Feminized Men: Voice Of Mars on Fashion Redux

mens-fashion.jpgFrom 2008… updated

I showed my husband the 2008 Men’s fashion for spring/summer… the outfit pictured is mild (Check it out) but you can see in what direction things continue to head.

“That does it!” he said. “I am going to have to put together my own show with my own clothes. It’ll be great, P. I’ll have these big pots of molten steel pouring out of buckets as a backdrop.”


“Yeah. And I’ll have all this heavy equipment around. You know. Big hunks of steel. Big machines and jagged shit. Tractors and stuff. Maybe a machine gun or two.”

“I see.”

“Uh huh. And, now you’re messin’ with a son of a bitch will be playing. Yep, that’s the song. And then I’ll some out in my britches. These plain dungarees right here,” he said, raising his arms in the air before yelling at the top of his lungs… “YEEEAAAAAAAAAAAH! I’M THE SON OF A BITCH”.

I snorted.

“And all the steel will still be pouring,” he reminded me. “But yeah. Looking at that, I can see a man is going to need a sewing machine if he wants to have something wear.”

UPDATE for 2010

“Yeah, I’d have bunch of boxers and rangers and shit comin’ out there, holdin’ machine guns. YEAH,” he said, posing as if holding a gun.  “This is the lastest in BDUs!  This here is the latest bullet-proof vest and they go well with the brass knuckles…”

What do you think of the current trend to blend Venus with Mars?



Feminized Men: Voice Of Mars on Fashion Redux — 55 Comments

  1. The soldier this morning: “Now can you imagine sitting next to a guy like that and saying, what branch of the service were you in? That would be some ice breaker…” 🙂

  2. um….well, if he starts his own line of clothing and the pictures indicate the trend in men’s fasion, he will become fabulously wealthy from guys that don’t want to dress like mango from snl…

  3. Not digging it. I like my men masculine and my women feminine. Which is funny because I’ve got a lot of masculine energy, so I hope that isn’t hypocritical. *chuckle*

    As to the fashion ….. three words. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!

  4. This sure as hell makes me feel better about not looking like any of those female fashion models.

    Because I can clearly look at that guy and know for a fact that’s not what any normal guy is supposed to look like.

    Quel relief.

  5. Ewinbee …. it says something when the male models are pretty like that, and the female models look like 12 year old boys.

  6. There really is some combining going on here. 🙂

    You know, androgyny really doesn’t bother me that much. It’s the combination of impossible thinness and impossible youth that gets me.

  7. I am so glad my husband and I both consciously ignore current fashion. Well, not entirely ignore, but we sure don’t let it dictate our lives. For obvious reasons, after looking at some of those pics. Eww!!

  8. Now this guy looks down right certifiable, but I think this outfit would look great on a woman. I love wearing my harly boots with a skirt.

  9. That’s not men fashion, that’s model fashion just for the runway and maybe teenagers at a Halloween party. I would not recommend any man to wear these in some countries I’ve been. They’d loose their innocence pretty soon.

  10. I’m not bothered by men dressing like this, but I wouldn’t like the man I’m sleeping with to dress like that.

    No judgement–it’s an opinion on aesthetics, pure and simple. I have Mars/Venus conjunct in Aries and I really, really like manly men. Don’t care how emotional/gentle/timid you are but there is a physical requirement I’ve learned not to analyze. You like what you like…that’s all.

  11. *LOL* Alright, I’ll advocate for the devil. . .

    I absolutely adore when my man puts on macho clothes (work jeans, tight tee, & motorcycle/work boots or a suit), eyeliner, and nail polish — it makes me want to rip his skin off! 😀 And he thinks it’s tres sexy when I’m either severe ultra-dom or super-feminine with a masculine flair (all dolled up and stilettos, but wearing a man’s suit for example).
    I’ve got Mars-Venus-Pluto conjunct in Libra and he has Mars-Venus-Uranus conjunct in Scorpio.

    All that aside, though, I’m tired of men that don’t look like men and women that look like prepubescent boys. The whole point of having fun and playing with sex roles is that there’s supposed to be a dichotomy! 😉

  12. Whoa, my eyes hurt. Looks like a fatal case of bad designer drugs syndrome… I wouldn´t even want a scarecrow to dress like that, though it would sure help do the job.

    Not my kind of planet at all. But I´m not into that fashion thing anyway.

  13. Oh, forgot to say: as for Mars blending with Venus – in this I see neither nor. Total absence of seductive aspects here, or at least I can´t identify any. My hormones are all turned off… *sigh*

  14. real people don’t wear the clothes they put on runways.
    at least, not off of the runways. unless they’re movies stars on the red carpet, which is just about the same.

    at least, that’s always been my explanation for the weird photos i see from fashion shows…

  15. It offends my senses…I like manly men…the “manlier” the better!! That model needs some jeans, stat!! (but not those horrific “skinny leg” jeans I keep seeing on dorks in NYC)

  16. Its funny because traditionally in my culture (I’m from Nigeria) men wear things like this. And things that would be considered skirts.. and they look more masculine than the average pants-wearing man in north america. I really think its the complete unrealness of the runway and the “Catwalk”.

  17. In the fashion world, gay men are running the show. Literally the show, including this fashion show. I think it is a reflection of their taste and fantasy world more than anything. Just as the show your husband described he’d put on reflects his. Of course with your husband’s interests, he’ll most likely never be organizing a fashion show, so we’re left with runways that look like this.

  18. Right said Fred! I wish I knew how to link the song! Oh-MY-Fucking-Goodness! So, clown clothes are now men’s fashion? Wow, Uranus went wild in that designer’s head… Uh, none for my hubby, thanks… This is the weirdest men’s fashion line I’ve ever seen. Makes the 1980’s seem mild… Ziggy Stardust might even cringe… Gay doesn’t even explain this! Hahaha!

  19. I guess I’ll be the odd man out and say that

    1. I’m glad I live in New York City where people can wear and do whatever the hell they want and get a minimum of sh*t for it. Tell the soldier he could do that here, and people would hardly be shocked. Richard Serra flung molten lead against the walls of art galleries 40 years ago, and Matthew Barney’s “Drawing Restraint” series are all concerned with virility/masculinity.

    2. My new roommate is a drag performer from Pittsburgh who has more Mars energy coming off of him than you can wag a gun at (when I first met him, he had two black eyes from a fight in which he had defended himself in 7-inch heels…)

    3. If, as venusinvirgo suggests, fashion is run by gay men, I think the trend to blend Mars/Venus has to do with our (yes I’m a gay man) experience of the oppression of reified gender roles. Progressive queer people everywhere are inclined to smash these if they are doing them no good. How’s that for Mars?

  20. I for one will be relieved to see those super skinny jeans loosen back up…

    Anyone like Family guy? Anyone like Yosemite Sam? Anyone like both?

  21. I’ve never actually seen anyone dressed like that, and if I did I would probably wonder if theyre gay. I don’t see the point in designing something that noone will wear, I guess you could argue “it’s art.” All in all androgyny doesnt bother me, but I would have a problem with it if suddenly my guy was more feminine than me. Skinny jeans are okay though, actually, I love them on guys, as long as they aren’t skin tight.

  22. Hey I see that every day working for army news. 😀 I edit stories on the latest changes to boots, uniforms, LAVs, and sunglasses. Now I wonder if the soldiers are actually watching them. 😛 I like to think they are hahaha.

  23. Ugh. Did you see the fashion show where the german designer had his female models bald with whiskers? Ugh and double ugh. Now a muscular guy does looks hot in a kilt. I don’t know who is doing what, but look at the covers of romance books, the guys are definitely masculine.

  24. I personally like the whole Guns of Navarrone thing. There you get an assortment of men, most of whom can carry their weight. There you also find the yang woman-impressive. And, the big guns. I liked the smelter/forge/molten metal idea.

    On the flip side, I’m impressed that my little middle-school boys are so threatened by Lady Gaga. They express something like fear of her. They are very interested in the gender ambivalence around her.

  25. I do not like metrosexuals. My man cannot get any part of his body waxed.. He cannot get facials or manicures. He cannot arch his eyebrows. He needs to have a couple of calluses on his hands from some sort of physical labor, even if it is only yard work. I like ’em clean and lotioned (ash is not cute. He can’t look like he lost a fight with a sack of flour) and reasonably well groomed. But not prettier than me. Venus in Aries and Mars in Gemini

  26. I saw a guy at an interstate plaza the other day, in skinny jeans. These jeans had the baggiest ass I’ve ever seen, so there he stood with his ridiculous little chicken legs and his saggy ass jeans squashed around his hips.

    The whole point of jeans is the ass and the package. Epic fail there.

  27. Lol Brizo! Hahahaha, what a riot.

    I guess I’m not much of a one for big, burly, hugely muscular guys with hair all over the place. But the truth is I’m flexible. If he’s got hair on his chest, I’ll just curl my fingers in it and play with it. For the most part, I guess I feel like it’s his body, and he can do what he wants with it. I think the one thing I really don’t like is overweight, but even a little overweight is prob not a deal breaker.

  28. He looks effeminate and if that’s the market they are trying to capture, it may work. The reality of staying in business is to capture the masses and not a girl mans niche market. Ah, unless of course the designer is Jean Paul Guiltier or Armani (the latter I doubt)! If so, there is no question of them closing shop over what appears a questionable choice of for mans garment. A new designer would have buckleys chance to ever raise funds to go at the runaway again..esp with this eunuch looking specimen.

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