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venus mars statueThe men around here are going to go out in the country, shoot guns and eat “steak on a stick”, which I believe is a piece of steak, cooked on a stick over a fire. I guess it’s supposed to be primitive. I do know the men enjoy this.

“Do you want to come?” I was asked.

“You’re kidding, right?”  

I realize I’m a feminine woman. Outside of my writing and speech (Mars conjunct Mercury), my chart is quite yin.  I’m just not interested in what would be considered traditional male pursuits, even though I know, some women are.

My moon has just progressed into a masculine sign. I wonder if I’ll notice a difference.  I also wonder how other women feel.

Would you be interested in cooking and eating, steak on sticks?  No wifi?  Is your answer shown in your chart?

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Feminine Woman — 21 Comments

  1. I have always enjoyed masculine and feminine activities pretty equally. I was raised hunting and fishing with my Dad, but loved looking pretty. I still enjoy camping the old fashioned way in a tent and cooking over a fire.
    My progressed moon just shifted out of Cancer (oh thank god). I am wondering how Leo is going to feel after this sea of emotion I have been navigating.

    • Think you’ll enjoy it. You feel more confident and like you might deserve praise. But also pissed when you don’t get it. Plus you’ll prob grow your hair.

  2. It’s funny, I had a conversation about this sort of thing almost two months ago with a coworker. She is a Taurus Sun and Moon conjunct in the 12th, Gemini rising. She is very much into the “feminine”…bonding with females, feeling more at home with women, treating all of us as her “sister”. It is so completely the opposite of me; it’s not that I view women as my enemies, but it has always been more difficult for me to feel more accepted by females than by men. There is probably a sexual element to that I suppose. But, my coworker and I had this lengthy discussion about it, and she couldn’t understand why the softness escaped me. Either could I!

    I’m Gemini Sun 8th house, Sag Moon 2nd, Scorpio rising…I like working with my hands, getting messy (as long as I don’t have to touch bugs; now THAT is the girl in me). I would love to go out into the woods and do shit (probably more so in the cooler months than in the hot bug filled summer), play with some fire, cook out on an open flame (I love cooking this way). But…I have often expressed how I don’t like to leave my house without makeup, so as you can see, I am not totally trying to be like just one of the guys (I love that movie btw).

    I don’t know…I envy my coworker, who is so at ease in the presence of other women, a real girls-girl. Whenever I have tried to be like this, it felt very awkward…like I was a guy. Weird.

  3. sure I don’t mind eating outdoors, by the water, over the fire-pit, (as long as I have my hiking boots, bug spray, flannel shirts, warm clothes. but there is a huge condition: the cabin is very nearby, has a nice warm bath inside, bedroom for me and my husband, with nice, clean comfy comforters, pillows and a warm heater. Some books to read, maybe some board games. Oh and yes, kitchen accommodation for the coffee, toast, eggs in the mornings. lol Otherwise, no go.

  4. I am very Marsy with a Yin Sun & ASC. I feel that being masculine, it’s best to tap into femininity as a means of balance.

  5. Yes, and I am also venturing into a male-dominated profession. MC, Jupiter, and Venus in Aries, trine Uranus, and sextile Mars in Gemini. 5th house moon, 11th house Sun, both masculine houses… 7 planets in masculine signs, 3 in feminine. I always could hang with the guys, I have always enjoyed outdoor activities with my dad more than shopping with my mom, and my girlfriend’s husbands seem to love spending time with me because it’s not truly girly time with me. But I still enjoy looking pretty like a girl. Someone came into the office last week and asked if I was my dad’s son, and yesterday cashier at the grocery store called me “sir” lol I really don’t look like a guy at all, but perhaps I exude some sort of masculinity?! BML conjunct ASC in Cancer, go figure. I don’t mind guys with a little bit of a feminine side 😉

  6. Yes!! I think that would be a dream come true for me.
    I act like a boy, have gotten mistaken for a boy when I had shorter hair.
    I have sun moon and rising in masculine signs, plus I believe mars is my best aspected planet, but Im not sure at all, I’d have to look int it more.

  7. I’m neither I’m childish like Annie hall or ally sheedy in breakfast club. I’m no Sofia Loren. I mostly identify with yin men. Now I’m just this weird spinster. Don’t know how my femininity will shape up

  8. I’m neither I’m childish like Annie hall or ally sheedy in breakfast club. I’m no Sofia Loren. I mostly identify with yin men. Now I’m just this weird spinster. Don’t know how my femininity will shape up. I still don’t put on makeup that good and am not dainty or high maintenance.

  9. Maybe ideas of what being feminine or masculine mean aren’t nuanced enough cause they require more effort, I.e. being strong or put together. Lou Barlow is a yin dude and so is Frank ocean. I identify with them or Mindy Kaling, the vulnerability and internal aspect which is yin but not feminine. Maybe letting people into your point of view is yin somehow

  10. Oh my god. I’d be all over that. In the progressed chart I have sun and Venus in Aries, soon to be joined by moon in late Pisces. Mars and Jupiter conjunct in Aquarius in progressed. The movie “Wild” resonates with me. Ed Abbey is one of my favorite writers. I’d love to live off the grid. “A Country Boy Can Survive.”

  11. Actually that stuff sounds kinda fun as long as I don’t have to catch the steak. I like to stay far from some of that stuff though. Riding ATVs might be fun and I like tubing. Challenging myself is good. But I’m not masculine. Or too feminine. Neither are any of my friends. Maybe I’m just gross. Come to think of it that is my problem, comfort needs over things like being presentable

  12. Sorry. Just thought of another one. Drake is an example of a pretty yin dude who leverages his understanding of women. Most great current rappers are quite yin like Tyler the creator. Dunno where I fit in with this sort of thing I guess, . Until I wear cute clothes. Can’t find anything flattering. My friend compared me to Georgie girl which was rough as hell.

  13. No thanks! I enjoy camping but can do two days of it, tops. I think a lot of it is the Virgo (not a fan of “away” toilet situations). When I’m on the dating sites, I see all these guys with pictures of themselves holding the fish they caught (someone should study this, it’s a real phenomenon! is the fish a metaphor? are they saying they are a “catch?”)and I’m like “look, I have nothing in common with you, I will NOT be on the boat, hauling in a sweet bass” or whatever. Can’t even put a worm on the hook and why would I want to, what did that worm do to me? I’m mostly Pisces/Virgo with a little Sadge but it’s afflicted so, staying home and moping is more my bag.

    • @Charlotte, sounds like me. I prefer staying home, but when we do go out on vacations, my husband loves the outdoors, hiking, biking, nature all around, and I love to do that with him, but only under the conditions i run back to the rented vacation home, chill and drink hot cappuchino. I’ve never been camping in a tent, and would not prefer it. my mother in law said she loves that stuff since she was young, even now till older age (but now she camps out in a motor-home if she’s in the wilds of Canada or in the u.s.) my description sounds like a hermit-crab, running back to cozy home, safe and sound. my first husband, the pisces sun/leo moon was so outdoorsy, more than my current: motorcross racing, ATV bikes on the desert dunes, you name it. I didn’t feel at home.

  14. I am ultra feminine. My sag rising makes me athletic but even so I prefer the long lean secret superhero core strength of being a ballerina over playing sports. I am as girly girl as a girl can get my husband is very masculine and would thuroughly enjoy shooting guns and steak on a stick

  15. Not interested in hunting but a steak cooked over a fire could be romantic and sexy. Sag sun Scorpio moon. Wouldn’t mind some primitive lusty sex in front of said fire either. Actually without that the steak wouldn’t be much of a draw, it would have to be STRATEGIC steak :).

  16. My 2 House Aries Prog Moon is at 18 degrees. LOVE IT! After drowning my feelings in mushy Pisces, it feels great to assert my voice (respectfully, of course, because I am a Libra Sun afterall!). Can’t wait for my MC Prog Scorpio Sun (perseverate/overthink) at 29 degrees to enter Sagittarius on September 4th. Let’s go, go, go!!! Otherwise, I’m pretty evenly distributed between the yin/yang placements in my chart.

  17. I tend to gravitate toward men socially because they are less encumbered or at least I saw them that way. I liked talking about things over people, I think, to be around ideas. I used to get irritated by friends who are too traditionally feminine.

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