Astrology And The Moon: Feelings: Fixed? Fluid? Fleeting?

I am off the phone with Annalisa who has known me for decades to check my observations. I noted my feelings are static.

I am currently aware of this, dealing with my cousin.  I always liked her. She was older than me so aligned with my older sisters. She was a foot taller than me, she was blond haired so we really had no peer-ship about us but she still gave me a feeling when she was around and the feeling was good.

Now Annalisa talked about how her feelings about people and things have evolved. It may be they matured, I don’t know. But her feelings change over the years where I don’t think mine do. It’s as if the dice land, I get a read and that’s it.

We talked about the possibility this would be due her keeping up with people more than I do, the idea being my feelings might be frozen in the past. I told her I thought it went deeper than that. It took me a few tries to convey my meaning, finally I just asked.

“Have you ever known me to change my feelings about anyone?”


Annalisa has a vivid memory of me at 5 years old, pissed off out of my mind of course and telling her who I was and what I was going to do in my life and with my life. She was 7 at the time and she was stricken by the coiled up serpent power that came out of her little sister that day. It is a memory that is seared into her psyche and I recall it myself.

“You know how I felt about the situation when I was 5. Have you seen anything change even one iota?”

“I didn’t think so…”

With a Sadge Moon conjunct Jupiter, her feelings change as her perspective changes and while my perspective changes as well, and I mature as well, my feelings don’t move so readily. I don’t know if this is good or bad but I do know it is.

After talking to Annalisa, I called my husband to get his read on the subject. He said that his feelings change and cited a few examples. Basically, if you stab him, he’s not going to feel the same about you. Whatever he felt for you will turn to hate. However it takes an event like that.

He was also able to come up with an example in my life where I did experience a change of feelings. There is someone I don’t like at all but I did like them at one time, this is undeniable.  That person ground me down.

Based on this, I’d say my husband and I are pretty reliable. Our feelings are stable unless pushed to some extreme. I wonder what others have to say on this.

It occurs to me other people may have other feelings states – fixed, fluid, fleeting?

Are your feelings fluid, fixed, fleeting…something else?  Where is your Moon?



Astrology And The Moon: Feelings: Fixed? Fluid? Fleeting? — 19 Comments

  1. My feelings are something else…they are solid. At the same time they are fluid and can change suddenly. My feelings are very much tied up in my sense of self-possession.

    1st House Moon in Cap
    Sextile Uranus
    Trine Sun/Mercury/Chiron

  2. My feelings change erratically and at the drop of a hat 🙂

    Moon Mars in Gemini opposite Uranus in Sadge, and trine Jupiter in Aquarius 🙂

  3. oh, my scorpio sun wants to hold onto those fleeting feelings, but my feelings change often and sporadically. I get sick of people pretty easily and irritated. Sometimes these icky feelings are reversible, sometimes they are not.

    Moon in Aries, 3rd house with aspects to venus and uranus.

  4. My feelings are very changeable depending on my mood so much so that I’ve become hesitant to share them with others because come another day I may no longer be feeling the same. My moon is in Capricorn on the IC with a wide opposition to Saturn and squaring my ASC/Uranus/Mercury in Libra. I attribute part of this to my stellium in Libra which makes me fickle. I wish it weren’t so.

  5. I would say my feelings are “something else”… that something would be “intense”! In addition to that, I wear them for the world to see (1st house). I definately wouldn’t say they are ‘fixed’ because it aspects everything in my chart (except Pluto & Jupiter), so is being triggered constantly.

  6. I do have a Moon question, if anyone is up for it… I have just started looking at my Progressed chart in addition to transits and natal. I’ve noticed that my Natal Moon is in the 1st (Scorp), the transitting Moon is opposite it in the 7th (Taurus), and my progressed Moon is in the 10th (Virgo). Any ideas what this pattern/placement could mean??

  7. I hook up strongly with astrobabe 925 with Jupiter, Neptune and sun in Libra and a Cap ASC. But I’ve really “stayed too long at the dance” too many times because I have Pisces moon 1st H that is the handle of a bucket chart formation. I think my Scorpio mercury trine that moon will be my eventual delivery, though, thanks to Elsa P’s insightful reading.

  8. My feelings are fluid, soetimes fleeting- and very rarely fixed. 12H cap moon mars, apex to 2Hpisc sun/8Hlib Plu. There is always another side to the story, another aspect I haven’t considered… lived correctly, it feels like having the ability to grow, but on the bad days it is just flat out wishy washy.

  9. Moon in 1st House – fixed, I would say. I might be neutral about you at first, but if you give me a reason to not like you, it pretty much sticks for good. I’m not good with “Oh he’s just having a bad day” excuses like more tolerant people are.

    I have plenty of shitty, major bad days, and I don’t go around making someone else pay for my misery.

    I guess once I get a “bad taste in my mouth” for someone I hang on to that memory.

  10. My Moon is on my MC pretty much so though my moods change my feelings don’t as it’s anchored by my Sun and Mars in Scorpio, a fixed sign. I know exactly what you mean Elsa about feelings kind of freezing in time about people. I have the same feelings towards my cousins as I did as a kid for example, but they have moved beyond that. But I still feel that childlike affection for them as I did. All I have to do is go through the rolodex of people I know and I can see my feelings haven’t changed much. Intersting subject!

  11. for me, there’s a time and a place to connect with certain people. sometimes I will get a bad taste in my mouth from a first impression, and then I grow a love for that flavor. other times, I think someone or something is awesomely great, only to be let down when I actually get to know the real deal. does this mean I can’t trust my own intuition or judgement of character? no… it just means that timing is everything, and sometimes it’s just too soon, or supposed to be somewhere else, or other contributing factors that can alter the senses. So, naturally I tend not to discriminate , and I just try to remain open to all experiences, good and bad….for the sake of learning. frankly, I can’t discern what everything in my chart means, and don’t readily feel the need/am too stingy for a consult with Elsa for now….. but for those who might be interested: taurus sun, cancer asc, venus sextile mars? venus trine uranus? uranus conjunct saturn? i donno what’s important… sag moon… i’m constantly changing ideas and feelings, but always the same – slow and steady

  12. Both.
    I have a baseline emotion towards people and that rarely ever changes (Moon in Aqua/8 so fixed-fixed). But, at the same time, I have fleeting, bumper-car emotions that change all the time without warning (Moon square Uranus).

    So if I like someone, I’ll “like” them forever (barring something drastic), but I may have periods where I’m angry, or disappointed, or very ecstatic. In the long run, though, the baseline wins because I know about the shifting tideline above.

  13. My Moon is in the second house in Taurus very fixed in fact my rising, sun and moon are all fixed signs.
    Many Blessings Always

  14. Moon in Scorpio conjunct Mars in the 3rd. I want so badly to see the good in the person (Jupiter Uranus conjunction in Libra) but I get them immediately – an inflection, some few words, a response/reaction. I will note my feeling toward the person, but continue to want the good. No matter how long it takes for my projected mask to disappear, it always goes back to the initial feeling towards the person. So….lesson for me is to trust 100% my first contact as this feeling is enduring and constant no matter the veneer I impose. Unless, of course, there is a fundamental change within the person and then I readily come into the happy space with them. In the past it has been too readily and I have been badly stung everytime. I am not shutting down now, just detached and expose my feelings to very few, but very meaningful ones.

  15. Soldier’s take, “Basically, if you stab him, he’s not going to feel the same about you. Whatever he felt for you will turn to hate. However it takes an event like that.”
    Now this just cracks me up! LMAO! S’been my motto.
    Though now I tend to stop think about giving a % of grace towards the other, which sometimes reduces/eliminates my anger. Like, this is not a personal attack.
    I keep trying to remember that I can’t be responsible for where another persons coming from.

  16. intense, solid, but prone to sudden dramatic shifts based upon revelations, new awareness, new understanding, new experience… shifts in perspective. and pain. pain helps me crack through the delusions or too-mental rationalizations

  17. Do you think this is fixed house stuff? It’s very interesting. 🙂 You are so brave the way you share your feelings with us. Thanks.

  18. With my Taurus (in the 11th house) as my chart ruler, my feelings are all over the place. I read somewhere that with the Moon as the chart ruler, the person has 12 different emotional phases/month. I can honestly say that I am living that, at least right now. This week, I was hopeful as long as the Moon was in Taurus and I have since become a wreck since the Moon entered Gemini and the person I want to communicate with doesn’t want to communicate. Will I cry even harder as the Moon enters Cancer and crosses my Asc? Maybe I’ll be able to get some self control again as the Moon enters Leo?

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