February 2019: Prelude To The January 2020 Saturn Pluto Conjunction

Saturn conjunct Pluto January 2020Saturn and Pluto will hook up in Capricorn on January 12th, 2020, as part of a stellium in the sign. As I wrote in 2015, it’s been nearly thirty years since we’ve has a mashup like this in Capricorn.  It was back in the early 1990’s when the Mega-Capricorns were born.

There are many interesting things going on right now, astrologically.  Each of these aspects or situations (like four planets being in their home signs at one time), deserve attention but I want to call your attention to February’s stellium in Capricorn.  I see it as a precursor to January 2020’s grouping, which concerns a lot of people, especially if they have planets in Cardinal signs near these degrees, as I do.
feburary 2019 stellium capricornThe second graphic is a grab from February 22, 2019. As you can see the degrees the two stelliums are close.  Venus, mashed between Saturn and Pluto makes it personal.

The house in your chart where these stelliums fall will really be drilled if you know what I mean. As always, there are good and bad expressions of everything but let me give you some keywords to work with.

  • Medieval torture
  • Cold, dark well
  • Depths of despair
  • Shadow side of government / business…

But check these as well, which are just as valid –

  • Strong backbone
  • Loyal commitment
  • Commitment to transformation
  • Doing the right thing, no matter how hard or painful
  • Perseverance in the face of profound adversity
  • Fortified base

I’m posting this for those who will be most affected. I’m sure you can already feel this, as I can. You may also be able to see where you’re headed, as I can.

Capricorn loves to plan.  They have to, in order to endure the trials they’re put through.  The other Cardinal signs would be well advised to adopt Capricorn ways at this time, seeing as that is were the strength and power (Saturn and Pluto) lie.

In this process, pay attention to the last two weeks of February which should give you clear signs as to what you’re up against. You may very well be brought to your knees.

It’s okay if that happens. Everyone is humbled, eventually, and I do mean, everyone.

Where will the stelliums in Capricorn fall in your chart? Can you see where you’re headed.



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February 2019: Prelude To The January 2020 Saturn Pluto Conjunction — 92 Comments

  1. On a personal level I feel a bit like an onlooker as the past 2 years saturn has conj MC opp moon, sqr mercury, neptune; currently opp mars moving onto opp saturn. Pluto is adding strength as it sext my sun. On this configuration in January 2020 the FM will conj my natal moon on IC almost exact. I have felt held back with many changes of priority as I live in an area currently under the highest water restrictions in an australian city and being even more aware of how difficult life must be in Africa where there is no clean or even running water. OUr dam has enough supply for a year and the forecast for good rain is not until late 2020 in this part of the country. I have let go of many people who are simply self oriented and think of no one else, they have their own path to tread. I remain optimistic on reflection I have always come out better off after hard times.

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