Feeling Nostalgic About Blogging For Nearly 20 Years

Back in January, I wrote about working to resolve problems on the back end of the site. Old Posts Stir Old Feelings. The conversation on the post is pretty interesting but that aside, I am still working on this project.

To appreciate the scope of this, look at this graphic – Blocked Resources. When I started working on this project, I had more than three-thousand problems. I now have nine.

That’s a bit misleading. In reality, I still have about three hundred posts to either fix or delete. This is so painful in places, I limit myself to messing with fewer than ten a day. I just can’t risk becoming overwhelmed. I guess this is about, Saturn in Capricorn. I am pacing myself.

The emotional impact of this has been heavy, for the most part. But from another angle, I just can’t believe all the work I’ve done.  I have been writing, pretty much daily, for almost twenty years.  My kid who feared the Tooth Fairy would reject him recently took his girlfriend to the ballet (Romeo and Juliet) for Valentine’s day.

I think about all the crap I’ve been through with this blog as well as the joy it’s brought me and everything I’ve learned along the way. This has been a private process but there have been a couple of threads in the forum while I have been on this; that seemed to relate.

This was the first: What Draws You To ElsaElsa?  The comments in that thread are really nice and came at a time when I needed some positive reinforcement. THANK YOU.

A couple days ago, nutsy, started this thread: Retrospective Of ElsaElsa

This discussion also came at a good time. I miss a lot of the people mentioned in that thread, too!  When someone disappears from this site, I am often blamed for it. In some cases, this might be true but generally speaking, it’s not.

The fact is, I have been at this for nearly twenty years. Most people don’t stick with a thing for that amount of time. This is true of a restaurant they might like or a friendship they have or even a marriage. People move on or they come and go and come back or whatever.  As is mentioned in the thread… some people do actually, die.

As for the forum, it is less lively than it was some years ago but PEOPLE can change that any time they want. All they have to do is get involved. The space and the framework is there. Scroll to the bottom of the forum page and you can see how many people are viewing the forum and even what it is they are viewing.  So the traffic is there.

Some years ago, I wrote in the forum that eventually the community would have to maintain it. The forum is there for YOU, the user.  You can ask questions, answer them, discuss things or whatever. My point back then was that I was becoming spread too thin.  I have the blog, the newsletter and the back-end of the site to maintain. I also work with clients… this is how I make the money to pay the bills here as well as help support my family.  I’m sure it’s easy to see how I would hit a wall around what it’s humanly possible for me to do.

So I invite you to participate here.  It is a great place and I think this become more and more evident as the shadow side of what is now called, “Big Tech”, becomes more obvious. I mean, you’re anonymous here. It’s pretty sweet.

Thanks everyone, for your support over the years. I really appreciate it as does Satori!


Feeling Nostalgic About Blogging For Nearly 20 Years — 21 Comments

  1. Thank you Elsa!! Wish I’d found your blog all those years ago but have it now, since maybe 2007… As someone who has been involved in some way with studying and using astrology since 1977, I’ve learned so much from Elsa, Satori, and everyone else here. I will take the encouragement under advisement about getting more involved with the forum. Have been thinking about it.

  2. Thank you Elsa, and thank you Satori for sharing and teaching and being present all these years. Like Opalina, ElsaElsa is part of my daily routine, and I am better for it.

  3. Elsa, it takes a special person with a true entrepreneurial spirit to be able to create and maintain a site like this. You have a great body of work to look back on that should make you very proud. Few among us could ever do that. Plus, you’ve really helped a lot of people in the process with your words. Thank you so much for your dedication.

    Thank you too, Satori, for all of the great articles. They are very informative and insightful.

    Whenever I think I’m not making progress fast enough during this Saturn in Capricorn transit, I recall the picture in one of your articles from the Saturn in Capricorn class of the mountain goats slowly climbing the mountain. I think that is representative of slowly but surely it will get done. One step at a time.

  4. I check in here every single day as well. That says something! Awesome place to visit and raise awareness. Thank you!!

  5. I don’t come here on a regular basis – but whenever I do I not only learn something- I get entertained. I’ve read your books- I enjoy the blog. I enjoy your engaging style. And the depth of your knowledge.

    I write an Astro blog and do not set it up as a forum or invite too much interaction. People comment on my FB page and the odd time on the blog- that’s enough.I don’t have the time or energy to be on top of all that. I am impressed in how you do all this – and get people here to participate. I know its a LOT of work.

    I also appreciate the astro-dispatch- many people have come to my blog through that link- not even sure its still a thing. (I’ve been a unwell so a bit distracted).

    Congratulations on 20 years!

  6. One of my favorite idioms is “you can’t teach your grandmother how to suck eggs” which is blatantly obvious when I suggest that there must be a powerful representation of metaphysical energy in your own chart somewhere Elsa.
    Neptune in Scorpio in the 12th house conjunct to Mercury is the trigger in my own chart for all things astrological and I’m guessing Neptune must have a powerful influence in your own chart and I’m getting, influenced closely to your 2nd house for the longevity of your commitment both practically and spiritually. Having not viewed your chart I just hope I don’t get torn to shreds for making the assumption!
    Over a lifetime (which is what 20 years almost represents) some long evident influence must have cajoled and encouraged you too dedicate and direct this energy towards such a gargantuan commitment. Congratulations by the way on reaching such a milestone. It’s curious though because the study and use of Astrology over such a long time is for many of our generation typical, although my own reliance on this spiritual cornerstone has been pretty sporadic until recently.
    Definitely time for some introspection and I too have found myself going back through long overdue mundane tasks, sorting out stuff that I would sooner not have anything to do with.
    That’s manifestation of energy that won’t let you go and has to be released somehow and curiously enough also provides untapped creativity along the way and might just uncover some unrecognized premonitions that you had in the past for the way ahead.
    Good luck with finding some ongoing help with the back end resources for the blog to give you the freedom to focus on wherever your own shift in consciousness takes you.

    • Thanks, Bob. I have Neptune in Scorpio conjunct my Midheaven.

      On the rest, I really do wish I could find more people to work with… on the front end. I keep trying and I keep failing.

      Some years ago, I committed to 25 years here. After that, I’ll probably just keep going. Why wouldn’t I? I really like this job! 🙂

      • Glad to hear you have no plan to stop. (I had been wondering if we were about to lose you.)

        Fingers crossed for you to find the desired help on the front end!

      • Should’ve guessed it “Neptune conjunct Midheaven” (purpose in life).
        Wish mine had of been that straightforward, but it’s never too late. I’ve finally found mine (despite being nearly 60) and have been through the “devil and the deep blue sea” to get there. Very busy and heavily aspected 12th house, at least now I can laugh about it and understand why and take great pleasure with knowing I am not alone and that many people reading this will know exactly what I mean.
        What sort of help for the blog are you specifically talking about and why the failures to date?

        • I would like to have other writers. There have been about one dozen over the years. Most have not stuck around very long. Each left for a unique reason. I miss all of them, quite frankly.

          I do have help on the backend, when I’m desperate. But it’s expensive and I don’t like to bother the guy unless I really and truly can’t fix it myself.

  7. Thank you Elsa for all that you have done and continue to do. I am one of those who come and go, but I have been reading since your very beginning. I always come back, usually precipitated by some need or crisis. I have taken many of your workshops and bought quite a few reports and recommended them to various people. I used to tip the jar when I was financially able to. I always seem to find just what I need when I need it, whether it’s in a current posting or in the archives. So again, thanks. I can’t imagine my life without you having been in it, and still being in it. Your gift has been generous and much appreciated.

  8. Thank you Elsa for everything and all your honesty and feisty spirit! Love your blog. It has helped myself and I think so many others get through tough times, make friends and has educated us in Astrology. I hope you are as happy to be here as we are to visit.

  9. 20 years! WoW Elsa! And, I’ve been reading your work for even longer than that! I think I stumbled across your Xanga page back in 2003 and was quickly hooked by the stories you wrote, all of them sprinkled with bits of Astrology. I don’t hang out here so much, and rarely ever comment- but, I know that when I do make it by, the light is always on! Thank you Elsa!!

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