Felipe: Sun Conjunct Jupiter in Cancer… and Various Other Sundries

joana asked regarding Felipe:

“I like Felipe too, even though I don’t know him, but he was really sweet to you and you were sweet to him. Do you mean it’s the Sun-Jup conjunction that reflects his immigration status? Or is it because it’s in Cancer? It could mean he makes a home (cancer) when exploring foreign places maybe.”

Joana – Yeah, Jupiter is international so conjunct the Sun makes an honorary Sagittarian. Jupiter is exalted in Cancer so it’s really nice aspect there. Felipe was interested in where the soldier had been and the languages he could speak. He guessed he could speak Portuguese for example, and German and other languages and he said he would really like to learn all these languages himself and you could see that he meant it. He came across as a diplomat and his Libra explains that. And in fact his mail was titled:

“saludos de *his town*”

See? The guy is a natural ambassador.

He also has Venus and Mars in Virgo which is pretty reserved and helps offset the potential of the inflated ego you can get with Sun Jupiter. Bottom line, the guy’s energy is very fine, with Moon Pluto smokin’ down below and I like people like this. Basically good, with a lot of tricks.

What kind of people do you like?

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Felipe: Sun Conjunct Jupiter in Cancer… and Various Other Sundries — 6 Comments

  1. I like unique and honorable people. I like adding new perspectives to my circle of friends. I like people who are willing to take the right risks and stick to their convictions.

  2. Oh, yay me! I get to be an honorary Sag! (Sun conjunct Jup in Cancer 🙂 ) But, to be honest, I’ve never tried archery…

    I like people who are *interesting*, the kind of people who have done things and been places. But I prefer the ones who also have integrity, and are relatively non-judgmental. To me, life is about the experience and process, and I enjoy sharing observations with others who feel the same way.

    Heh. Feel. Yup, that would be Cancer! 😉

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