Finding Astrological Remedies

LotusI had an interesting day at the salon. There were workmen putting up cabinets. They were going in and out, using industrial saws on the path into the salon and making loud grinding and bumping sounds. They were amiable and polite but it was, well, all wrong. Typically it’s rather serene there, busy but pleasant. Today was jarring. I made it work but I decided to check out the astrology.

The moon in Libra wants, needs gentility, a pleasant atmosphere. This is exacerbated by Saturn in Libra; it’s expected. Well, with Uranus opposite that moon, in Sweaty Men, I mean Aries, aspecting Mars you get shockingly loud saws and the grinding bumpity of the power drill.

That’s the problem, and the solution I came up with? Well, this was just on the spot acting but today the Taurus Mars opposes my Mars. It also happens to aspect, by semi-sextile and quincunx, that moon Uranus opposition. It creates a closed system where the energy flows. It’s not an easy flow, trines and sextiles would have been nice, but it worked out. I used my 3rd house Scorpio Mars and the energy it received from the Venus-ruled Taurus Mars.

For the first thing, I moved slowly and calmly, and I used my third house Mars, my soothing voice, my words. My third house cusp is Libra and I made an extra effort to speak softly, pleasantly, soothingly and really communicate, listen. I also used my hands (3rd house); I gave each of my clients an extra-long, extra-soothing scalp massage at the shampoo bowl. I also genuinely apologized for the problem.

Everyone left even happier than they normally do and I don’t mean to be crass but they tipped exceedingly well.

Did you have any bumpity-crash harshing your mellow today?


Finding Astrological Remedies — 7 Comments

  1. No, but I spent my Spring Break putting up with backhoes, dumptrucks (dumping boulders), and jackhammers operating in the neighbours yards on either side of my house; like they were having some kind of landscaping contest. This literally went on the the entire ten days of my break ! The only astro I could chalk it up to was the Aries stellium. At least I didn’t have to apologise to guests like you did, but I’m thrilled for your receiving generous tips ! It sounds like you mastered that whole situation with aplomb to spare ! Kudos !

  2. Great post, Satori!

    I’d like to hear more about this – using parts of your chart to “fix” other parts! Makes me feel like less of a “victim” to the difficult parts.

  3. thanks! you can also use parts of your chart, points, really, in a geometric way. I look first for planets or placements that aspect the bit concerned. but sometimes there aren’t any good ones. in that case I look at that position and find the point that will balance it, perhaps opposite or trine if it is in trine to an outer planet and that third part that is empty makes a grand trine.

    so you’ve got an empty degree in a sign with nothing there. but it’s in a house! what house? say it’s in the 3rd, in Libra… maybe talking nice, or negotiating or seeing someone else’s side of the story will make it work!

  4. Thank you! Sigh….I wish I understood my chart better than I do. Hopefully, I’ll soon be able to get a reading from you!

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