized and ascend in significance thru out next year. Mutable sign rulers and the Sun may diminish in significance.
    Uranus, our Black Moons, and IC rulers become allies.

  12. My natal (Jan 30th 1962) Aquarius stellium goes Saturn, Sun, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury. Taurus rising. This will be when the aliens come for Eddie Izzard (he’s Feb 7th, 7 planet Aqua stellium.) Hopefully they’ll let me tag along. But Elsa, with your dad’s Aqua sensibility, you’d be a cool reader for all this mayhem?

    That’s my birthday you’re exposing. I would think that that’s enough but no:
    – Stellium — Mercury at 28, Venus & Chiron all in Capricorn (and 4th)
    – Moon in Taurus

    Sounds like 2.5 weeks in the cosmic pinball game.

  14. Natal 1st – Aquarius ASC 8, Sun 11, Chiron 11, Moon 18, Juno 23. Taurus Mars 1. Leo Uranus 4. Scorpio Neptune 2. Times; they are a changing. Elsa, I’ll be scheduling a consult soon.

  15. Oh lordy. I have a leo/aquarius/scorpio daughter and that chart pic of yours has pluto on my ascendant. I really hope this won’t be devastating.

  16. The February stellium falls in my 1st and 2nd Natal houses. Who I am and what I value are lit. In my Progressed Chart, the stellium falls in my 10th and 11th Houses, with my progressed sun in Aquarius for a good long time yet. This prospective gives me a positive longer range view. I can definitely feel the work I’m doing churning up my sense of self as an old woman; and the values that still fit are changing but some remain if not a bit quirked. With my progressed Aquarius sun, which has taken awhile to get the groove, I see how a ‘progressed’ public reputation (10th) and involvement with groups (11th) might be good goals to embrace in 2021. Thanks Elsa!

    • We’re in a winter rain storm (not uncommon for the Pacific Northwest American continent). The February stellium is a month away and so much is piling onto our grandparent’s plate. 1st and 2nd Houses with Black Lilith being involved (I missed that back in July).
      We are very very busy now. And in a different mind-set too. I’m water-logged but sober. Sound weird? I’m thinking it’s good to be sober if I’m wanting to reach the new land being churned up in Taurus. Wow. Values changing, yes.

  17. The stellium will square my scorpio ascendant2° uranus 3° Nnode6° / will opposite my sun 24° and saturn8° in leo my second opposition / will square my taurus chiron lilith 1° moon17° and the stellium will conjunct my ic 6°. My life was a roller coaster since recently I finished my midlife crisis uranus opposite uranus. I don’t know how this stellium will affect me but I feel it will be bad

  18. I guess this will be interesting… My sun is at 0 Taurus on the midheaven, my birthday on the 21st April… Mercury at 6 deg Taurus, Square Saturn at 10 deg Aquarius… The nodes are at 14 deg Aquarius and Leo… Am on the fixed cross with the nodes. Moon conjunct Neptune at 16 and 12 deg Scorpio… Life has been tough for many years, especially health wise and financially, but have felt a great deal of”releasing” this year… It is a magical universe after all…

  19. All but Pluto (very close) in the 12th with my Leo 6th house Venus/Mars/Uranus opposite at 11-14″ Leo. Yikes! All square my Neptune/Jupiter midpoint in the 8th. More yikes. Inconjunct to Mercury in Cancer in the 5th. I’m going to have to read up on this.

  20. I have a new grandson due February 18th! I was kind of hoping he would come on the 19th or 20th to balance out some of that energy. We’ll see!

  21. Interesting. I pulled my solar return chart for my upcoming birthday (2/2) early this year and saw this grouping (five planets in Aquarius – all in the 3rd house, plus Pluto in Capricorn also in the 3rd). Was doing research on all that when I came across this post.

  22. Hi there:
    Thank you for your posting. This stellium also has a New moon in Aquarius on February 11 as part of the line up. It is similar to the seven planet stellium in Aquarius on February 5, 1962 that some believed was the beginning of the Age of Aquarius and certainly bought profound social and spiritual change of the 1960s.

  23. Excuse the long post…The Jupiter/Venus transit will be conjuncting my natal Jupiter/Venus conjunction! I already have a preview of something that was leaked prematurely…a substantial financial gift on Valentine’s❤️!!! Just a side note the last two times Jupiter transited my sixth house (where my natal conjunction is located) I learned a new innovative trade and I left a relationship I felt trapped in. I’m curious how Saturn will affect everything as it is also going through the same sign this year and Uranus squaring it all… looks like a rocky road of serious soul growth for all of us with blessings thrown in occasionally to give us hope!

  24. (Sigh…)the stellium in Aquarius will be in opposition to my natal Leo stellium in my 10th house. (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Uranus
    Between 12 degrees and 26 degrees)

    After that I’ve got Pluto Venus and Mars in Virgo between 3 degrees and 15 degrees.

    How it will affect me? It’ll probably drive me over the edge with the energy pinging all over the place! ?

  25. I wonder how the 1962 Aquarius Stellium people will fare. They have natal Sun ,Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and the south node in Aqua.

  26. Same here Matthew. I’m not part of your cohort, I’m an early January’62. I have the Aqua Saturn/Jupiter returns but my planets (sun, mars, venus, merc) are in Cap. So glad those conjunctions will be done with! Still sorting through the aftermath. 🙂

  27. Stellium now in 9th house, and I am deeply contemplating the meaning of life following loss of both my mother and a dear soul companion this past year when all the action was in the 8th. Good, sacred deaths both, more like births into a greater realm. Much old conditioning (of mine) releasing as a result.

  28. Already in it and had a head start too 😉

    Sun – ego, creativity BRIMMED EGO, SQUASHED CREATIVITY
    Venus – love, money, vanity COVID WEIGHT GAIN, STRESS FAT, NO MONEY
    Mercury – communications, siblings, neighbors I DARE NOT SPEAK
    Jupiter – opportunity, luck, perspective NOT APPLICABLE
    Saturn – control, public reputation, rules, integrity GO LOTS OF THAT RULES, RULES, RULES SMOTHERED BY CONTROL

  29. Confused by the statement in the post that these are malefics. Venus and Jupiter? Sun and Mercury? Pluto is still in Cap. The only bad boy I see in this stellium is Saturn.

  30. Hi Elsa! My birthday is on the 17th, so I will have the big square highlighting my SR chart. Besides this I have moon-Jupiter tightly conjunct in aqua (so it’s my Jupiter return), being the moon my chart ruler (cancer ascendant) and I also have sun+mercury in aqua… Best part is..moon and Jupiter natally in the 8th house (yes) and sun+mercury in the 9th. In my SR the whole stellium is in the 12th with the sun at 2 degrees from ascendant. Uranus conjunct the moon in the 3rd… Pretty much concerned about how this will play out. It’s been very stressful already. Any piece of advise is pretty much welcomed. Don’t know what to expect. Thanks

  31. Mercury went retro on my DC. Nothing happened. Jupiter and Saturn seem to be asleep under the combustion of Sun rays. Stellium in my 7th house but I am waiting for Fen 12th when the combustion grip loosens.

  32. Oh my goodness, I have Saturn conjunct the South Node in Aquarius in the seventh and I am really noticing this Mercury retrograde… I tried to enter a painting into a prestigious exhibition at the last moment which I struggled to finish, and an hour and a half before the deadline I could not get my photo to download, either because the site was busy, or because it couldn’t be done on my phone and there was some fault with my resize app which I didn’t understand that kept saying the file had no data… Eventually managed to send it after the deadlinevia email and Dropbox, but have no idea of the quality… Various misunderstandings of technical issues were uncovered on my part… my elderly neighbour twice lost his house keys and locked himself in, I missed two chiropractor appointments because I wasn’t organized enough to find the correct mask(she has had treatment for breast cancer) and then I got the time wrong as my multiple injuries and eating too much salt kept me up… And my printer refused to work, with a fault message which kept me going around and around in circles trying to fix it, when it seems it has simply run out of ink… Have paid twice for things at shops and had to be refunded, and finally found out that perhaps the slight groin injury I had been ignoring is the one thing that is keeping my lower back in spasm and exacerbating my rotator cuff injury, and as soon as I slowed down and started giving it a deep pressure massage,months of discomfort began to loosen… I don’t usually feel Mercury retrograde at all… Creatively speaking, with Taurus on the midheaven, it has been productive and I find myself tying up loose ends.. Please goodness let the rest of the retrograde go smoothly…

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