February 2019: Prelude To The January 2020 Saturn Pluto Conjunction

Saturn conjunct Pluto January 2020Saturn and Pluto will hook up in Capricorn on January 12th, 2020, as part of a stellium in the sign. As I wrote in 2015, it’s been nearly thirty years since we’ve has a mashup like this in Capricorn.  It was back in the early 1990’s when the Mega-Capricorns were born.

There are many interesting things going on right now, astrologically.  Each of these aspects or situations (like four planets being in their home signs at one time), deserve attention but I want to call your attention to February’s stellium in Capricorn.  I see it as a precursor to January 2020’s grouping, which concerns a lot of people, especially if they have planets in Cardinal signs near these degrees, as I do.
feburary 2019 stellium capricornThe second graphic is a grab from February 22, 2019. As you can see the degrees the two stelliums are close.  Venus, mashed between Saturn and Pluto makes it personal.

The house in your chart where these stelliums fall will really be drilled if you know what I mean. As always, there are good and bad expressions of everything but let me give you some keywords to work with.

  • Medieval torture
  • Cold, dark well
  • Depths of despair
  • Shadow side of government / business…

But check these as well, which are just as valid –

  • Strong backbone
  • Loyal commitment
  • Commitment to transformation
  • Doing the right thing, no matter how hard or painful
  • Perseverance in the face of profound adversity
  • Fortified base

I’m posting this for those who will be most affected. I’m sure you can already feel this, as I can. You may also be able to see where you’re headed, as I can.

Capricorn loves to plan.  They have to, in order to endure the trials they’re put through.  The other Cardinal signs would be well advised to adopt Capricorn ways at this time, seeing as that is were the strength and power (Saturn and Pluto) lie.

In this process, pay attention to the last two weeks of February which should give you clear signs as to what you’re up against. You may very well be brought to your knees.

It’s okay if that happens. Everyone is humbled, eventually, and I do mean, everyone.

Where will the stelliums in Capricorn fall in your chart? Can you see where you’re headed.





February 2019: Prelude To The January 2020 Saturn Pluto Conjunction — 92 Comments

  1. It falls in my 11th house, and I’d love to see certain old friendships come back from the dead. Or to make some new ones!

    • Oscar?

      I’ll assume your question is addressed to me. Yes, it can be positive. But it surely won’t be easy.

      To be humbled is not a bad thing. It’s just hard on people who never thought it would happen to them.

        • Thanks for clarifying. Knowing that you were addressing me, I’ll elaborate.

          It is not inherently bad to be deeply committed to something. But Saturn limits and blocks. It’s likely you’ll find yourself in circumstances where your hand is forced, you’ve got to draw lines (or cross your own lines), due to some pressure and responsibility that is real.

          I can tell you this for sure, because I am living it now. You can say things like, “I would never…”

          And maybe you keep that word but when you do, you suffer pain and degradation, you could have never imagined.

          I am sorry. But anyone who has Cardinal planets near these degrees is going to get their ass kicked on some level. I don’t care if you soar to the top of the mountain… guess what, that’s going to cost you something too.

          ::please don’t shoot the messenger::

          • Thank you for validating what’s happening in my life. Its hard to hear, yet soothing somehow. This stellium is in my 6th house. I was offered my dream job. Moved cross country, sold my furniture. Only for it to all fall through. I am back to less than square one. In debt. Extrememly broke. To top it off, lost a close family member last week.

            I am clinging on, just trying not to give up. I wasn’t egotistical to begin with. Just happy.

            I guess the universe disagreed :-/

  2. They fall in my 1st house.

    I have my first complete physical in almost 7 years (Saturn) at the end of February. I don’t look forward to it. Years of emerging health issues will have to be addressed, and I’m scared to be forced on medications or having to do other unpleasant stuff. Plus this is my late husband’s PCP I’ll be seeing. Hope that doesn’t becoming triggering for me.

  3. Elsa, you’ve just described the core of my character… I have the Pluto-Saturn conjunction from 1982 in Libra. This applies to all my relationships, as they are in Libra. Even at the almost aneretic degree, I see where this might be headed. May we live in interesting times…

    Shadow side of…(in relationships: bring out your dead corpses, seing the shadow side of partner’s pathology, provoking people because I seem to provoke some deep stuff in them.)

    Strong backbone: (in Libra: moral integrity)

    Loyal commitment: (hi there long term relationships!)

    Commitment to transformation: (I like to face shit head on if possible. It’s a Scorpio thing, I know)

    Doing the right thing, no matter how hard or painful: (Yes. And ouch!)

    Perseverance in the face of profound adversity: (Beam me up, Scotty!)

    Fortified base (NO one messes with me or my kin or they will answer to me)

    Capricorn is my 12th house though.
    As a side note they will sextile my Sun-Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio. So this could be wildly transformational I’d say. Like Scorpio on drugs or something.

    Also, I am starting therapy in February (hopefully) – this seems like its a match made in heaven for this mashup. And since my mother and I have been squaring off the past 2 years I am curious as to how (not if) sh*t is going to hit the fan. Her Pluto is being squared by transit Pluto these days.

  4. Does that mean it will affect the ‘mega-Capricorns’ the most?
    I’m worried about my niece born in September 1992. These planets will be making an exact transit to her natal Moon at the 23rd degree in her 3rd house, but very near the 4th. Also, at the same time Mars will be opposing her natal Sun. (Natal Mars is in her Gemini 8th house and badly aspected. As a baby she was by saved from suffocation by sheer luck.)
    What advice can one give!?

    For me, this will be in the fifth house and hitting 4 planets in cardinal signs, including Sun in Libra. I’ll be concentrating on
    – medieval AND HI-TECH torture
    – shadow sides of government AND HUMAN BEINGS
    – Perseverance in the face of profound adversity
    – Doing the right thing, no matter how hard or painful

    • Marina, the Mega-Capricorns have to tap their resolve. Follow Capricorn principles like “do the right thing”, take responsibility, carry your own weight, face your fear, be a grownup…

      Capricorns are designed for this stuff. The other Cardinal signs may have more of a struggle. I don’t know!

      It depends on the individual chart and the choices the individual makes.

      I can tell you I am on the front line today and I know plenty of other people up to their necks as well. You’ve simply got to carry whatever it is you’re loaded with, through whatever fields of fire which is my problem at this time, with Mars involved.

      What I am trying to convey, is a person can’t avoid what’s coming… their fate, you might say. Or the consequences of the choices they’ve made or are currently making.

      Capricorn / Saturn-heavy people usually know this, already, in their bones. If you’ve not been inoculated, and you think you’re immune… THOSE are the people who are going to be hardest hit.

        • So I have Mars and Vesta in Capricorn natally and in conjunction. Add Saturn and Pluto to that conjunction in my 5th house.
          All those planets will be squaring my natal Aires sun and libra Uranus.

          What do you think it will mean for me.

  5. I will have a job interview tomorrow.

    If I get the job, this means I will be starting a new job in a new-to-me environment and with new-to-me challenges. But I am ready and game!

    On February 22, that Pluto-Saturn-Venus will be in my 12th house EXACTLY across my Cancer Moon in 6th house (work/workplace).

    Should be extra “interesting”!

    (I’m hoping to start on the New Moon, Feb. 4, but they might want me to start sooner.)

  6. Hmm, I have Venus in Aries at 24/25 degrees in H9. Saturn and Pluto will be squaring it from H6. I am guessing it will feel similar to what I have been feeling with Saturn square my Mars in Aries that just happened. Nothing major happened. In fact, I am so bored I could scream. Everything feels so same ol and so tedious. I defintely feel like I could use more fun in my life. I just have to get school out of the way. I also have Saturn in Scorp conjunct Pluto in Lib in my chart already, oppostite Venus, so despair is a feeling I cycle through pretty regularly.

    I figure when Saturn and Pluto sq my Venus it will affect my finances…Im used to that, like I said Saturn and Pluto oppose my Venus natally. Im expecting more of the same just amped up a little. Im sure work will feel like a drag, but nothing new… it will be january so cold as shhh like it is now…Ill survive. Im sure as far as love goes, ill hit a wall, but nothing new there either… oh the joys of Pluto/Saturn

  7. Venus and Pluto will be one degree into my 5th house, while Saturn will still be in my 4th house. I fully expect to be humbled within my marriage and living arrangement. It is difficult to look forward to such an experience but I am ready to be released from the anxiety.

  8. my 7th house. I have no idea what it’s all about. With all these planets in capricorn I’m having tooth problems. My dentist couldn’t see anything with xrays why my tooth was hurting so went to specialist and I have 2 root canals that went bad and a cracked tooth. what a mess. Painful and expensive.

  9. Natal 20°Aries Mercury opposite 20°Libra Mars, both square Jupiter (6th/12th/9th). This will be played out in my 3rd house. I’m interested to see Astrology in action.

  10. I’m one of the cap stellium babies (my bday is actually January 12th (’93)! Whoo!…). All of this is going on in my 1st house. I’ve had Pluto passing through there my entire adult life, which sometimes makes me wonder whether I know/remember what it feels like to not have Pluto there. The past few years, especially this past year, have brought a lot of change and death in all of its forms, including leaving a life and long-term relationship I spent years creating in Germany, moving to a place I hated growing up and swore I’d never move to (I love it now!), and unexpectedly losing my aunt/second mom, as well as a bunch of other stuff (job and relationship related) that I just started rolling with. It felt like I had no foundation or anchors outside of myself anymore. Not totally where I’m at with that feeling right now. Oh, another thing I’ve noticed that to me feels plutonian: when I get emotional and grief comes up, it doesn’t feel specific. I never know if it’s related to a person I lost or situation, and maybe it isn’t, it just feels like something from deep down inside of me needs to be released. For whatever reason, my impulse/need when that happens is to always to lie flat on the floor and get as close to solid earth as possible. Haha sooo, my grief literally flattens me! I like to think it’s Pluto/saturn at work, but who knows.

    Regarding Saturn entering Capricorn, I could feel it when it started getting close to my ascendant and despite the extra dose of seriousness (if I’m not serious enough already! ) and pressure, I love it. Have been feeling an unusual and heightened amount of pressure and internal stress the past few weeks. I feel fatigued and like I can’t keep up. I keep complaining to and promising myself that I just need to get back into my routine and consistently keep up with what centers and energizes me, but then I kinda laugh because I realize I’m trying real hard to get back in control and it probably won’t happen if Pluto/saturn aren’t feeling that. Ha. So, yeah, surrender seems to be the only thing that works, but easier said then done. 🙂

    What’s helped me so far to deal: meditation, dance and movement, especially improv/ecstatic, high intensity workouts (only when my body actually has the energy for it, otherwise REST), less caffeine (mehh), silence–like sensory deprivation is ideal, & SELF LOVE–I rolled my eyes at this for awhile, but man, it’s the key ingredient to all of this.

  11. how can I know where all this doom and strife will fall in my chart? I have been occupied with death and inheritance children /family / other peoples children and inheritance / my original family inheritance ..what is the price of a premium /chart analysis?

  12. The Feb 22 alignments surround my Sun at 19 Cap, 4th House. I don’t expect my Mother to live much longer. I am the POA so the estate responsibility falls to me.

  13. In my second house right now I am scrambling to try to save as much money as I can. My husbands children are wealthy but I am not sure I can count on them.
    My husbands ascendant 12 house. He is in hospice, I pray he gets through this transit for more time.

  14. Zero degree Cap rising here, so ya… I have no idea where Im going. Anyones guess. I surrender the need to know the future. Im sure God will show me where Im holding on. That never ceases, seemingly. We grow at the speed of pain right?

  15. This will all be exactly opposite my 6th house Sun. To say I’m nervous is an understatement. I’ve been interested in astrology for 20 years but have never gotten the hang of interpreting these transits.

    I know just enough to be scared.

    Its comforting to know we’ve got a preview coming up next month. Good or bad it’ll be nice to know what’s coming.

  16. Saturn will be conjunct exact my 17 degree ASC. Pluto and Venus will be in my 1st House. I’ve been waking up covered with hives over the past two nights … just before midnight.
    Stress and sensitivities with the start up of air borne pollens, too.

    My husband and I are planning a move, a very new kind of move, that would change the way we ‘appear’. One of the two friends we’re negotiating with is a Double Capricorn. We are not an unknown commodity to these friends. This new move would change the way we appear from ‘just seeing this move as a stop gap’ and come to a place where we’re genuinely welcome; seen for who we really are; and recognized as elders with skills, needs and gifts of worth.

    There will be challenges. The way is not easy breezy. But I’m ‘talking with those hives’ and making peace with the fears and the choices from the past; and planning to transform and learn to be curious rather than paralyzed. Commit to doing the right things. ::fingers crossed:: That’s part of the Positive & Valid aspects of this February Stellium, right?

  17. How about bang-on mercury in house 3? Complete overhaul in communities, siblings, teaching, learning, short trips writing? The opportunity to move and study is a looming possibility along with new work… just worried about the huge changes and possible sibling problems:()

  18. Elsa,
    Does the close Saturn Pluto contact with the Capricorn South Node in the spring of 2019 have a significance as well?
    Perhaps something about the elimination and destruction of things in the way of Cancer related growth and evolution ?
    For me, the dark painful work now always seems to be followed by a fresh, clear, Lunar emergence.

  19. I have Venus and Mercury in my 7th house in capricorn, late degrees. Seems the way I approach and relate to others will change forever. I look forward to this. Thanks Elsa

  20. Cusp of 5th house @ 17 degrees, but trine Moon/Mercury conjunction
    in Taurus and Trine Virgo Saturn.

    How about an insight for those with Earth planets at these degrees ?


  21. This is good advice. There’s been so much talk about 2020 but everyone already feels intense uncertainty and pressure and the astrology reflects that. Saturn and Pluto are tight now and Uranus is going into Taurus to stay there. I just got earthquake insurance for the first time! The chart of the U.S. is taking big hits from Saturn Pluto and this influence will continue for a several years effecting everyone. I think we should see it as a wake up call for conscious transformation no matter how difficult it is. On a personal level, I actually think Saturn Pluto can be challenging but positive – its about commitment to what really matters. I’ve found if you internalize Saturn it works for you. It all depends on how it hits your chart – stressful aspects or easier ones. Even stressful ones can eventually bring positive change although with these planets it can take awhile to see it. Having had Pluto transiting the seventh house for years, I would say to be cautious about what you commit to – you may not realize how big that commitment is until years later. So make a commitment as conscious and positive as possible. Pluto can signify intractable situations in which you feel trapped. The process is about letting go and learning about power. Stay balanced, thoughtful and conscious rather than trapped by drama. Peace to all…

  22. Natal mars is at 22 degree Capricorn my 2nd house.. I m not sure if this is applicable but since 2nd house is also the house of your self worth.. I ended up a very strong relationship just because I didn’t feel he values me. Maybe this transit made me to push ahead and move on with my goals (I m very career oriented).

  23. Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter will be in my 8th house, making conjunction with my natal Mars, sextile Jupiter and MC, trine Sun in the 12th house

    The Three Amigos o.o

  24. I know about transit mars conjunction transit uranus at anartic degree.at the same time this anartic degree is my mars return including conjunction by transit uranus. There is a gap of 10 days. So beautiful intense.this degree in my 6th house. Wow.not a new begining nor ending. But costly charges/rates.

      • Hi Elsa,
        It falls in my 4th house squaring natal my Pluto in 1st. I’ve always found the 4th house one of the most complex houses. A lot of astrologers focus on property & family, but I’ve always felt it runs much deeper than, it’s v personal. I’ve my moon in the fourth house & feel strongly about it but it’s afflicted in Capricorn so it tends to detach, which isn’t what 4th house does. I’m telling you all this because I find Jan 2020 v perplexing.

        • Hi Carolina,
          Interesting to get your perspective with the fourth house Mars and 1st house Pluto.
          I have Venus in Capricorn in the 4th at 21degrees squaring Neptune at 19degrees in Libra in the 1st.
          Sun10 and Mercury 11degrees Capricorn in the 3rd.IC is 13 Cap.squaring 11 Libra moon and ACD.
          I agree the 4th is complex. Synthesizing it all together feels very complex also.
          Maybe the best we can do is detach and hold for the transformation.
          Right now with transiting Saturn in the fourth coming up on my natal Venus & transiting Pluto just passing an exact conjunction I have had my dog of 16 years pass on and a record breaking snowstorm keep me house bound for several days. Also a new love proclaimed commitment on Christmas Eve. The only thing I could have predicted was my dog passing.
          I’ve wondered about the transit of Saturn & Pluto conjunction to my natal Sun & Venus for awhile.It’s not over yet but so far my heart has been tried and tenderized. Which I guess is not a bad thing for a Venus in Capricorn.

      • Looking back to the early 90’s, when we had something similar going on, I literally couldn’t leave my driveway without getting a ticket. Got into 2 serious car accidents. Neither were my fault, but it was like I was driving around with a target on me. I have Mars Cap in the 3rd. I recommend being extremely careful on the road at this time.
        I can say too- Cap also sits in my 2nd house. I’ve never struggled as I have right now financially. I’ve had so many setbacks in the past month, people in my life are dumbfounded at how I’m even functioning. I have a Libra stellium and Moon Cancer (opposite Pluto right now). Perseverance in the face of profound adversity= Living it and really hope I survive it.

  25. Seriously reassessing your friendships, like-minded group involvements, goals, and dreams (all 11H). It may be painful (Chiron) to let go (Saturn) or deliberately end (Pluto) any of the above but, in the long run, it will be beneficial. Make room for Jupiter’s entrance (bounty and joy) into Capricorn!

  26. My descendant is at 21 cappy and my NN is at 26 cappy. I’ve been in counseling for over 5 yrs trying to work things out, doing my best, doing what’s ‘right’, facing my fears and learning to carry my own weight. So, yeah, I guess I’ve felt this was coming and have been working out a plan (I have a cappy moon as well, it just feels right to make a plan) and taking steps to move forward.

    What I’m more concerned about is my Sparkly Taurus, her Asc is at 11 cappy and I know that she works hard to do the right thing, be responsible, etc. She’s highly responsible, maybe a little too responsible and could use to ‘live a little’, but her Taurus/Gemini really help to balance that out. She turns 18 in 2020, so I guess this would just be a natural call to her, for her to ‘grow up’ and start looking at striking out on her own, but I worry all the same. She lets herself get overstressed at times (but I think that’s part of being young). I hope that all her hard work and effort will pay off and as she graduates both High School & with her Associate’s degrees in the Spring of 2020 that she’s catapulted into a future that sets her soul on fire and lights her heart up.

  27. the Pluto, Saturn, Sun and Mercury will all conjunct my natal 4th House Venus at 21degrees Capricorn. Jupiter will conjunct my natal 3rd House 10 degree Capricorn Sun and 11 degree Capricorn Mercury. My IC is 13 degree Capricorn. This will hit home.But how will it look?

  28. Elsa, I found this post on the Internet and then went down the rabbit hole to find some of your plutonic experiences, which I can relate to. I am one of the affected people of the transit(s) above with Moon, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune AND Vertex in Capricorn. Plus an Ascendent in Virgo
    (With Capri planets in 5th house) makes me the poster child of this transit.

    I have a question. On Feb 18, my natal Mercury is (almost) conjunct transit Saturn, on Feb 22 my natal Moon is (almost) conjunct transit Pluto (which I understand is a 2+ years transit); and On Feb 26, my natal Moon makes an exact conjunction with the transit South node and transit Venus. I am on a massively important business trip on Feb 26 (Venus in Capri, of course!). When I look at the cocktail above, I wonder if I should cancel it to make space for all the learning that’s about to come my way. I fear for my Mom’s health too, though there is nothing wrong with her right now.

    I am in my mid 30s, married but haven’t had kids yet. I don’t want to be blindsided. As you said, we Capricorn people want to be prepared. What all I should be mentally and emotionally prepared for?

    P.S. I was expecting big things with the Capricorn eclipse of Jan, because it pinged my Mercury (my Chart ruler), but nothing of note happened!

  29. Well, Capricorn is my 4th house, and I spent January at home reorganizing and cleaning. I have a feeling the same will happen after February 15… but Saturn and Pluto are only going to be trine several natal planets (Mercury, Mars, Saturn and Pluto) so I expect to continue my work on transforming my health, my home, my relationships AND myself! No big deal, lol

  30. Today on the radio they were talking about pushing for a Day of Mourning due to the recent infanticide bill passed by New York. Basically people all over the nation would be called in to wear black, do no shopping, and close their businesses that day in protest of all the children lost to abortion.

    February 23. Strangely the energy seems fitting. Saturn + Venus + Pluto. Restrictions on Venusian things to mourn the dead.

  31. Hi Elsa,
    8 degree Cap ascendant , the transit Pluto is conjucting my natal Uranus conjuct Neptune in first house which is also part of a grand cardinal cross involving cancer mars in 7th, libra moon in 9th and Aries sun in 3rd house. It’s already an overwhelming amount of energy that I feel, and yes I am figuring out where I am headed ! Any thoughts on how this stellium ll affect me

  32. Good gosh. I don’t know whether to smile or cry. 🙂 Natally, Saturn sits at 26 Cap in the 12th house. I’m approaching Saturn return #2. The thing that makes me go hmm the most is that all of this stuff is squaring my natal Venus (21 Aries) in the 2nd house. What do I have at/around 22 degrees. Uranus, 23 Leo. Maybe I’ll marry a rich old man with one foot on a banana peel.

  33. 4th house on my IC opposite my MH. But all this sextiles my Neptune in Scorpio 2nd house. While my Uranus & Pluto in Virgo sextiles that MH 9th house In Cancer. I’ve got all at 21 degrees. I’m losing my mom to Alzheimer’s, I’ve found my dream home but I’m a little short of cash, it needs tons of repairs but I love it deeply and don’t mind putting in the work. I just really want it. I feel ok about all of the changes coming but I know anything can turn that upside down. I’d like to think that a change in my personal finances may help my dream of moving and owning this house could come true. Way too many synchronicities with this home.

  34. This is falling in my fourth house. New tumors were found in my husband’s liver at the time of the first stellium and he’s going to start the treatment for that on Feb. 20, so that’s what I’m reading into it. The good news is that we are persevering in adversity.

  35. I have this all about to trine my natal Pluto square my natal Venus, with Pluto once it hits 22 degrees moving into my 8th house. I have been really ill with fibroids and endometrial hyperplasia (it’s dominated my life for over three years!) and have just had a hysterectomy so I am hoping to use this energy to regain some ground health wise and also emotionally. It’s been profound on a number of levels and I am losing my mum to dementia as well so I have been really thinking through the deeper dimensions of my experiences here in terms of mother and mothering. I really want to also transmute a lot of grief into some writing and hope that as this stellium hits I can utilise the push of planets creatively. I have been meditating a lot on the power of deep transformation and its impact on the body, mind and soul. These shifts are rare and with work (hard I think in this case) the diamond hopefully will emerge from the coal.

  36. What if a person like me who has personal planets in Cancer at that degree and I’ve been at the bottom of the mountain for a long time, so do I still get my ass kicked for really no reason?

    • Clark, appreciate the fact that you’re burning off a lot of karma. When you’re done you done. But you’re not done yet. So be graceful with it, until you are done

  37. Opposite my 7th house Cancer Sun at 22 degrees. I have some amazing opportunities coming down the pipeline with great opportunities to make a difference in the lives of many people.
    Also health issues I am surrendering to fully and completely. Been flattened by tons of losses since 2003, so there is not much left to loose except myself. This is going to be interesting and I cannot at this point see how I can be more humbled than I have. I have lost everyone of any meaning to me, so I have been on my knees for a long time and am used to this energy as I have Saturn Pluto opposition natally. We shall see.

  38. For me it will be in my second house, where it will be conjunct my Venus and where I have a Mars conjunct Mercury.
    My life currently seems to be turned upside down when it comes to career and I’m looking forward, Woking hard towards the new career even I’m not quite sure what it’s going to look like exactly. Just following signs and allowing change to occur.
    A bit nerve wrecking and challenging.b

  39. Hi Elsa,
    Saturn Pluto conjunction falls on my Venus and trine Mars and Moon too. Natally, Venus is conjunct descendant and trine Mars. Progressed Venus is conjunct natal Sun and progressed Vertex is conjunct DSC too. Do I sense a start of a new relationship here?

    Back in Feb 2019 I got a great job offer and relocated for. A new love this time around? 🙂

  40. On a personal level I feel a bit like an onlooker as the past 2 years saturn has conj MC opp moon, sqr mercury, neptune; currently opp mars moving onto opp saturn. Pluto is adding strength as it sext my sun. On this configuration in January 2020 the FM will conj my natal moon on IC almost exact. I have felt held back with many changes of priority as I live in an area currently under the highest water restrictions in an australian city and being even more aware of how difficult life must be in Africa where there is no clean or even running water. OUr dam has enough supply for a year and the forecast for good rain is not until late 2020 in this part of the country. I have let go of many people who are simply self oriented and think of no one else, they have their own path to tread. I remain optimistic on reflection I have always come out better off after hard times.

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