Financial Security – Uranus Transit to the Moon


Hi Elsa,

My husband is getting ready to work with his brother. It means a move back to our hometown, which I don’t mind. But it also means leaving behind the security of a corporate job. He’s taking a cut in pay, but the potential upside is much higher.

I have a hard time with loss of financial security. I need it like air, so I’m having a really hard time with this move. I find I’m taking it out on him. How do I find the security I need while supporting his need to be independent?

I really would like this to be a win-win situation, but I all I can think of is leaving and just taking care of myself and the kids on my own.


Dear Frightened,

Upheaval on the domestic front is a given, with your Uranus transit to your Moon (home/emotion). Obviously a big move would qualify, as would leaving your man. But what is really driving this is your need for emotional freedom. Freedom from your security fears for one thing, and your husband is helping to facilitate this.

Nothing in your post suggests your husband is taking some huge risk with the security of your family. Further, you express your desire to support him. This suggests you have a good relationship and leaves me wondering how leaving him will enhance your security.

I’ll tell you what I really think is going on here. Your husband may very well be chasing independence but in the process, you will be liberated as well.

Many people resist change at all costs, which is why we need “instruments of the universe”. In your case, it’s your husband in this role. He’s initiating the action that will ultimately benefit you. See, left to your own devices, you’re not going anywhere! But this doesn’t serve you. Overcoming your insecurities does, and the universe is delivering a scenario to make that happen.

The days a “corporate job” spelled security are long gone. I mention this so you can think in facts, not fears. You may have less money short term, in your new digs, but this is a small price to pay for liberation. Do your best to embrace the new freedom coming your way. For one thing, I don’t think your fear can’t stop this. But more importantly – it’s good for you.

Good luck.


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