Feminized Men: Voice Of Mars on Fashion Redux

mens-fashion.jpgFrom 2008… updated

I showed my husband the 2008 Men’s fashion for spring/summer… the outfit pictured is mild (Check it out) but you can see in what direction things continue to head.

“That does it!” he said. “I am going to have to put together my own show with my own clothes. It’ll be great, P. I’ll have these big pots of molten steel pouring out of buckets as a backdrop.”


“Yeah. And I’ll have all this heavy equipment around. You know. Big hunks of steel. Big machines and jagged shit. Tractors and stuff. Maybe a machine gun or two.”

“I see.”

“Uh huh. And, “now you’re messin’ with a son of a bitch” will be playing. Yep, that’s the song. And then I’ll some out in my britches. These plain dungarees right here,” he said, raising his arms in the air before yelling at the top of his lungs… “YEEEAAAAAAAAAAAH! I’M THE SON OF A BITCH”.

I snorted.

“And all the steel will still be pouring,” he reminded me. “But yeah. Looking at that, I can see a man is going to need a sewing machine if he wants to have something wear.”

UPDATE for 2010

“Yeah, I’d have bunch of boxers and rangers and shit comin’ out there, holdin’ machine guns. YEAH,” he said, posing as if holding a gun.  “This is the lastest in BDUs!  This here is the latest bullet-proof vest and they go well with the brass knuckles…”

What do you think of the current trend to blend Venus with Mars?


Feminized Men: Voice Of Mars on Fashion Redux — 55 Comments

  1. Lol Brizo! Hahahaha, what a riot.

    I guess I’m not much of a one for big, burly, hugely muscular guys with hair all over the place. But the truth is I’m flexible. If he’s got hair on his chest, I’ll just curl my fingers in it and play with it. For the most part, I guess I feel like it’s his body, and he can do what he wants with it. I think the one thing I really don’t like is overweight, but even a little overweight is prob not a deal breaker.

  2. He looks effeminate and if that’s the market they are trying to capture, it may work. The reality of staying in business is to capture the masses and not a girl mans niche market. Ah, unless of course the designer is Jean Paul Guiltier or Armani (the latter I doubt)! If so, there is no question of them closing shop over what appears a questionable choice of for mans garment. A new designer would have buckleys chance to ever raise funds to go at the runaway again..esp with this eunuch looking specimen.

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